St. Maria Goretti Catholic Elementary School

St. Maria Goretti Catholic Elementary School
121 Royal Orchard Drive Brampton, Ontario L6X 4K9
TEL (905) 454 - 4458
FAX (905) 454 – 0360
Superint endent
Trust ee
Secret ary
S. Mifsud
S. Steer
D. D’Souza
N . Eisan
Past or
Associat e Past or
St. Anne Church
Fr. J. Cherickal
Fr. F. Morrone
Our Virtue in May: Acceptance
A Prayer to Our Lady
O Mary, recall the solemn moment when Jesus, your divine Son, dying on the
Cross, confided us to your maternal care.
You are our Mother, we desire ever to remain devout children.
us therefore feel the effects of your powerful intercession with Jesus Christ.
Holy Mary, help those in need, give strength to the weak, comfort the sorrowful, and
pray for all God’s people.
May all who seek your help, experience your unfailing protection. Amen.
Virtue for the Month of May: Acceptance
The virtue of Acceptance means we accept ourselves and others just the way we are.
Acceptance is the ability to respect the dignity and rights of people of all ages, beliefs,
genders, cultures and abilities. God created each of us in His image and belonging to
God’s family means that we love and welcome everyone just as Jesus did.
Catholic Education Week
May 3rd - 8th
Theme: “ Exploring Paths of Joy”
Monday: Walking Together and Sharing our Story
Tuesday: Opening the Scriptures
Wednesday: Welcoming Others to the Table
Thursday: Recognizing Jesus in the Breaking of the
Friday: Proclaiming the Good News
EQAO Provincial Assessment
Each year grade three and grade six
students in Ontario are assessed in
reading, writing and mathematics for a
period of five days. This year the dates
for this assessment are:
May 25, 2015
June 5, 2015
Catholic School Council
Please make every effort to ensure
your child’s regular attendance during
this time.
Next Meeting:
Thank you.
Tuesday, May 19th
@ 6:30 pm.
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Co ming so o n to Go retti…. .
Cabaret: ‘‘A Tribute To Disney’’
When : May 6 th and May 7 th
7 :0 0 p. m.
Tickets fo r sale daily fro m 8 :1 5 am --- 8 :3 0 am in the
Co st : $ 5 per ticket
Information regarding an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor related to the late Fr. James (Jim)
Roth, OSFS, is posted on the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board’s main webpage at Additional information, including where to report abuse or suspected abuse, is also
posted on the website of Father Roth’s religious order, the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, at and the Archdiocese of Toronto at . Please consult these
Buy Go retti Spirit wear and sho w your pride in o ur scho o l!!
sources as appropriate.
Elementary Summer School
Grade 7 and 8
This program is designed for those students whose achievement in Language and Mathematics
indicates that they are likely to experience difficulty. Students’ eligibility for the summer school
program will be determined by the principal, and classroom teacher, in consultation with parents and
the student. If you would like further information, please contact your child’s teacher.
Literacy Camp – SK – Gr. 6
Continuing education offers a literacy reinforcement and enhancement program for students from SK to
grade 6. Registration is available only through teacher referral. Summer Literacy Camp is now a THREE
WEEK program. Fee-for-service. If you would like further information, please contact your child’s
FREE early learning programs for families with children from newborn to 6
years. The first six years are the most important years in your child’s life for
development, behavior and health. For an OEYC location closest to you call
Child Development Resource Connection Peel (CDRCP): 905-890-9432
or Ontario Early Years website:
From time to time, students require medication during the day. For reasons of safety, any medication
used by students must be stored in the office and accompanied by the form ―Request for Storage and
Distribution of Medication, which is signed by the parent and family physician. Also, it is extremely
important that any medication sent to school with your child is:
-In single dose containers
-Clearly labeled (child’s full name, time to be taken, whether or not refrigeration is required)
For safety, all Epi-Pens are stored in the office, or pending severity-worn by the students in a fanny
Although not a communicable disease, pediculosis (head lice) is a concern to parents and teachers.
Each year it is common for outbreaks of pediculosis to occur. Unfortunately, in recent years, head lice
have become increasingly common throughout North America. They are parasites which have been
common among human beings for centuries. They are not connected in any way with dirt or neglect.
Anyone can be infested with them. If a case of lice is found at school, we inform all parents by way of a
special letter.
If cases are found in a classroom, we shall inform all parents of students in that class. We request that
you also check your own children and, if you find them to be infested, we would ask you to let us know
so that we may advise you of the proper treatment for them. This information can also be obtained
from a pharmacist or the regional health department.
Even if cases are not reported from the school, it is a wise precaution to check your child’s head
periodically. Teach them not to use other people’s combs or hair brushes.
The school board policy is if your children do become infested by head lice, we will ask you to keep
them out of school until after they have been treated with the correct shampoo and their hair is
entirely clear of both lice and nits (eggs).
French Cafe
The students at St. Maria Goretti will be treated to croissants and chocolate milk on May 4th in celebration
of Catholic Education Week. While the students are snacking they will be entertained with French plays
performed by some of Mlle. Molinario’s students and Mlle. Franjic’s students.
Dress Code
With warm weather arriving, it is important to review the dress code. We require your
support in assisting students to make appropriate clothing choices when attending school.
