AbstractID: 10112 Title: Mammography: Basic Physics

AbstractID: 10112 Title: Mammography: Basic Physics
This presentation is a review of the physics underlying film screen mammography.
While x-rays have been used for over a century tor produce diagnostic radiographic
images mammography has been used clinically for less than forty years. Physical factors
that influence image quality in mammography will be covered in this presentation.
Topics to be covered are x-ray generation, the appropriate choices of target and filter
materials, the function of screen-film mammographic receptors, dedicated x-ray
mammography units, scatter reduction and breast compression, automatic exposure
control, viewing conditions, dose and screen-film quality control.
Educational Objective:
1. Understand the multiple factors that affect the acquisition and image quality of
screen-film mammography images.
2. Understand the need for and methods of quality control for screen-film
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