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M. Lunn
A. M. Condotta
School Council
J. Lamb
M. Podnar
L. Zanella
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A. Tucciarone
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Fr. A. Maderak
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We, the community of
St. Leonard, are
committed to life-long
learning and respect
for God’s creation.
We will nurture our
unique gifts and entrust each member to
185 Conestoga Drive, Brampton, Ontario L6Z 2Z7
Phone (905) 846-2086 Fax (905) 846-9464
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As we come to the end of another school
year, and may now
relax from our studies a little,
we pause to thank you, Dear Lord,
for all of your guidance and
support in our work, throughout
this past year.
Please forgive us for any times that we
may have offended you by not using our
talents and gifts to serve you (and ourselves) best.
Watch over us as we begin to enjoy our
summer vacation.
Keep us safe and free from harm.
We ask this of you, Jesus Christ, our
Lord and Saviour.
Congratulations and best wishes to Mrs. Lunn.
Mrs. Lunn has decided to retire at this time. We
would like to extend our thanks to Mrs. Lunn
for all of her dedication and leadership at St.
Leonard School. Best wishes from the entire
school community. In September, we welcome
Mr. Robert Romanet as principal here at St.
Share Life Fundraising
At our year end Mass we were able to present
Fr. Maderak with a cheque for $300 for Share
Life. Thank you to Ms. McQueen for organizing the Staff-Student basketball game. Our
Parent Council generously donated $1000.
Congratulations and Best Wishes
Congratulations and best wishes go to Mrs. Margaret LaFontaine.
Mrs. LaFontaine is retiring at the end of June. Mrs. LaFontaine will
truly be missed at St. Leonard School. Mrs. LaFontaine has provided ongoing and excellent
support for students at the school for many years. Many students have benefited from Mrs.
LaFontaine‟s advice, guidance and teaching. She has been instrumental in building school
spirit through her work with student council, organization of spirit days, running pizza and
popcorn days. We wish Mrs. LaFontaine all the best in her retirement and thank her sincerely
for all the work she has done for the students, staff and community of St. Leonard School.
We also wish to thank the following staff for their work and contributions to St. Leonard
Mrs. Byrne (Education Resource Worker) is going to St. John Fisher School. We thank her
for her work with our special needs students and her dedication. Ms. Pizzarelli is also moving
to St. John Fisher School and we thank her for all her work .
Thank you to Ms. Troina who has taught the grad ½ class this year. We wish her all the best
in her teaching career. Thank you to Ms. Augurusa for her work in the library and for organizing our volunteer social.
School Council
Elections for our School Advisory
Council for the 2010/2011 school year will take
place in September, as directed by government legislation. The staff and students wish to thank our
School Council for all their efforts. The organization of the major fund-raising events and their assistance with school events, Masses and activities is
very much appreciated. A special thank you to Mr.
J. Lamb and Mrs. M. Podnar for all their work as
chairs of the School Council this year.
Class Placements and September Entry
Class placements for September
will not be available until the 1st
day of school because of the need
to respond to last minute enrollment changes. On September
8th, which is the first day back
for students, all returning or newly registered students will be met in the playground at entry time by
their teachers, and escorted to their new classrooms.
Signs indicating the entry door for each grade will
be posted. If you are moving, please let us know
so that we can provide a student transfer form.
Would you like your
child to
become Catholic?
Our annual program for
children in Grades 2 to 8,
who are not baptized or
have been baptized in a
non-Catholic Church, who
would like to become
Catholic, will begin at St.
Leonard‟s Church in September. This program
will lead to Baptism of the
children or their Reception into the Catholic
Church. For those parents who would like to have
their child baptized/received, now is the opportune
time to register and begin attending at St. Leonard‟s
and if you have not already done so, make a commitment to practicing your faith. Further details about
this program will be available at the Church in July.
One of the parents will be required to provide a copy
of their Roman Catholic baptism certificate. Please
note that only Catholic children are able to receive
the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion
and Confirmation.
We are fortunate at St. Leonard
School to have had parents sharing our day-to-day school life as
part of our volunteer program.
Volunteers have assisted at the
school in a variety of ways. We
have benefited from the additional individuals who accompanied classes on field trips or helped out with special
events in the classrooms. Thank you to all of our volunteers! We hope to see many of our volunteers back in
Returning School Books
As the year draws to a close students are
reminded to return any books belonging to
St. Leonard School. Parents please assist
your children in checking all the “nooks and crannies” for
any books that may be hiding there. If any have our
school stamp in them, please send them to the school.
Report Cards
Your child‟s report card will be sent home
on Monday, June 28. We wish to bring to
attention once again, page 3, called the
Response Form. Please return page 3, if
you wish, to your child's teacher on June 29 or 30th.
Congratulations to Grade 8 Graduates
Congratulations to the grade 8 graduates of St. Leonard
Catholic School. The students have worked very hard,
showed leadership and cooperated well. We wish all
the students well in their future endeavours. Our prayers
go with them as they enter secondary school. Thank you
to the School Council for the graduation statues. The
graduation ceremony will take place on the morning of
Monday, June 28 at 9:00 a.m. in the St. Leonard School
Fr. A. Maderak, St. Leonard Church
Virtue for June—Fairness
This month we will celebrate the virtue of fairness.
A Fair Person…….
Listens to all sides before
forming opinions
Shows good sportsmanship at
all times
Knows that the same rules
apply to everyone
Refuses to twist rules to avoid consequences
Works to bring about peaceful solutions to problems
Cheers on the successes of others
Can balance their own rights and responsibilities
with those of others.
