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Division of Administration and Finance
News Release
Houston, July 6, 2012 – Human Resources announces that the nomination process for Executive
Excellence for the Fall 2012 semester will close on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. If there are
candidates that you would like to submit or if you are a person eligible for participation in the
program, now is the time to complete the nomination process.
After a semester break to gather feedback and update the program based upon that input, we are
excited to announce the Fall semester timeline and new program parameters. The program will
accept 16 individuals and the deadline for submission of nominations is Tuesday, July 10 at the
close of business.
Please be sure to refer to the updated requirements for participation in this invaluable program.
You can find all of the information needed as well as the nomination forms at:
Executive Excellence program information
The following are a sampling of testimonials of past participants:
“As a result of this program, I have been implementing leadership strategies so my staff is more
pro-active in decision making and problem solving. This has created more independent thinking
to further our mission in excellent customer service.”
“My department benefitted from my expanded network, as they bring concerns to me and I‘m able
to get someone on the phone that can really help resolve operations problems quickly. Having a
greater knowledge of UH operations now, I’m also able to explain some of the reasons why things
happen certain ways. This increases the knowledge base of my staff.”
“I find myself being more strategic and less reactive to situations in the workplace. This more
purposeful performance of my duties has significantly increased productivity by focusing efforts
on the most valuable activities.”
“I have been able to incorporate many of the skills and principles learned in the Executive
Excellence program into my everyday dealings with those in my department as well as others
outside of my department. One specific example is the intentional recognition of the varying
personalities using the skills acquired in the program. As a result of my being purposely alert to
the personality colors, I’m able to approach or respond to those in my department in a way that
takes into account the interactions and assignments that will be most beneficial to team
Enhancing the organization collectively, individually. That is Executive Excellence.
For questions regarding the program contact: Mindy Stallings, [email protected] or ext. 31338.
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