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Anielika Sykes
Lenten Season
The Easter weekend is always a hopeful time for us, as a St. Paul community, because new life stirs everywhere and we reach the mid point in our
second semester. Fr. Leo reminded us at our Easter Mass to think of our
best friends and to thank God daily for all of our blessings.
On Thursday April 8th our Grade 10
students took their EQAO Literacy Test
and the Grade Nine students were given
an opportunity to do a mock test in order
to prepare for next year. Afterwards, the
students were treated to a brilliant dramatic production called “Diss” by the Mixed
Company Theater that focused upon a
variety of themes, including bullying and
racism. Senior students used the day to
work on independent study units and to
prepare for mid term tests.
The soccer fields and baseball diamonds
are calling no less than five St. Paul teams
with fabulous prospects to advance to
the ROPSAA championships. With the
tremendous enthusiasm for soccer in our
Grade Nine class, we have decided to
enter a Junior girls team this year and are
satisfied that the girls can compete at the
Tier 1 level.
It’s with considerable regret that we will
have to say “bon voyage” to two veteran
members of the St. Paul staff who have decided to retire. Mavourneen McHenry who
has anchored our Guidance and Academic
Resource Department for over a decade
has decided to trade in the hectic responsibility of managing two departments for
a more relaxed pace of life. Similarly our
Teacher-Librarian extraordinaire, Mena
Piperni, has decided that this is to be her
last year of service to our community.
Staff, parents and students wish both of
our colleagues a wonderful time in their
future endevours.
We would like to congratulate John Tsilfidis, our Acting Department Head of Science for his promotion to the permanent
The month of June is a wonderful time. It is filled with joy and eager anticipation for the summer holidays. There is also some sadness saying goodbye
to friends who are graduating and moving on in their lives. We give thanks to
God for the many blessings that we have received this year. St. Paul Secondary
School is a Catholic School. We give thanks to God for the gift of our faith. Our
Catholic Faith shapes the way we learn and play. Many of the experiences we
share together such as our retreats, our work at Dr. Simone’s, our community
service, our care for God’s Creation, our prayer times and our liturgies are a
direct result of our Catholic Faith. We thank Fr. Phil, Fr. Noel, Fr. Rudy and the
St. Dominic Church Community for their hospitality throughout this year.
We have shared many memories this year. We shared the anticipation of Advent
and the Joy of Christmas. We walked together through the Season of Lent and
celebrated the Joy of Easter and Pentecost. We shared the sadness of the deadly
earthquake in Haiti and the horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We have
worked together to help our sisters and brothers in need. We shared many great
memories in athletics. We watched our Olympic Athletes compete this past February in the Winter Olympics.
Our Wolverine athletic teams competed with success and distinction. We advanced to the OFFSA Championships in soccer and volleyball. Our girl’s hockey
team soared to new heights. I think that they won more games than the Leafs!
We remembered the glorious sacrifices of our military Veterans and we listened
to inspiring guest speakers. WE were told to ACT NOW and encouraged by the
Student Council and SPAC to get involved. We competed in Skills Canada and
prepared food for many events. Many of us had amazing Co-op experiences.
Who could forget our school Talent Show and Play; Said the Spider to the Spy
and the dedication of our M&M’s?
For all of these memories and for the countless other high school memories
that will be forever in our hearts, we now give thanks to God! Let us all cheer
together “ S T P ...What? “
St. Paul Students
Help CBC Kick off
FIFA World Cup
This summer, South
Africa is hosting the
FIFA World Cup
soccer tournament.
The winner of
the games will
boast soccer
superiority for
the next four
years and will
have their name
engraved on the
18 karat gold
work of art.
On Wednesday April 23,
the CBC sponsored the
FIFA Cup Kick Off
to commemorate
this event, which
will be viewed by
more spectators
than any other
sports competition in the world.
To help in the celebration,
the St. Paul Senior boys and girls’
soccer teams, as well as their coaches,
Mr. John Tsilfidis and Mr. Connor
O’Reilly were invited to the CBC studios by senior producer, Ms. Bridget
Our athletes were interviewed by CBC
and other TV and radio stations and
were allowed to pose with the world’s
most famous sports cup.
The St. Paul students felt honoured to
be so close to soccer’s most treasured
As soccer players, the experience is
something they will treasure all their
›››Tech Talk
All Things Digital
As a Comm-Tech
teacher, one of the
questions I’m most
often asked at ParentTeacher night is what
computer they should
get their son or daughter when they head off
to college or university
in the fall.
