Sean Kade


Sean Kade

  The average rise of temperature on earth. This includes the oceans and atmosphere   Also called the “greenhouse” effect The “greenhouse” effect are the gasses that cannot escape from the ozone layer.

Greenhouse Gasses Deforestation GLOBAL WARMING CROP CHEMICALS Our CO2 Emissions

   Use cleaner ways of transportation( electric cars, hydrogen cars) Use other energy sources ( wind, solar, water) Restrict the carbon footprint of factories and cars

     Polar ice caps melt making a smaller environment for polar bears. Can alter food cycles causing food shortages. Pollution in our water and air. Increased storm activity Some animals that are affected could become extinct

   Temperatures will rise! The air will not be clean. Another ice age could come.

   Our Earth Stop Global Warming Green Peace

   Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 Humans constantly pour carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a dangerous rate. Methane is the most common Greenhouse Gas

   Global temperatures are rising at a rapid rate The last 100 years humans have released more C02 in the atmosphere C02 is the most common greenhouse gas.