Course Code: FSF 4U1 Course Name: Core French

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Core French
12 University Preparation
This course draws on a variety of themes to promote extensive development of French language
skills. Students will consolidate their oral skills as they discuss literature, culture, and current issues.
They will read a variety of texts and will write a formal essay. The use of correct grammar and
appropriate language conventions in both spoken and written French will be emphasized throughout
the course.
Course Materials
Texts: Zone (Marcel Dubé)
Le Petit Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Anthologie - Nouvelles frontières 12e
CPT novel
*A workbook accompanies the program and can be purchased.
* Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a Bescherelle if they have not yet done so.
Students are expected to come to class prepared with a binder, paper, pens, pencils and a
French/English dictionary.
Assessment and Evaluation
The curriculum expectations describe the knowledge and skills that students are expected to
develop and demonstrate. They are organized into three strands: oral communication, reading,
and writing.
Various methods of assessment are employed to evaluate the strands. They include: oral
presentations / dramatizations, listening exercises, reading and site-reading activities, quizzes and
tests. Student assessment and achievement reflect the Ministry guidelines regarding curriculum
expectations and the development of learning skills.
The achievement chart that follows identifies four categories of knowledge and skills in French and
weighting assigned to each. These categories encompass all the curriculum expectations.
Term Work
Knowledge / Understanding
Thinking / Inquiry
Final Evaluation
Final Exam (Written)
Culminating Performance Task
The final mark = Term 70% + Exam 30%
Course Content
The study of a language involves the development of the skills of listening, speaking, reading and
writing. Thus, class time will be comprised of the following activities:
Language structures and vocabulary
Reading and discussion of literature selections
Oral presentations
Tests, both written and oral
A Culminating Performance Task will be assigned and some class time will be dedicated to the
completion of this major assignment. Each student must search for a level appropriate French novel
for their CPT.
The materials to be read and studied are provided to the students. It is expected that the student
will maintain these in the condition in which they were issued. Otherwise, a damage fine will be
levied at the end of the semester. Students will be required to pay for lost texts.
Students are expected to bring the texts that have been issued to class each day.
Homework / Assignments
Homework is usually assigned on a regular, daily basis. It is the responsibility of the student to
complete the assigned homework and thus be prepared to participate fully in class.
In the event that the student is absent from class due to illness or a school-related activity, it will
be the student’s responsibility to find out what the homework assignment was. Homework
missed must be completed for the day of the student’s return. If not, a mark of incompletion will
result for that homework assignment. Please refer to the Student Handbook (second page 19-22).
Students are expected to be in attendance for all tests and oral presentations on the assigned date.
If absent for a test, it is to be written the day of your return. Please refer to the Student Handbook
(page 20) for more details.
Extra Help
Don’t delay!! If you are experiencing difficulty, approach the teacher as soon as possible after the
class to arrange a time to meet and clarify the problem.
Please refer to page 31 & the second page 23 of the Student Handbook. In terms of this course,
any use of a translation device on the computer used during quizzes, tests, dialogues, assignments,
or exams will carry with it the same penalty as mentioned in the Student Handbook.
Keys to Success
Be prepared for class, arrive on-time, participate regularly, et n’oubliez pas à parler français!
I, ______________________________________ have read the above mentioned material and
understand all of its contents. I agree to all of the above stated and will abide by the guidelines
stipulated by this course outline.
Signature: _______________________________________