If you’ve ever toured
the Graphics Lab or TV
Studio you’ll see that
my bias would simply
lean toward me saying
“get a Mac”, however
the answer really isn’t
that simple in most
There are several questions you need to ask
yourself before you
get started down the
path to making this
1) What’s your budget? Clearly, you’ve
got an idea of what you may want (or
need) to spend. Any recommendation would have to be to have budget
factored into the equation. A basic
desktop PC starts at around $500 and
you can expect to pay up to $4000 for
the highest end Apple Pro Desktop and
2) What do you need it to do? Simple
word processing, internet browsing
and email will require a less robust
machine that someone needing to do
serious desktop publishing, graphic
design, video editing or animation.
3) Does your program require specific
software? You may need to explore
the possibility of needing a Mac or a
Windows machine based on criteria
listed by the college or university for
your child’s major.
4) How important is mobility? Laptops
cost more than desktops. Are you
looking for a portable computing
device or one that will sit on a desk at
home or in a dorm room?
Start off by doing a little bit of research
about the college/university program
and find out what they’re recommending or requiring. You’ll find that most
post-secondary institutions have a great
cache of computers available for student
use in libraries or in the commons and
almost all have free Wifi access available
for students with their own laptops. Some
programs require students to have their
own computers with very specific guidelines about the make, computer specifications and software – so be sure to know
in advance of any purchase whether your
hardware will be compatible.
The desktop vs laptop debate is one you’ll
no doubt encounter. Laptops are great but
you pay a premium for portability. Smaller
components are more expensive than the
larger counterparts found in desktop units.
Almost all computers come with USB
ports, Wifi, Ethernet ports, SD card slots,
etc. but a laptop may not have all of this,
or may have fewer ports, due to space
limitations. Laptops also have much less
expadibility for upgrades and accessories.
If you decide that a laptop is the way to
go, the debate continues with laptop vs
netbook. Though the netbook computers
are significantly cheaper you need to really do some comparison shopping to see
what its shipped with (or without, as the
case may be). You should be prepared to
settle for smaller screens, slower processors, less RAM and a stripped down
number of ports. New to the scene this
summer is Apple’s iPad, and though it’s a
marvelous piece of technology, it may not
be the most suitable choice as a portable
computing device for college. It does have
internet capabilities, plays movies, music
and games, it can word process, do email
and has thousands of productivity apps
available but if you’re looking for a work
horse, this is probably not for you.
The PC vs Mac debate will always be
around. For the most part, the two systems
are interchangeable and files can be
transferred from one platform to the other
with ease. Again, some program majors
may require your purchase to be one or the
other but if platform isn’t a factor, go with
what makes the most sense to you. Some
prefer the experience of one platform over
the other and I suppose we all have our
own bias in this regard. For me the choice
is simple, I use Apple computers not just
because I need to but because I like to.
My best advice: listen to their wants and
needs and work on the best compromise
for both parties. At the end of the day, it’s
your decision to make but one that your
son or daughter will have to live for the
next 3 to 4 years.
›››PIP Program
Planning PIP Program:
Helping Reduce Our
Carbon Footprint
For the past few years the
students of our Planning
for Independence Program have been helping
keep our school green.
Every Friday morning
they collect the recycling
from every classroom.
As part of their life-skills
courses, they learn how
to wash, dry and fold the
uniforms used by our various sports teams, with
the washer/dryer unit
located directly in their
classroom. Each student
has their own re-fillable
water bottle and they
bring snacks and lunches
packed in re-usable containers. This year they
even made their own
Mother’s Day gifts, it was
an angel made from a
tea towel, dish cloth and
hot pad. It was definitely
a gift that each Mom will
be able to use and re-use.
For Independence
Discipline, Dedication, Determination
you will give your child!
Stay Active,
Stay Fit!
Wow! What an amazing season it has been
for St. Paul athletics!
St. Paul is becoming
a soccer powerhouse,
as 3 of the 4 soccer
teams, brought home
medals. Senior boys
won the ROPSSAA
‘AA’ championships
and won silver at the
OFSAA finals. Senior
girls soccer won the
ROPSSAA ‘AA’ championships and the Tier
2 championship. They
went on to represent
St. Paul at OFSAA and
brought home bronze!
