Bookstore Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes February 10, 2011

Bookstore Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2011
Location: Moody Towers Dining Hall Meeting Room
o Jonas Chin
o Billy Garner
o Suong Le
o Christie Peters
o Felix Robinson
o Lily Zamrano
o Reyes Ramirez
o Emily Messa
o Deborah Marks
o Esmeralda Valdez
o Simon Bott
o Dr. Kennedy
o Reyes started the meeting at 1:10 PM
o Felix talked about the 2011 Spring Rush Re-Cap
 Great start and great sales at the main bookstore
 Buy back is declining because there are more options for students to sell back
their books
 Went over 2011 goals
o Jonas and Billy talked about the Town Hall meeting outline
 Discussed the agenda of the meeting
 Approvals of the Town Hall meeting focus and date by all committee members
 Suggestions for meeting:
 Pizza and soda to be served
 Reserve room in UC Underground
 Schedule for Wednesday March 9th
 There will be an online voting for Town Hall meeting details
o Committee discussed meeting dates for the Bookstore Scholarship Subcommittee
 Agreed on a date for the meeting: Tuesday, February 22th 4:00 PM
o Reyes adjourned the meeting at 1:54 PM