We do not have as prescriptive a dress code as our secondary schools, we are a Catholic
School and, as such, we encourage our students to dress modestly. At all times clothing
should be comfortable, tasteful and appropriate to our Catholic school environment.
Here are the guidelines:
 Clothing must display appropriate and acceptable words and graphics
 shorts and skirts must reach the bottom of the student’s fingertips when hands are relaxed at their
 tank top straps must have a minimum width of 5 cm (approx. the width of 3 adult fingers);
 halter tops, mesh shirts, string tops, tube tops or anything that exposes midriffs and/or
undergarments, skin tight clothing, spandex shorts or pants, cut off shorts, torn or ragged clothing
and pants that sag below the waist are inappropriate attire for school
 sunglasses, hats and bandanas are inappropriate inside the school building
 It is strongly recommended that students not wear open toe shoes as they do not provide adequate
protection in the yard or on the stairs.
Students who are in violation of the dress code will be asked to change or cover inappropriate wear.
Parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing if necessary. Thank you for your partnership in our
efforts to instill the values of good taste and modesty.
Criminal Reference Checks/ Declaration Forms
In keeping with the Safe Schools Act, all volunteers including those going on one day school trips must
have a Criminal Reference Check. If you have the time or inclination to be a volunteer, assist with
school trips, drive for sports events, assist with our fundraiser(s), be an active member of school councildealing with children in any capacity, please contact the office for a criminal reference check form.
The Criminal Reference check is free for volunteers, and it will assure the safety of all students at
St. Maria Goretti Catholic School. If you already have a Criminal reference check on file at the school,
please complete the Criminal Offence Declaration form. Please have your check or declaration completed
so you can continue to be an important and valued member at our school.
You will need to obtain from the office a Criminal Reference Check form and an authorization letter
completed by the principal. Once you have completed your criminal reference check, you will need to
deliver these forms to Peel Regional Police Headquarters, 7750 Hurontario Street Brampton Ontario. It is
our hope that you can complete these forms and return them to the school office as soon as possible. We
have a number of school trips planned for the end of the year including a school Mass at St. Anne Church
and parent volunteers will be required to assist with meeting supervision ratios.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter
Important Upcoming Dates
May 3 – 8 – Catholic Education Week (details will go home with your child)
May 4 -
French Cafe
May 6 -
Cabaret “ Tribute To Disney” @ 7:00 pm
May 7 -
Cabaret “ Tribute To Disney” @ 7:00 pm
May 11 - P.A. Day – No classes for students
May 12 - Storeyteller “Purple Monkey” presents to Primary students
May 13 - Welcome To Kindergarten Evening @ 6:00 p.m.
May 18 - Victoria day – No School
May 19 – School Council @ 6:30 pm
May 19 & 20 – Aussie X visit the school
May 21 – BBQ and Family Event with Aussie X Sponsored by our School Council (details to follow)
May 22 – Virtue Assembly @ 1:30 p.m.
May 25 – June 5 – Grade 3 & Grade 6 EQAO
June 5 - SK Moving Up ceremony @ 9:30 a.m.
June 8 – P.A. Day – No classes for students
June 10 – “Ned Show” presents to school
June 17 – Year End Mass at St. Anne Church -10:30 a.m. – parents welcome
June 24 - Awards Assembly and Movie Day
June 24 – Reports Go Home
June 25 – Grade 8 Luncheon, dance and Graduation Ceremony (details to follow)
June 26 – School Bowling Trip and last day of school
Supporting and Advocating for Catholic Education
As parents/guardians of children in our publicly funded Catholic school system, you have a powerful voice,
both as a taxpayer and a constituent. Increasingly, we are seeing co-ordinated attacks on Catholic
education, with calls for the discontinuation of funding of the Catholic school system in Ontario, and the
establishment of a single secular school system. We see evidence of this through radio call-in shows,
newspaper articles and opinion pieces, letters to the editor and through various social media channels.
Your willingness to lend your voice in support of good news stories about Catholic education and/or to help
counter negative commentary, or attacks on Catholic education through media, or other means, is an
important part of our community’s effort to promote and maintain our strong, viable and relevant Catholic
education system in Ontario.
From time to time, we may bring items to your attention, such as news articles, that may be in support of,
or against Catholic education. We will make you aware of opportunities to write a letter to the editor, call
in to a radio talk show, or simply vote in an online survey or other action that will indicate to the public
and the government that there is a strong presence of Catholic parents/guardians and supporters, who
are passionate about Catholic education and who can provide a balancing point of view to those who
would attack, discredit and/or seek to end publically funded Catholic education in Ontario.
Mainstream political parties in Ontario have stated their support for Catholic education. But, that does not
mean that we shouldn’t continue to impress upon our locally elected MPPs our desire to maintain the
current system of publically funded Catholic schools. Take a few minutes to write or call your MPP and let
them know that you appreciate their continued support, in this regard.
There are 3.9 million Catholics in Ontario; more than 600,000 students attend Ontario Catholic schools.
We are strong. But, we cannot be silent.
The Green Grizzlies planned and organized some very special activities in recognition of Earth Week for
our St. Maria Goretti community; including presentations from the Brampton Clean City Committee and
school grounds clean up. Congratulations to all those who participated and made our Earth Week so
successful and fun!