The junior girls lost in
a closely played tier 2
ROPSSAA championship game, winning
To all of our coaches, who continue to
go above and beyond the call of duty
to develop our young athletes, thank
you. Congrats to our athlete extraordinaire, Lauren Jansa, who made it
to OFSAA for track and field and
performed consistently throughout the
Best Wishes and Goodbye to the
following coaches Carla DeMarco,
Amanda Laxton, Conor O’Reilly and
Ken Grenier...Thank you for giving
so much of yourselves to making a
June 10th, the cafe torium buzzed in
excitement, as the St. Paul community
acknowledged all of the athletes and
coaches at our annual Athletic Banquet. Congratulations to our athletes
of the year, Kristy Mlakar and Michael
Kryszajtys and Heart winners, Stefania
Viscardi and Cristian Cavallini- 4
extraordinary athletes, deserving
these awards! Special thanks to SPAC
for their hard work this year and for
organizing a beautiful banquet. Thanks
to Kim Naval for spearheading this
year’s SPAC with her strong leadership and direction. Thanks also go out
to Blair Dezan of the
Fitness Institute and
T.Litzen Sports, for
their generous contribution to our athletic
banquet and support
throughout the year.
Ms. Schlarp would like to thank the
following girls for their dedication
in promoting health and athletics at
On behalf of the Department of PHE and
Athletics, we would
like to thank the St.
Paul community for
their support throughout the year and wish
you all a fit, safe and
wonderful summer! Encourage your
children to get off their computers and
cell phones and get active by joining
their local community centers and
gyms, or getting on their bikes, rollerblades etc to make a commitment to
fitness. The gift of a healthy lifestyle
will be one of the most valuable gifts
Jessica Oblak, Alex Zubilewich, Camilla Oblak, Susana Sousa, Michelle
Raposo, Cassie Garner, Sarah DeSousa, Adrienne Naval, Megan Curran,
Kelsey Forestell, Jessica Cipparrone,
Kim Naval. Kim, Michelle, Susie,
Cassie, Michelle and Jessica will be
graduating and we wish them all the
best in their future endeavours.
SPAC worked closely with Peel Health
to run a successful Health Fair for the
St. Paul student community, as well as
organizing the annual athletic banquet, which takes months of planning
and preparation. You have all made
an incredible difference to St. Paul!
Everything with heart!!
Flag Football
June Jamboree
The Lady Wolverine’s Flag Football
team hosted their 2nd annual June
Jamboree tournament on Tuesday
June 1st. The tournament is designed
to develop new players by giving
them a taste of the game, as well, as
to provide the senior players another
opportunity to play and mentor the
new recruits prior to graduation. There
was a live D.J providing music during
the day as well as a team skills competition during the lunch period. The
tournament provided some ‘Fun in the
Sun’ and some outstanding football
entertainment for the St. Paul community. The Lady Wolverines ended
up as the tournament champions and
have set the stage for the actual season
which begins in September.
The goal for the upcoming season is a
ROPSSAA Championship. The team
would like to thank the administration,
teachers, custodians, support staff, and
especially the parent council members
for their help and support.
Let’s Go!! Lady Wolverines.
Girls Slo-Pitch
Play ball!
The St. Paul Girls’ varsity softball
team finished their season this year
with a record of 3-3.
Congratulations to all members for
showing tremendous heart and spirit
– coaches Baglione, Caldarelli and
Laxton are very proud of you! Team
members are Brianne Awrey, Andrea
Dobson, Jessica Ferkul, Martina
Ferraro, Cassie Garner, Michelle
Marques, Jennifer McDougall, Keri
Merrimen, Emily Porfido, Kathy Romasz, Leslie Skakun, Kaitlyn Straub,
Elizabeth Talmassons, and Gabriella
Thanks to Coach O’Reilly who
showed great initiative in starting up
a floorball team this semester! On
May 21st, the St. Paul floorball team
competed at the 2010 Canada Cup at
York University. Despite this being the
first competition for the team they won
their first game 10-0 against North Albion, tied Moira High School of Belleville 5-5, and in the most anticipated
game of the day tied the Jonskoping
Cobras from Sweden 4-4. An amazing result against a team from Sweden
who has been playing floorball their
entire lives! The boys advanced to the
quarter-finals but lost a heartbreaker to
5-4 to St. James School from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The team and the
coaches had a wonderful day and are
looking forward to OFSAA in the fall.
Junior Girls’ Soccer
Congratulations to the Junior Girls
Soccer Team who won the Silver
Medal in their championship game
against St. Augustine. Patricia Guiszak
scored for the team, but in spite of the
5-1 loss, the team kept their spirits up
and played with heart.
Thanks to all members of the team
who, for the first time in years, had
an undefeated season and made it to
the championship. Thanks also goes
out to the coaching staff: Ms. Bueno,
Mr. McTiernan, Mr. Sanabria, and Mr.
