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National University of Ireland, Galway
An Coiste Feabhais Acadúil
Academic Review Programme 2008 – 2009
Bachelor of Education (Home Economics) Programme,
St. Angela’s College, Sligo
Follow Up Meeting, Wednesday, 14th October 2009
Annex Room, Aras Michael, St Angela’s College, Sligo
From St Angela’s College: Dr Anne Taheny (President), Mr Declan Courell (Registrar), Ms Maria
Gallo, Mr Sean Kelly, Fr Michael Duignan, Mr Eugene Toolan, Mr James Wade, Ms Mary Martin, Ms
Maire DeBurca, Ms Roisin Ni Mhullain, Mr Vincent Murray, Ms Amanda McCloat, Ms Helen
Maguire, Ms Laoise Ashford, Ms Mary Magee, Ms Sinead Campbell, Ms Valerie Stanley, Ms Kathryn
McSweeney, Ms Una O’Neill, Ms Caoimhe Flanagan, Ms Eimear Dolan.
From Review Group: Dr Martina Prendergast (Rapporteur), Ms Carmel Jennings (Cognate).
From NUI Galway: Professor James A Houghton (Chair), Dr Edward Herring, Professor Jim Ward, Ms
Lisa Ni Fhl atharta, Dr Josephine Boland, Mr Brendan MacMahon, Dr Gerry Morgan, Mr Daibhi
O’Madain, Ms Maureen Linnane (in attendance).
Action Plan for St Angela’s College, Sligo:
(a) The Programme Director and the B.Ed. Course Committee
The Programme Director, in conjunction with either the Heads of Department (HoDs)
or a specific sub-committee of key stakeholders, will formulate a set of clearly
defined overarching aims/objectives, which will consider the student/conceptual
framework of the B.Ed Programme. This proposal will then be presented to the B.Ed
Course Committee for consideration and agreement, due for completion by May
The Programme Director, in consultation with the College Management Team (CMT)
and other stakeholders, will draw up a Strategic Plan for this programme which will
be aligned to the College Strategic Plan 2009-14. This plan will be completed by
August 2010. The SWOT analysis undertaken during the review will to inform the
strategic planning process.
From October 2009, the Programme Director and HoDs will progress on expanding
the process of involving external stakeholders in the development of the programme
and will establish a forum for such stakeholders (e.g. employers, alumni). A
Teaching Practice Consultative Forum is already in place and scheduled for October
2009, to be organised on an annual basis.
The Programme Director, in consultation with HoDs and the CMT will review all
proposed management structures resulting from a facilitated session held in
September 2009. It has been agreed that this review, to be completed by June 2010,
Establish and agree on a new, integrated and formalised structure (where the need
for a single Programme Director has already been approved).
Clarify the roles for (a) the Programme Director (b) HoDs (c) elective directors
and (d) module leaders
Review of the B.Ed. Programme (Home Economics), St. Angela’s College Sligo: Action Plans
Re-examine the Terms of Reference for the Course Committee in the context of a
review of organisational roles and management structures where more formalised
systems of communication between staff-staff; staff-students are established.
Examine the rationale for having electives in two Departments and consider
having them together in one Department, where the ‘location’ and responsibilities
of electives are also examined.
Develop formal mechanisms for partnerships with alumni and encourage
increased participation of staff in networking, by maximising current links (via
the College website and other communication mediums, and with NUI Galway)
The potential for strengthening links for the development of this programme with
NUI Galway will be further explored.
The Programme Director and the B. Ed Course Committee will take a ‘root and
branch’ review of the programme, where this review and strategic planning will be
informed by a SWOT analysis. This review will be completed by March 2010 with
changes to be implemented in time for the beginning of the next academic year 201011.
Once potential synergies across modules are identified, the Programme Director will
hold interdisciplinary discussions to review the programme structure and consider
different learning methods such as joint/shared modules and assessment, increased
focus on self-directed learning, online delivery, as well as Semesterisation.
