Projects for Honors Credit in PHYS 102/202.

Projects for Honors Credit in PHYS 102/202.
Following are some ideas for projects to earn honors credit in physics. If you are interested in any of these
projects, please see me so that we can agree on the details of the project and reasonable expectations. I will also
entertain any ideas that you might have.
Book review. Select a book about physics, read it, and write a 750-1000-word (3-4 double spaced
pages) review of the book. Please include bibliographic information for the book. You may use short
quotations from the book, when absolutely necessary, but do not quote large sections. The review
should be in your own words and your own work. The student will submit the review on Moodle’s
TurnItIn service. Here is a guide on how to write a good book review:
Write introduction, procedures, and analysis for the physics lab manual. For honors credit, you will
need to write either a new experiment or rewrite an existing experiment; you should complete 2-3,
depending on the depth of the experiment. If you choose this, I will assist you.
Design a circuit that completes some task. Write a 750-1000 word paper (3-4 double spaced pages) that
describes how the circuit works. See Dr. Young if you need funds for supplies or further guidance.
Please let Dr. Young know if you have an alternate idea for an honors project.