Fernandes. Great job to all!
Outdoor Education
The St. Paul Outdoor Club, enjoyed
their 10 km hike to Crawford Lake
on Saturday June 5th, 2010. Sixteen
hikers joined Ms. Schlarp on a glorious hike.
All of the PHE students, from grades
9-12, had opportunities to experience
the glorious outdoors this year. The
Grades 9 and 10’s, continue to hike the
Bruce Trail, under the expert guidance
of Greg, Vincent, former President of
the Bruce Trail. All Grades 11 and
12’s visited the Silvercreek Outdoor
Education Center. It was amazing to
see just how much they enjoyed this
opportunity to bond with nature and
their peers. It is a shame that many
of our students are truly deprived of
experiencing the outdoors. Next Fall,
we hope to encourage more students to
join the Outdoor Club and hike, snowshoe, and cross-country ski throughout
the year.
Athletic Banquet
Congratulations to the following Athletic Banquet Award Winners:
Flag Football Offensive MVP Kristy
Mlakar Flag Football Defensive MVP
Katherine Curriti Junior boys Volleyball MVP Robert Prelich Sports-
manship Simon Tavares Senior Boys
Volleyball MVP Dillon Ljubicic/
Daniel Ljubicic Varsity Girls Basketball MVP Jenna Veglia MIP Stefania
Viscardi X-Country MVP Lauren
Jansen Sportsmanship Tanner Bloome
Junior Boys Hockey MVP Kane Elliott Sportsmanship Tanner Bloome
Senior Girls Volleyball MVP Tanya
Piitz MIP Kristy Mlakar Senior boys
Basketball MVP Brandon Palmer MIP
Kristian Velkoski Junior Badminton
MVP Kelsey Forestell MIP Kristian
Velkoski Senior Badminton MVP
Leslie Skakun MIP Niamh Burke
Track & Field MVP Lauren Jansa/Michael Kryszajtys Senior Boys Soccer
MVP Joshua Portillo Sportsmanship
Philip DeSousa Varsity Girls Soccer
MVP Stefania Viscardi/Luba Sulypka
Sportsmanship Katherine Curitti Varsity Girls Slo-Pitch MVP Cassie Garner
Sportsmanship Jessica Ferkul Junior
Boys Soccer MVP Zachary Rushe
MIP David Shadrach Boys Baseball
MVP Patrick Litvinskas Sportsmanship Jesse Moser
Female Heart Award Stefania Viscardi
Male Heart Award Cristian Cavallini
Female Athlete of the year Kristy Mlakar Male Athlete of the Year Michael
Said The Spider to the Spy
This year the St. Paul Players presented Said the Spider to the Spy; a very
successful venture, in matinee form on May 25th and on the evenings of
May 26 and 27. Directed by Mr. J.P. Guilherme and Stage Managed by Ms.
M. Gardash, the play involved a fantastic cast of ten. The cast composed of
Amanda Forest (Gussie), Amanda Dobson (Ida), Cole Rundle (Man) Jibar
Mahamoud (Byron), Nelson Converso (Manny), Emily Deluca (Julia), Charlene Wolf (Ruth), Connor Navia (Dexter) and Natalia Macko (Adele) started
rehearsing three times a week at the beginning of February. The hard work
of these students came to fruition in May with a performance that made the
students proud. Said the Spider to the Fly was blessed with a crew that was
very supportive and very committed to delivering a great on-stage product.
St. Paul’s Administration, led by Mr. P. Schmidt and Vice Principals Mr. J.
Dymtrasz and Mr. J. Galea was extremely supportive throughout the process of the staging of this play. Coordinated by Ms. M. McHenry, our feeder
schools were able to see this play on the morning of May 25, and then the
students of St. Paul viewed a matinee preview later that day (organized by
Ms. A. Kelly and Ms. M. Bueno).
With the Dinner Theatre set by Ms. M. Multari and her Food and Nutrition
students, a wonderful evening at the theatre was provided for opening night.
The cast and crew were given a strong audience on the night of the French
Café, an evening organized by Ms J. Bontempo and Mr. Guilherme. Many
students returned to school the next day reporting that this was a hilarious
play. It was.
The two matinee performances had a combined audience of approximately
440 and the two evening performances had an estimated audience of 160.
This means that at least 600 people were entertained by the comings and goings in the confused household that was Said the Spider to the Spy.
