The Grade 2 Times Information Items Language Arts Welcome to

St. Veronica Elementary School
Welcome to
Ms. Franjic’s
Grade 1/2
November 2013
The Grade 2 Times
Information Items
Please continue to sign and return your child’s agenda each
day and also the “You’ve Got Mail” folder.
Gym and Library
Please continue to check the monthly calendar for gym (Day
1 & 3) and library (Day 4). Please ensure that students have
running shoes to wear for gym.
Scholastic Book Orders
Scholastic book orders will continue to be sent home on a
monthly basis. Should you wish to place an order, please
make cheques payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. No cash
orders please.
At Home Reading and Writing
Please continue to read at home with your child on a daily
basis and track it on the form sent home. Once the form is
complete, please return for a prize from the Treasure Chest.
Students have been practicing both narrative and procedural
writing in class. Reinforcement of writing at home would be
beneficial and also to focus on spelling and punctuation.
Language Arts
 Guided, Independent and Shared Reading
 Word Study/ Working with Words
Personal Narratives
Students will be learning to generate ideas about
a potential topic, using a variety of strategies and
Procedural Writing
Students will be learning to write short texts
using several simple forms.
Main Idea
Students will be learning to identify the
main idea and some additional elements of
Social Studies
Heritage and Identity: Changing Family and
Community Traditions
Students will be learning to:
Compare some significant traditions and
celebrations among diverse groups and at different
times, and identify some of the reasons for
changes in these traditions/celebrations.
Use the social studies inquiry process to investigate
some of the past and present traditions and
celebrations within their own family and the
communities to which they belong.
Describe some of the major groups in their
community, including different types of families,
and some of the ways in which traditions and
heritage are passed on by such groups
Patterns and Relationships
Students will be learning to identify, describe, extend, and create
repeating patterns, growing patterns, and shrinking patterns.
Next Unit…
Geometry and Spatial Sense
Students will be learning to:
• identify two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional
figures and sort and classify them by
their geometric properties;
• compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes and
three-dimensional figures;
• describe and represent the relative locations of objects, and
represent objects on a map.
Visit for interactive activities related to
each grade 2 unit of study.
Virtue Education
This Month’s Virtue is Conscience
A person of conscience chooses to do right even
when it is hard and thinks of others before