198 25 Sunday of Ordinary Time

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Sat. September 22nd, 5:00 pm Frederick & Elise O’Leary
St. John’s Church
req. by their Daughters
Sun. September 23rd, 8:30 am Barbara Egan
St. Cornelius Church
req. by the family
Sun. September 23rd, 10:15 am Guillerma & Carlos
St. John’s Church
req. by the McFarland Family
Sun. September 23rd, 11:45 am Monika Chojnacki
St. John’s Church
req. by the Parents
Tues. September 18th, 7:00 pm Rosary Rosary Prayer Group
Wed. September 19th, 8:30 am R.F.Hall Chapel
Thurs. September 20th, 8:30 am R.F.Hall Chapel
September 21st, 8:30 am R.F.Hall Chapel
Sat. September 29th, 5:00 pm Rita Horan
St. John’s Church
req. by Camilla Coffey
Sun. September 30th, 8:30 am Theresa Rigby
St. Cornelius Church
req. by the Fior family
Sun. September 30th, 10:15 am Edith Marie Gravill
St. John’s Church
req. by the Purchase Family
Sun. September 30th, 11:45 am David Berrie
St. John’s Church
req. By the Callighen Family
Please pray for the sick of our Parish:
Hannah Carlton
Jack McFarland
Armando Vargas
Ellena Sperini
Bradley Gualtieri
Domenic Minnella
Ysuf Bulbulia
Baby Julia
Leona Onciul,
Rose Mooney
Filomena Chiavaro
Ed Kingsbury
Sarah Anne Juniper
Tom Huard
Angelo Rossi
Larry Regan
Rosina Saragosa
Carmela Jakovcic
Stella Santa
Domenico Cianfarani Barb Egan
Shannon Frediani
Peter Glynn
Balentina Pono
Rose Daniel
Slava Dermit Michael Gregoric
Eva Palisa
Toos Reid
If you wish someone to be added to our sick list please
call the office and leave the spelling of their name.
Please call when they should be removed.
Please pray for those who rest in our Cemeteries and
those who died this past week.
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - God
chooses, from among the royal priesthood of the
faithful, a few to serve Him in a special way and
to serve their brothers and sisters. This life is the
ministry of a priest, sister, brother or deacon.
Would you be willing to proclaim the truth of God’s love and
presence in your life as a priest, religious or deacon? If so, call
Fr. Hansoo 416-968-0997.
Welcome all who have moved into our parish
boundaries! To be a registered member of our
parish is to have a sense of belonging to a
Community of Faith. Registration is necessary when seeking
reference letters, eligibility for the sacraments and any other
documentation; such as, tax receipts and so on!!! So please
help us so we can serve you!. Please introduce yourself/family
to the pastor and register as soon as possible by picking up a set
of 2012 envelopes at the back table. Please fill in the front for
the 1st month’s donations so that the information may be
Fr. Bob
COMMUNION REFLECTION God’s inspiration is at work in everyone. However, there
are people in whom divine inspiration seems to have no
effect; people who commit crimes cold-bloodedly, and
who never rejoice at the sight of the true and the
beautiful. Even though they may seem to prosper, their
punishment is assured even in this world. The anxieties
and fears that assail them make their prosperity a
bitterness to them. As for the just, even though their
passage through life is often dogged by misfortune, the
inward satisfaction of obeying divine inspiration gives
them great strength, and is sufficient reward for them.
It’s amazing how many people spend large
amounts of money for certain items and fail
to read the manual that comes with it. New car owners
will wait until it rains before learning how to operate the
windshield wipers or will risk an accident fumbling for
the headlight switch as the road ahead gradually darkens
with the setting sun. A few minutes of careful reading
would prevent many a scary incident on the road.
The road of life is also filled with many unexpected
twists and turns. God provides an instruction book based
on the past experiences of those who have already
traveled that road and reached their destination. The book
is called The Bible. It contains some interesting story
lines with a few very surprising endings. Try reading one
of the Gospels from beginning to end or discover how
patient God is with His Chosen People in the Old
Testament. Take your time with it. You’ll be surprised at
what you learn.
Parishioners please note the weekday mass schedule
change, moving from St. John’s to the chapel at R.F.Hall.
DAILY MASS ON VISION TV at 8 am & 12 noon
Thanksgiving Food Drive...
In support of the
Knight’s Table Food Bank , 116 Kennedy Rd. S., Brampton.
More than 1800 families and individuals get help from the
Knights Table, 40% of them are children. Sept. 29/30th, and
Oct. 6/7th, donated items may be dropped off at both
Most Needed Items: Breakfast supplies, cereal- hot
and cold; pancake mix, syrup (high demand), Pasta Sauce,
Canned Meat, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit, Kraft mac &
Cheese or Instant Noodles, Snacks such as
puddings, Jello, Granola Bars, juices & Drink
Boxes, Water, Cake Mixes, Diapers (size 3 in
high demand), Baby Formula, Sanitary and
Hygiene Products- soap, deodorant, shampoo,
toothbrush, toothpaste (high demand).