The dedication of Mr. T. Brugmans and his creative Comm-Tech students
was superb. Responsible for designing tickets and posters and for producing
a video promo, they delivered a great product. They also filmed the final performance for the school archives.
We had many other dedicated staff volunteers who should be recognized.
Mr. K. Connelly was a tireless worker making sure that the set painting,
doors, hardware all were in perfect accord with the vision of the Director;
Mr. J. Mondelli was once again the person who successfully constructed and
installed the stage set; he (and his construction crew) made the design of the
stage a reality. Although the credit on the programme merely says ‘properties’, the unflappable and ever-supportive and always optimistic Ms. L.
Primier was really our Artistic Director; she was a visionary.
Ms. A. Laxton our Costume Designer extraordinaire managed to make the
students look the part with a budget that was miniscule. Mr. S. Isabella and
his crew managed the House on both evenings with grace and élan. Mr. A.
Tremblay took some great cast head shots, mounted and displayed them in
the front display case. Our Assistant Stage Managers Mr. H. Scozzzaro and
Ms. S. Baglione did great work as effective communicators backstage. Ticket
sales were handled efficiently by Ms. S. Bentivoglio and Ms. A. Romao. The
actual printing and delivery of tickets and posters was kindly arranged by
Ms. E. Vono.
Thank you again to all who participated in this year’s amazing production
by the St. Paul Players. It was a tremendous effort, made worthwhile by
the stellar performances on stage. If you missed this year’s production, you
missed a great event. Make plans to attend next year.
›››Coop Education
Co-op classes. School
does not get much better
than this!
After years of classroom
lessons, students can
earn up to four creditsactually experiencing
what it is like to be out
there in the world of
work. They can practice
their future profession
under the guidance of
true professionals. They
can decide if the career
of their choice really is
for them before spending thousands of dollars
on a college or university
education. They can learn
what it feels like to be
treated with respect as an
adult co-worker.
Apart from letting you
experience a skill co op
teaches maturity, dependability and commitment.
›››Guidance Files
Student Services • ARD • Counseling
Welcome to Spring!
Of course this is always the time of year when we are given the opportunity to replenish ourselves and or turn over a new leaf. In school terms this
may mean that there is still time to improve and to achieve the expectations of the semester. Students who need to use extra school support are
strongly encouraged to seek the after school tutoring sessions.
Where? Library. When? Wednesdays and Thursdays. Time? 2:30 - 3:30
Ramping up for 2010/11
school year.
Due Dates and Reminders
Student Services counselors instructed
students as they entered their course
selections using the new process
through the St. Paul website on-line
Summer School 2010
Gown forms and fees:
Student Services Monday April 19
Students were asked to submit their
selections and make any changes using
the Verification sheets, by March 26.
Thank you to all parents and students
for their support in meeting these
important deadlines and for submitting
the $60.00 fee.
These selections will now be used to
organize the courses for the 2010-2011
Information and Forms are in Student
Services. Students must have a parent/
guardian and guidance counselor sign
their forms. All forms are due before
June 4, 2010.
Final Reminders for Potential Graduates : Class of 2010
Graduation/Commencement Invitations were mailed during the March
Break to all potential graduates for the
class of 2010.
Community Service Hours completed
and submitted by May 28
Final Exams: June 18-24
Graduation Prom: June 23
Graduation Mass and Breakfast:
June 25
Graduation Commencement: June 29
On Behalf Of The Act Now Committee I Would Like To Thank The 70 Students
Who Participated In This Year’s Thinkfast. With Your Help And Generosity We
Were Able To Raise $2000 For Development And Peace.
This year’s theme was “In Unity there is Strength”, which is the motto on the Haitian Flag. We fasted in solidarity with
our brothers and sisters who live in hunger and poverty everyday. Our guest speaker for the event was Dr. Andrew Simone, who came out to speak to our students and our Mississauga East elementary faith ambassadors, even though he was
leaving for Zambia the next day. He was truly a role model to us about what it means to live like Christ. His kindness,
gentleness and ever important message of “feed the hungry, clothe the naked...” made a huge impact on both students and
teachers alike. Thank you to Mr. Finamore and all the teachers who volunteered to help make this event a huge success.
On a personal note, I wanted to say thank you to the community of St. Paul for all the wonderful memories. Next year as
I move on to a new school, I will take with me all the happy moments I have experienced in my 18 years here at St. Paul.
