Descent into WWI & Crisis in the European Order Chapter 28 Pg. 647-656


Descent into WWI & Crisis in the European Order

Chapter 28 Pg. 647-656

Coming of the Great War

Long March to War 

(long-term causes)

Remember the “MAIN” causes –Militarism: –Alliance systems: –Imperialism: –Nationalism:

Outbreak of War

(the short-term causes)

 Balkans represent broader themes of Europe  Alliances turn regional conflict into European conflict  British entry turns conflict global

A World at War

The War in Europe

(Western Front)

 New weaponry creates losses in the millions  Schlieffen plan – fails & war quickly turns into a stalemate – Aided by use of trench warfare

The War in the East & Italy

(Eastern Front)

 Russia – Diverts German resources while suffering huge losses – Crisis of leadership led overthrow of Tsar  Austria-Hungary – Multiethnic armies required German reinforcement to hold off Russia – Successful “high-ground” position led to disaster in Italy

Home Fronts in Europe

 Major disconnect b/t soldiers & civilians  “Total war” effort  Sped up developments already in place – Social & labor unrest – Women’s roles

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War Outside Europe

 Colonies did much to create global war – Supplies, raw materials, soldiers, labor  Japan – Made imperialist claims (Europe distracted) – Foreshadowed WWII

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War Outside Europe

 Ottomans – Continued German military advice – Fend off British in Gallipoli & threaten Suez – Blame of losses led to Armenian Genocide  U.S.

– Drawn into war adding industrial & military power

Endgame: Offensive Warfare

 Bolshevik Revolution pulls Russia out → one front war  Central powers quickly break down – Fuels anti-Semitism  Stark realities of war hit – Casualties in the millions – Damaged economies – Nationalistic fervor broken → Circumstances ripe for Great Depression & authoritarian governments in the 1930s

Failed Peace

 Peace talks dominated by the “Big 3” – Motivated by losses & revenge  Self-determination was clear theme  Outcome – Versailles = colossal failure – League of Nations