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Running Reports on Reporting Services
July, 2013
1. Open Reporting Services with Internet Explorer. The link is Note: Using a different
browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari will still work, but with potentially less functionality. When
prompted, use the same log-in (preceeded by xavier\) and password as with active directory (Outlook,
networks, etc.).
2. Select the report you wish to run. Some reports run automatically, while others require parameters. Once
your desired parameters are selected, click on “View Report”.
3. To export the report to Excel, PDF, Word, etc., click on the
above the report output.
Office of Institutional Research
icon, which is found on the bar right
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4. To create a subscription to a report (automatic email with report output based on a specific schedule), hover
on the report name and left-click on the yellow down arrow. Select ‘Subscribe’ out of the available options.
For more instructions on how to create subscriptions, feel free to contact us.
5. To request the creation of a new report, or to request a modification of an existing report, please complete a
“Report Request Form”, at the bottom of the Reporting Services window.
Office of Institutional Research
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