The Moon—photo by D. Hayward Gr. 6
Star Gazing
Thanks to Cosmic Connections, the grade 6‟s and
their parents were invited to a “Star Party” held at
St. Leonard‟s School from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010. The students were
able to take a good look at the moon and Saturn
through a telescope. Students were allowed to put
their cameras up to the telescope lens to take a picture of the moon. Thank you Cosmic Connection!
Lunchroom Supervisor
We will be looking for a lunchroom supervisor
for next year. The lunchroom supervisor is responsible for supervising children while they
have their lunch and then outside on the playground. The supervisor works for 1.2 hours per
day at a rate of pay of $11.45 per hour plus 4%
vacation pay. The lunchroom supervisor must
obtain a criminal reference check before they can
start work. Please contact the office if you are
Bussing Information
Every September Parents wonder if
their child(ren) are eligible for bussing. The board has implemented
new software to determine eligibility
for bussing. Please check out the link
on the side of our main page “Bussing Eligibility” or
Please indicate for the 2010/2011 school year as the
distances have changed (for the better) for September. As soon as we receive the bus schedule for
September it will be posted on line and on our front
Student Absences
We continue to have a large number of parents not calling the school to report their child‟s absence. This is
especially problematic on Mondays and Fridays. Please
use the answering machine to leave a message at any
hour of the day on each day your child is absent. We
thank you for your assistance with this issue.
Brampton Library’s Journal of Youth Writing
and Artwork
Congratulations to Ava Podnar, grade two student
in Mrs. Rudensky’s class. Ava is the winner of the
Brampton Public Library’s Grade Two Short Story
Competition. Ava will be presented her award at
the Brampton City Hall on June 8th at 7:00 p.m.
Congratulations Ava and keep on writing!
1. Encourage your child to start a daily journal or diary for the summer
months. This journal will keep your child‟s writing and reading
skills in check.
2. Continue reading with your child on a daily basis.
3. Get outside. The worst thing for children during the summer months is having
them glued to a television or computer. According to the journal of School
Health, physical activity programs have positive effects on academic achievement, including increased concentration; improved mathematics, reading, and
writing test scores, and reduced disruptive behaviour.
4. Provide your child with fun and educational puzzles and games for those rainy
5. Try your best to continue with a homework routine. If your child does one
hour of homework each weeknight now, get them to do about half of that each
weeknight in the summer too.
6. Take trips to the local library, museum or zoo where fun learning always takes
7. Practice math skills using everyday chores and activities like cooking or going
grocery shopping.
8. Provide your child with opportunities to volunteer or help out the community.
This will help keep your child busy and socially active during the summer.
9. Keep up with classroom trends like „silent reading‟, „lunch hour‟, and „free
play‟ activities. This will help to eliminate a free-willed mindset in September.
10.If you‟re taking a car trip, play games like „I Spy‟ or finding license plates
from out-of-province cars. This will keep everyone entertained and make
learning fun.
Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
Parent Council (Sponsored by Pro Grant)
Dr. Kenneth Handelman
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Living with ADD/ADHD
Is your Child
Difficulty following directions
Easily distracted
Unable to complete tasks
Poor work habits
Has trouble listening
Please Join Us
Thursday September 16, 2010
Notre Dame Secondary School
2 Notre Dame Avenue,
Brampton Ontario
6:30 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
TO RESERVE A SEAT, E-MAIL [email protected]
Are you moving?
Last Day of School
The last day of school for students will be:
If you are moving during the summer, please inform the
office so that you may acquire transfer papers. If the office
is already aware of your leaving, you will receive a transfer
form with your child‟s report
card. If you move over the
course of the summer, or you
will be on vacation when
school starts, please leave a
message on the answering machine at (905) 846-2086. The machine is checked regularly during the summer. Please provide the name of the
new school which your child will attend.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
And Finally.......
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all
parents/guardians for your support over the past
seven years. I have been blessed to have worked
with such a professional team to provide a caring
and inclusive school. Our teachers, ERW‟s, support
staff, secretary and custodians are outstanding and it
has been a privilege working with them. I will miss
everyone and thank you for the wonderful memories.
Best wishes for the future.
Lost and Found
Mr. MacKinnon will have the items
from the lost and found on display in the
hallways of the school from June 28th to
the 30th. Please have your child look
for any lost items. Any remaining items
will be donated to charity.
Melanie Lunn
St. Leonard Talent Show 2010
School resumes on:
St. Leonard‟s Annual Talent Show was another
great success! Thank you to all the participants
who helped make it possible. What a talented
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Please find attached the school calendar for next year 2010
-2011. Keep this calendar for your records.
Harmony Movement
On Tuesday, June 1st, St. Leonard‟s Harmony Movement group participated in the 2010 Peace Tree Day
held at Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School.
Our Harmony Group had the privilege to present two
song compositions based on our virtues; self control
and kindness. The celebration was filled with many
interesting activities from different cultures and an
overwhelming sense of connection with one another.
Peace Tree Day was created to inspire children to use
their talents in the forms of
music, dance and crafts
from different cultures. A
special thanks to Ms.
McQueen, Mrs. Lafontaine and all the members
of St. Leonard‟s Harmony
Group for all their hard
work and dedication.
On behalf of the staff and students
we wish you a safe and restful
summer !!
See you in September
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Provincial Priorities and Faith Development
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Provincial Priorities and Faith Development
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Principal‟s Day: Year End Reporting and Activities
Principal‟s Day: Year End Reporting and Activities
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