September 23rd, 2012
Confirmation Parent Meeting:
Wed., Oct. 17 - 7:00pm
at St. John’s Church
1stReconciliation &1stCommunion
Parent Meeting:
Wed., Nov. 14th - 7:00 pm
at St. John’s Church.
Application forms are available at the back of
the Church. A photocopy of your child’s Baptismal
Certificate must be attached, along with the fee and
returned to the Church.
Next weekend,
Sep. 29/30th will be the collection of your chili
donations to the Good Shepherd. Thank you
again for your generous support.
Come Join the Altar Servers...
A Big Thank you to the Knights of
Columbus for Hosting the Welcome
Back Sunday BBQ... September 22/23
As School begins again the Knights of Columbus
wish to welcome back the traveling families after
their summer holidays. We are glad to have you back, safe and
sound. We also extend a warm welcome to all those who have
just moved into the area or are new to our parish family. We
certainly hope that you will feel at home with us. And of
course, all our parishioners who attended faithfully during the
summer. I hope and pray that it has been a restful and joyous
summer. After the Masses at St. John’s, Albion.
A special thank you to
Kurt & Donni Geiser from Foodland
for helping us with the food
Fr. Bob
2nd Collection Next Weekend...Sept. 29/30
If you would like to be an altar server, are in grade
4 and up, please pick up an application at the back
counter, complete and return to Fr. Bob. Training
sessions will be scheduled in the near future.
Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada Since 1943,
the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has
played an important role in helping the Church be present and
involved, nationally and internationally. It supports the Bishops
in their pastoral ministry, in the fields of catechesis, ecumenism,
Calling All Singers ... The vocal choir meets at St. interfaith relations, social justice, liturgy, doctrine, relations with
John’s Thursdays at 7 pm please come join us, all are welcome! Indigenous peoples, international aid and family life.
Pray The Rosary... Tues. at 7:00 pm.
Please join us as we continue praying the Rosary for
the Faithful departed and All Souls in need of our
prayers.. If you are unable to attend Tuesday
evenings, please join us by praying for All Souls in
your home.
God Bless You, Fr. Bob
Come and See Weekend... St. Augustine’s
Seminary Nov. 2 - 4th. “The Love of Christ urges us on” to
radically respond to His call to follow Him whole-heartily.
Jesus is inviting you to spend time with Him so that you may
discover His call. This is an opportunity for young men of 18
years or older to spend a weekend of prayer, reflection and
information on the process of becoming one of Christ’s
disciples through the Catholic priesthood.
Marriage Preparation Classes...
St. John
Fisher Parish Hall- 300 Balmoral Dr., Bramalea. Wed., Oct. 3,
10, 17 & 24 at 7:30 pm. Registration fee- $140.00/couple.
Please come to the St. John Fisher rectory to register, Mon.-Fri.
Between 9:30 am & 7 pm. For info. call: 905-793-6610.
The Rosary Apostolate...
in the Schools program is seeking volunteers
(male or female) who have devotion to the
Mother of God and who are willing to visit our
elementary schools to pray the Rosary with the children once a
month. Training will be provided. If you are interested, please
contact : Gina Cianfarani 905 880-1070, Chiara Martino 905
584-6637 or Martha Lush 905 584-2430.
Humanitarian Relief... Envelopes are still available to
support the Flood Relief in the Philippines and Famine Relief in
the Sahel Region of Africa. Please indicate on your envelope the
Relief you would like to support.
Life Chain 2012...
Sun. Sept. 30th, 2-3 pm in front of the
Tottenham mall. Mother Teresa said:
“Any country that accepts abortion is
not teaching its people to love but to use violence to get what
they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is
abortion” Life Chain is a powerful and prayerful way to be a
witness to the Truth and to Life. It takes only an hour and all you
have to do is stand quietly on the sidewalk, holding a sign with a
simple prolife message. As you stand, you can pray quietly for
Mothers and children.
Alliance for Life Ontario and Life Canada are honoured to
invite you to register for our national pro-life conference,
"Transforming our Culture" which will be held at the Delta
Toronto, East Hotel, October 25th-27th 2012 - please call 1 866
588 2684 for more info. or visit
Catholic Mass at Toronto Pearson International Airport
Catholic Chaplaincy
Terminal One (T1): Mon. to Fri.- 1 p.m.,
Sat. vigil Mass - 5:30 p.m. and Sun.- 10 a.m., 12 noon
Terminal Three (T3): Mon. to Fri.- 4:30 p.m.,
Sat. vigil Mass - 4 p.m. and Sun.- 8 a.m.