Spreading the Sprinkler Message: How NFPA Can Help Fred Durso, Communications Manager,

Spreading the Sprinkler Message:
How NFPA Can Help
Fred Durso, Communications Manager,
Fire Sprinkler Initiative
Boston Tragedy Hits Home
Binland Lee: College Student,
Fire Victim
 Twenty-two year old was weeks
from graduation
 Marine science major
 “She’s her mom’s only child.
She’s her life.”
 “It was a fast-moving fire. There
were people jumping off the
roof, there were people on the
roof waiting to be rescued.”
America’s Home Fire Problem:
Fast Facts
• Estimated average of 365,000 home fires in 2012
•Close to 2,400 civilian fire deaths
•Nearly 13,000 civilian fire injuries
•83 percent of all civilian fire
deaths resulted from home
structure fires
 NFPA launches Fire Sprinkler Initiative in 2009
 Web-based endeavor: advocacy materials, statistics, tip
sheets, videos, and more
 We’re here for you!
 All materials absolutely FREE
Faces of Fire: Stories of Loss and
Princella Lee Bridges
“The fire resulted in 49% of
my body being burned.”
Angie Roach
“Had that residence had
sprinklers, I would have
been able to continue my
Anne Mazzola
“Sprinklers protected
95% of my house. It’s a
Just the Facts…
…To Counter the Myths
 “A smoke alarms provides adequate protection!”
 “Newer homes are safer homes!”
 “Sprinklers leak often!”
 “One sprinkler head goes off, they all go off!”
 “Sprinklers are too costly!”
Sprinklers, But at What Cost?
The Power of Video
 We offer clips highlighting:
 Sprinkler Demonstrations/Live Burns
 Environmental Impact of Sprinklers
 Advocacy messages from partnering organizations
 Success Stories From Actual Homeowners
The Freebies Continue…
 Check your thumb drive for:
 Letters from the fire service to legislators
 Letters to legislators on sprinkler benefits
 Petition for city council, planning board, adopting bodies
 Sprinkler tip sheets
 Talking points
 Research reports
 Sprinkler state coalition how-to
The Other “Blue” States
State Coalition Pages
Stay Connected,
Spread the Safety Message
If you see something, share something!
Fire Sprinkler Initiative Newsletter
How to Stay
But Wait, There’s More
Thank You!
 Fred Durso, Jr.
 Email: fdurso@nfpa.org
 617-984-7534
 Twitter: @FredDursoJr