Led by the Programme Director, a representative sub-committee and the B Ed Course
Committee will examine and report on best national and international practice for
allocating ECTS to Teaching Practice. Findings will then form the basis for
discussion and debate, with agreed actions to be implemented during the academic
year 2011-12.
The CAO and all associated programme documentation have already been updated to
ensure the consistent use of the title ‘B.Ed. in Home Economics with elective’ across
all material.
The Programme Director, with support from the B.Ed. Course Committee and HoDs,
will further investigate the merits of students’ reports of lack of confidence in
teaching elective subjects, by reviewing current information including the student
SWOT analysis, to define and determine the extent of this concern, with actions to be
determined and implemented by October 2010.
During this academic year 2009/10, the Programme Director and the B. Ed. Course
Committee, with support from HoDs will discuss and consider among key
stakeholders the viability and implications of Semesterisation for students taking this
programme. Recommendations arising from this review will be implemented by
September 2011. An Erasmus Programmes for students wishing to study abroad will
also be investigated as one of the benefits of semesterisation.
The Programme Director with HoDs, will establish a representative sub-committee to
undertake a comparative analysis of entrance qualifications of students and exit
degree classifications, to investigate the relatively low numbers of first class honours
degrees being awarded to students.
The Programme Director and a representative sub-committee comprised of B.Ed.
Course Committee members will contact the Director of CELT, NUI Galway and the
Institutional Research Officer, NUI Galway for assistance and advice, to discuss a
more systematic, formalised approach to Quality Assurance, and ways of providing
feedback to all students across the programme. This sub-committee will also
consider the possibility of implementing procedures to permit anonymous feedback
Review of the B.Ed. Programme (Home Economics), St. Angela’s College Sligo: Action Plans
from the students on matters of concern. More formalised systematic procedures will
be in place before September 2010.
As part of action 7 above, and action 3 below, with a view to increasing research
activity, a review of the programme structure will evaluate staff teaching workloads,
the possibilities of developing links with NUI Galway, and other ways of facilitating
and encouraging collaboration for research, where building research opportunities
will always be considered as part of strategic planning. This review will be finished
by October 2010 and recommendations implemented for the new academic year
The Programme Director and Course Committee will identify areas where this
programme could contribute to community development, service learning and civic
engagement by reviewing how, where and if collaboration with the Community
Knowledge Initiative (CKI) fits within this programme, to be completed by
September 2010, in time for implementation in the next academic year. The ALIVE
programme has already been extended throughout the College.
The B Ed Course Committee have already carried out extensive work in enhancing
the Access Programme to include this programme. By September 2010, the B.Ed.
Programme led by the Programme Director, will also participate in the Higher
Education Access Route (HEAR) programme, supported by the Access Office and
monitored by the College Academic Council in St Angela’s College.
(b) The College Management Team (CMT)
1. The President and Registrar will appoint a Programme Director for this
programme before the end of November 2009.
2. The Coiste Liaison, which includes membership of College Management, will
work with the Programme Director to expand, develop and collaborate with
NUI Galway to maximise links and resources, including staff library/ resource
access, staff development and shared research opportunities.
3. The Registrar, together with the Programme Director and Module Leaders,
will explore potential synergies across all modules within the B.Ed.
programme, as well as with other programmes. A modular audit project is
currently underway, where coursework and assessment for this programme is
being reviewed to:
a. identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration
b. eliminate any duplication of student workloads
c. allow more time for student independent study time
d. allow staff more time to engage in research activity
The review is due for completion and implementation by the end of September
4. The College Management Team will continuously encourage Programme
Directors and HoDs to build on interdisciplinary research opportunities within
the College, and with colleagues at NUI Galway and beyond as part of the
future College Research Strategy.
Review of the B.Ed. Programme (Home Economics), St. Angela’s College Sligo: Action Plans
Action Plan for NUI, Galway:
1. The School of Education, NUI Galway are happy to share their experience of
embedding service or community-based learning as a credit bearing element of
their teacher education programmes (undergraduate and post-graduate) with
the Programme Director for the B Ed programme.
Director of Quality and Performance, Dr David O’Sullivan
Finalised: 11th March 2010