Unit 2 Test Review

Unit 2 Test Review
1. Responsibilities of the different levels of government
a. Federal, Provincial, Municipal- I will give you scenarios and you have to tell me
which level is responsible for what
2. Canada’s Constitution
a. What is a constitution?
b. What makes up Canada’s Constitution?
c. What is the most important section of the Constitution? Why?
3. Rights, Responsibilities and Freedoms
a. What are rights? 3 types of rights
b. What are responsibilities?- Case Studies
c. What are freedoms? Examples- Freedom from and Freedom to…
d. Case Studies- I will provide you with scenarios and you tell me if it’s a right or
4. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
a. What is the Charter?
b. Who enjoys Charter rights?
c. Can your Charter rights be taken away? Why or Why not?
d. Case Studies using the Charter (like we did in class I will give you a scenario and
you tell me what section of the Charter is involved)
5. Structure of Government
a. Aspects of Government Chart
b. 3 Branches of Government
i. What does each branch do?
ii. What is each branch made up of?
6. How is a law made at the Federal and Provincial levels?
a. How is a by-law made?
7. For each of the following know:
a. How they are selected
b. What their responsibilities/duties are
c. What level of government they belong to.
i. House of Commons
ii. Opposition
iii. Senate
iv. Cabinet
v. Prime Minister
vi. Governor General
vii. Lieutenant Governor General
viii. Supreme Court of Canada- How many judges?
ix. Premier