Students learning about and living their faith is
one of our main goals of Catholic education
and I have been blessed to have met, taught and
worked with amazing students in my classes
and through ACT NOW who have taught me
through the example of their lives what true
faith is. I pray that God will continue to be an
important part of all their lives.Thank you especially to Brian Finamore and Elena Vono who
work tirelessly to support the ACT NOW program and will continue to do so in the future.
Ms. Caroline Hastings
›››Bits & Bites
Omnia Cum Corde
Drama Showcase
Looking Ahead
On June 16th, Mr. Guilherme’s Drama
Classes ended their semester with their
traditional, and highly anticipated, presentation showcase.
Grade 9 Orientation............................................................ Wednesday, September 1, 2010
First Day of Classes................................................................Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Thanksgiving Holiday............................................................... Monday, October 11, 2010
Christmas Break............................ December 20, 2010 to December 31, 2010 (inclusive)
Mid Winter Break...................................... March 14, 2011 to March 18, 2011 (inclusive)
The audience was treated to four one act
plays. The plays were intermingled between the junior and senior level classes.
Our audience numbered about seventy
parents and friends for the shows. This
Culminating Task Activity represented a
practical, fun and hands-on approach to
The students began the showcase with The
Empty Chair (Joelle Skaff, Rachel Maclure, Amanda Forest, Jibar Mahamoud,
Kristina Pantarotto, Teresa Nguyen and
Charlene Wolf). This is a short play about
an encounter room in a counseling center
for teenagers recovering from substance
abuse. Sherwood Forest Revisited (Nick
Dinis, Shaun Maiato, Robert Semko,
Elizabeth Talmassons, Laura Freeman and
Juliano Kacaj). The Frog Princess ( Omar
Abbas, Sarah Alves, Nicholas Bialowas,
Brian Borges, Michelle Guerrero, Jessica
Kumah, Maciej Leja, Michael Martins,
Monique Morgan, Chantel Pereira, Amanda Romain, Derek Scarselletta, Andrzej
Zielinski). Roles are revesed in this colouful adaptation of the Russian folk tale.
Queen Natasha is tired and wants to turn
over the throne to one of her three sons.
But which one? Boris, her oldest son, is
mighty and strong, while Casimir, the middle son, is clever with words and young
Sasha is kind, but rather inept. The audience will be charmed with this delightful
and funny tale. Without overly preaching,
this very clever story also teaches that it
pays to be kind to everyone... Not My Cup
of Tea (Victoria Bettencourt, Samantha De
Melo and Joanna Lewandowska). What
happens when two sisters over stay their
welcome at their mother’s house for over
fifteen years? Find out in this hilarious
tale, about how two spinsters try to come
to an agreement with their mother on how
to solve this situation.
Websites and Information
English Excursions
Students and parents are reminded that St.
Paul has a great website with information
on school and community events as well
as connecting websites having to do with
Board-wide functions and policies and
Ministry websites.
There were many theatrical events that St.
Paul students were able to participate in
this year.
There is also information on each Department. If you have found this newsletter,
there is a good chance you are at the St.
Paul website
As well, there are many teachers with a
personal website at TeacherWeb.com. You
are encouraged to visit the TeacherWeb
site and to search for your teacher [http://
On May 17, the St. Paul student choir had
the opportunity to join with over 300 students from schools across Dufferin-Peel in
the 3rd annual Vocal Festival at St. Roch
Catholic Secondary School. All members were able to participate in powerful
sectional workshops and a final mass choir
performance, directed by Dr. Gerard Yun,
from Wilfred Laurier University. It was
an exciting and enriching day, filled with
music and laughter! Thank you to all who
The choir will be finishing the year by
preparing for the closing school mass,
graduation mass and graduation ceremony.
Thank you everyone for another year full
of beautiful music!
There are early plans for trips to Stratford
next year. At this time, there are plans by
Mrs. Bentivoglio and Mrs. Romao to take
students to see Kiss Me Kate (October 6)
and to see Evita (October 19). Stay tuned
for announcements in the early days of
Semester 1, next year.
Studio30 Goes HD
On Thursday, June 10, Studio30 unveiled
it’s newly updated studio and began broadcasting the morning news in HD.
Students in the Broadcasting High Skills
Major have already been shooting and
editing all of their ENG/EFP productions
in HD since last year, and putting this final
piece of the puzzle in place was a natural
part of the course’s evolution.
The upgrade, which was made possible in
a large part by the board’s Program Department, included 3 new studio cameras,
control units, switchers, monitors, to name
just a few of the items.
Thanks should
also be extended
to Hamilton
Audio Visual who
worked late into
the evening on June
9 to make sure we
were back up and
running after a
week of disassembly and