Alyanaa Ivanova • Race: Human

Alyanaa Ivanova
• Race: Human
• Career: Holy Knight of Azeroth, Argent Dawn Operative, Aldor Agent, Shattered
Sun Field Commander
• Main Physical attributes
o Sex: Female
o Age: 20
o Height: 5’4”
o Weight: 120lbs
o Hair: red
o eyes: blue
o Skin: very pale with freckles
o Distinguishing features
ƒ Muscular body, very athletic. (imagine female comic book heroine
in build)
ƒ Numerous scars on arms from blade nicks
ƒ Large scar on lower abdomen from a spear
• Entrance wound (larger) slightly to the right of navel
• Exit wound (tip of spear exited) on back to right of spine
ƒ Diagonal scar from slightly above right corner of mouth to bottom
middle of lower lip
• Personality
o Is quick to smile
o Overly protective with friends
o Very emotional
o Quick to anger
o Enjoys embarrassing her friends
o Likes to be a comforting influence
o Enjoys battle
ƒ Sometimes she gets turned on after a fight
o Despises undead (is slightly afraid of them)
o Hates criminals
• Clothing Style
o Likes to wear practical clothing
ƒ Mostly slacks in various colors
ƒ Shirts tend to be loose to allow freedom of movement, also in
various colors
ƒ In cold weather wears a heavy wool cloak lined in fur.
ƒ Usually has knee high boots.
ƒ Clothing is usually cut in a way to flatter and slightly show off her
figure, without revealing anything.
ƒ When not adventuring wears a simple straight short sword on her
• Armor Style
o Full plate, designed to allow full freedom of movement.
ƒ A lot of riveted sections and overlapping plates attached to leather.
ƒ Armor is made of blued steel with stainless steel trim
ƒ Armor was molder to fit her perfectly
Weapons of choice
o Double Handed battleaxe or large two handed sword.
ƒ Axe is double bladed, with black blades.
• Was given to her by the Shattered Sun.
• Called Legion Foe.
o Was taken from a member of the Burning Legion
and purified by a Naaru to remove the demon
energy from the blade.
ƒ Sword is cross shaped with blades at the end of the guard.
• Was a gift from Killean when she joined her order.
• Is enchanted to heal the wielder when used.
• Was forged by Holy Paladins, called a Light Forged
o Family was killed by bandits when she was in her late teens
ƒ The only exception being her older sister who was in Stormwind
• Sister does not speak with Alyanaa, who she feels is a
“immoral whore” who “spreads her legs for a soul sucking
o Was rescued by Killean Felborne and Forgewalker Ironhand
o Entered the Stormwind Orphanage
o Begain training as a paladin
o Entered into the Knights of Azeroth upon completion of her training
o Begain a relationship with Killean
o Moved into a house with him in the canal district of Stormwind.
o Was grievously injured in the Hinterlands
ƒ A barbed troll spear hit her in lower abdomen
ƒ Damaged reproductive system beyond repair
ƒ Was unable to adventure for some time during her recovery
o Joined the Argent Dawn when stationed in the Plaguelands
o Upon venturing to Outlands joined the group called “The Aldor”
ƒ Became a vindicator with the Aldor.
o Became one of the High Commanders of her order.
o Joined the Shattered Sun Offensive to help with the destruction of the
o Was promoted to Shattered Sun Offensive Field Commander.
o House was damaged in the Scourge Invasion, and subsequently moved to
the recently built Stormwind Harbor district.
o Joined the Alliance Vanguard and went to Northrend to fight the Scourge.
Alyanaa Ivanova
Legion Foe.
Light Forged Great Sword