Mrs. Eckert’s Health Final Exam Review Chapter 1 Infectious diseases

Mrs. Eckert’s Health Final Exam Review
Chapter 1
Infectious diseases
Lifestyle diseases
Risk factors
Controllable vs. uncontrollable risk factors
6 health risk behaviors
6 components of Health: social, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental
Causes of death in the U.S. 15-24 age group and total population – how have they
changed in the last 100 years and why?
Chapter 3
Self esteem
Self concept
Self ideal
Mental health
Listening skills
Passive, aggressive, assertive communication
“I” and “you” statements
Mental disorders (p.71 chart)
Anxiety disorders
Help for mental disorders
Chapter 4
Stress, stressor (environmental, biological, thinking, behavioral, life changing)
Fight or flight response, epinephrine
Eustress, distress
Resiliency, Suicide warning signs and risk factors, Stages of grieving/loss
Chapter 5
Violence, bullying, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault,
Sexual abuse, rape
Chapter 6
Nutrition, nutrients, carbohydrates (simple/complex), fats(saturated/unsaturated), trans
fats, proteins (complete/incomplete), cholesterol (LDL/HDL), vitamins (water soluble/fat
soluble), minerals
Calories (how many in each nutrient)
What is fiber, why is it necessary? Hypertension, atherosclerosis
What percentage of each nutrient is it recommended that we have each day?
Chapter 8
Overweight, obese
Short term and long term risks of poor nutrition
Body image, fad diet, eating disorders (204-205)
Food and digestion problems
Chapter 9
Drug, medicine, OTC, side effect, drug of abuse, prescription, psychoactive, generic
medicine, active ingredient, drug interactions, tolerance, addiction, physical dependence,
withdrawal, recovery
Chapter 10
Alcohol, intoxication, effects long term and short term of alcohol, blood alcohol
concentration, binge drinking, cirrhosis, alcohol abuse, alcoholism, enabling,
codependency, fetal alcohol syndrome, Al- Anon, Alateen, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Refusal skills
Chapter 11
Nicotine, carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, long term and short term effects of tobacco
on the body, addiction, emphysema, cancer, chronic bronchitis, heart and artery disease,
immune system suppression, effects of smoke on nonsmokers
Chapter 12
Types of illegal drugs, categories, effects, dangers and overdose signs, addiction,
recovery, intervention, relapse
Chapter 13
Infectious diseases, pathogens, treatment, how are diseases spread, antibiotics and
resistance, inflammation response, infection, vaccination, lymphatic system, symptoms
Common bacterial and viral diseases
Chapter 14
Lifestyle diseases, controllable and uncontrollable risk factors, cardiovascular diseases,
cancer, benign and malignant tumors, metastasis, diabetes, type I and II diabetes, insulin,
diabetic coma, preventing lifestyle diseases
Chapter 18
Reproductive organs and their functions
Prostate cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer
Chapters 19-21
Abstinence, sexually transmitted disease (STD), protective factors and risk factors
regarding sexual activity, asymptomatic, common bacterial and viral STDs,
transmission, symptoms, long term effects and treatment of STDs, HIV, AIDS,
opportunistic infection, asymptomatic stage of HIV, phase I, II and III of HIV,
prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS