January 2015 Newsletter
the sacrament of First Reconciliation on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
First Communion on Sunday, April 19, 2015
at 12:00 pm at St. Jerome’s Parish.
Pauline Vanier
Catholic School
56 Oaklea Blvd,
Ontario, L6Y 4W7
Fax: 905-455-3406
I. Maas
L. Papaloni
A. daSilva
D. D’Souza
Head Secretary:
T. Winckler
St. Jerome’s
Chinguacousy Rd.
Fax: 905-450-6326
Website: http//
Pastor: Fr. Jan
School Council
K. LaNave
Professional Activity Days
Epiphany Prayer
Lord Jesus,
As you led the Three Kings to You by
the light of the star, please draw us ever
closer to You by the light of the Faith.
Help us to desire You as ardently as
they did. Give us the grace to overcome
all obstacles that keep us far from You.
May we, like them, have something to
give You when we appear before You.
Mary, Our Mother, help us to know
Your Son.
Grade 8 Confirmation Enrollment
Enrollment for students registered to receive the sacrament of confirmation will
take place the weekend of January 10 and
11, 2015 at all masses. Students will be
called to the altar during the mass as part of
the enrollment.
Grade 2 First Communion Enrollment
Enrollment for students registered to receive the sacrament of first communion
will take place the weekend of January 24
and 25 at all masses. Students will be called
to the altar during the mass as part of the
On Monday, January 19th, 2015 staff will be
involved in assessment and evaluation activities. There is no school for students on
this day.
On Friday, February 6th, 2015 staff will be
spending the school day conducting
Parent/Student/Teachers interviews. There
is no school for students on this day.
Reporting Periods
Report cards for the first term for grades 1-8
will go home on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences for
students in all grades (including Kindergarten) will take place on the evening of Thursday, February 5th and during the day on
Friday, February 6th. More information
regarding the conferences will be sent home
during the week of January 19th 2015.
Full-Day Kindergarten Registration for
Registration for the 2015-16 school year will
be held at Pauline Vanier on the following
Monday, January 26, 2015 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.*
*Snow Date: Tuesday, January, 27, 2015- 7:00
p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday,
January 28th, 29th and 30th , 2015
9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Sacrament Dates for Grade 2 Students
Our Grade 2 students who have already
registered at St. Jerome’s Parish will receive
Year One -Children must be 4 years old by
December 31,2015
Year Two- Children must be 5 years old by
December 31, 2015
Learning and Growing Together with God
Parents/Guardians should bring the following documents
when registering their child:
proof of age of the child (birth certificate or passport)
original Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (for
parent/guardian and/or child) or Baptismal Certificate of other rites in communion with the Holy See
of Rome
updated immunization records
proof of Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant status
NEW- 2 items that prove home address (utility
bill, property tax bill, real estate document (i.e.
purchase and sale agreement or a rental agreement)
for schools in Caledon and Dufferin County: emergency rural address numbers for identifying your
proof of English Separate School Support (may be
Transportation Information
In the November and December newsletters information
about media outlets who would be announcing school bus
cancellations and school closures was included. If you
would like to receive another copy please contact the office.
If you have access to the internet you may check the Student Transportation of Peel Region (STOPR) website for
cancellation and/or to see if your child(ren)’s bus is delayed
and by how long it is delayed.
The STOPR website is
done at the time of registration by completing an Application For the Direction of School Support and/or a Separate
School Lease Agreement available at the school)
Students currently in Year One (JK) do not need to register for
Year Two (SK)
For more information, call Pauline Vanier at 905-455-1001
Kiss & Ride
We would like to thank those who have been using the
Pauline Vanier “Kiss and Ride Program”. However, in order for it to continue to run smoothly and safely both before and after school for all our students, everyone needs to
follow the same procedure:
Extended French Information Meeting
St. Monica will be hosting an Extended French Program
Information meeting for parents/guardians of Grade Four
students who wish to register for the program. The extended French Program starts in Grade Five, with students receiving 50% of curriculum instruction in the French Language. Parents are encouraged to speak to your child’s
classroom teacher and French teacher to discuss the suitability of this opportunity for your child.
Interested parents and students are invited to this presentation on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 at 7 pm at St. Monica School (60 Sterritt Drive, Brampton L6Y 5B6). Applications will be accepted at St. Monica until 3:00 pm on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015.
1. Students are expected to exit the vehicle when the vehicle reaches the front of the Kiss & Ride line where a staff
member is on duty.
2. In order to ensure the safety of your children, please
only let your children get out on the right hand side of the
vehicle. Please never allow them to exit on the left side of
the vehicle, as it is the designated drive thru lane.
3. Never drive or park in the bus lane at the front of the
school. This is reserved for busses.
4. During Dismissal Kiss & Ride students will be waiting
near the Kindergarten fence and will be escorted by staff to
the car at the front of the line.
5. If you need to walk your child to school or you need to
stop at the office, please park in the parking lot or on the
street if it is allowed. DO NOT PARK in the “Kiss And
Ride” lane or the PLASP Daycare parking lot. We appreciate your co-operation in following these procedures.
Your child(ren)’s safety is our main concern.
Dressing for the Weather
Just a gentle reminder that students should be continuing
to dress warmly for outdoor recesses. Health officials indicate that the fresh air is good for children, not harmful, as
long as children are dressed appropriately.
Except when the weather is extremely cold or wet, the students will be going outside during the recess and lunch
periods. The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
policy states that consideration should be given for keeping
students indoors during recesses when the wind chill
reaches –20C. At –25C students will be kept indoors.
Playing outdoors is a pleasant and healthy activity when
students are wearing suitable clothing.
Snow Stays on the Ground
As the winter weather begins, students are reminded that
“Snow is not to be thrown or kicked.”. Every child in the
school was made aware of the importance of this rule in
preventing injury to others. Please assist us by reviewing
with your child the dangers of throwing snowballs and the
importance of preventing injury to other children. If your
child throws/kicks snowballs or snow they will receive a
‘snowball’ letter and we ask that you review it with your
child, sign it and return it to the school the next day. Together we will continue to create a school yard which is
safer for all during winter.
The Snow Fort Code of Ethics is as follows:
At Pauline Vanier, we enjoy building snow forts and structures. We will abide by the following agreements:
 We do not destroy snow forts/structures. This agreement is in effect during and after school hours.
 Everyone who builds a fort/structure has to agree to
changing it or breaking it down.
 We need an invitation to go into a snow fort.
 We do not take snow blocks from other group’s structure unless we have their permission.
 We do not take over other group’s snow
Student Illness—Staying in During Recess
Students who are ill should be kept home where they are
most comfortable and can get better, sooner. A child who
is too ill to go out for recess is too ill to be at school. Your
co-operation to keep your child home when he/she is ill is
Storage/ Administration of Medication
If your child requires medication please have all pertinent
forms completed and returned with the prescribed medication to the office as soon as possible. A reminder that children are not allowed to keep any medication in their desk,
backpack or classroom (with the exception of an epi-pen
and inhalers if reactions are severe). All dispensing of prescribed medication requires medical permission and must
be stored in the office.
Reporting Student Absences
Snow Fort/Structure Code of Ethics
As in the past, we ask that you call the school on the morning or afternoon that your child is absent or late. This measure is to ensure the safety of your child. Our phone number
is 905-455-1001. You can also leave a message on our answering machine at any time during the day or night.
Students who leave early must be signed in and out at the
office by a parent or with written notification.
At Pauline Vanier we encourage students to spend their
Dry Clothing Reminder
recess breaks engaged in healthy, safe, and productive activities. Students typically spend time engaged in a variety
We ask that students keep an extra pair of mittens, pants
of activities including the building of snow structures or
and socks in their backpacks or at school in case the items
forts during the winter months. In response to concerns
they were wearing have become wet.
evolving from the building of these structures we will be
continuing to implement a ‘Snow Fort Code of Ethics’. The
code is intended to serve as an on-going reminder to all
students to continue to value and respect the efforts of others and sets clear guidelines around these structures so students can continue to enjoy recesses building snow forts.
Personal Electronic Devices
Catch the Spirit…Pass It On! YFA Update
We would like to remind parents and students of the
Dufferin-Peel Personal Electronic Devices policy which
To promote respect for the dignity of all members of our school
community and to enhance student achievement and safety, the
use of a PED is strictly prohibited in the school (including portables) or during school related activities (such as retreats, field
trips, sports events, etc.).
Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation
of the PED and/or disciplinary action as outlined in the Catholic
Code of Conduct 2001. The school and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic
District School Board assume no responsibility for the loss, recovery, repair or replacement for any PED brought onto school
It is the policy of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
that PEDs are to be kept out-of-sight, turned off and not used
within school premises or during school sanctioned events. To
prevent the loss or damage of PEDs, the school encourages students to leave their PEDs at home.
The Youth Faith Ambassadors have been very busy since
September. They began the year with presentations in
classrooms revolving around the Virtue of Empathy. They
are actively involved in preparations for school masses. In
November, they facilitated the fall food drive for the
Knights of Columbus. In December, the library looked like
Santa’s workshop as the YFA’s coordinated the Candy
Grams for Share Life for the entire school. We raised
$427.00. Thank you for all your support. On January 8 th,
our grade 7 and 8 YFA’s participated in the Youth Faith
Ambassador Commissioning Mass. All YFA members are
busy preparing for Spirit Week which takes place at the
end of January. Watch for other exciting YFA events and
activities to come.
Eco News from the Green Ninjas
January Virtue of the Month is SELF CONTROL
Happy New Year Pauline Vanier! The Green Ninja's are
eager to start the new year off by letting everyone know
that we will be beginning our Eco challenges at the end of
January. We are in the process of making posters and preparing our presentations to inform our school community
about the initiatives we would like to start monitoring in
every class. We will be continuing our Ban the Bottle Mondays, Lights Off Tuesdays, Wasteless Wednesdays and finally Recyclable Thursdays. In addition to all of these initiatives, we would like to remind everyone that we will be
monitoring the lights out at lunch as well. We must be conscious of how we are using our energy. Don't be an energy
HOG! We will be watching for the most Eco-Friendly class
for the 2014-15 year. We look forward to doing our part in
helping us maintain our Silver status, however, we are
hoping we can all work together and go for GOLD!
God has given us the ability to choose. We are able to control how we react to what happens around us. We’ve all
“lost it” at one time or another. We are never proud of
those moments. As soon as they happen we make a promise that they will not happen again. Through prayer and
concentration, we can get better at controlling our reactions. We can get better at showing self control. When we
all use self-control, we can be sure that our school will be a
safe, caring, and inclusive place to live and learn.
A person with Self-Control:
 Is patient
 Knows how to wait his/her turn
 Can calm him/herself down and think before reacting
to situations
 Knows how to avoid physical aggression
 Can think things through and do what is best for
Bullying Prevention Corner– Conflict is Inevitable;
Bullying is Not
Dates to Remember
Tuesday, Jan. 13
The key message in January is “conflict is inevitable, bully- Wednesday, Jan. 14
ing is not.” Through daily announcements and lessons
students will be given the opportunity to learn how to
differentiate bullying from daily conflict situations everyone faces. Everyone faces conflict in daily life and through
it can learn to negotiate and build relationships. Bullying is
a form of violence that leaves no room for negotiation and
seeks to tear others down rather than build relationships.
Tips for parents:
-help your children apply the definition of bullying to determine if a situation is bullying or conflict
Does one person have more power than the other? Is the behaviour intentional/on purpose? Does it keep happening?
(Answering yes to these questions indicates bullying; answering
no indicates conflict)
-use teachable moments and “what if” scenarios with your
child to help them differentiate bullying and conflict
-talk to your children about the difference between being
passive, aggressive or assertive
Catholic School Council –Parent Reaching Out Grant
Please join us Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 6:45 pm in the
school gym for Brain Gym. This is a free event for families
and is being sponsored by our Catholic School Council and
the Ministry of Education. Brain Gym is a series of movements and exercises that are designed to enhance learning
abilities and reduce stress. The movements, which are designed to integrate mind and body, can bring about improvements in concentration, memory, reading, writing,
organizing, listening and physical co-ordination.
Brain Gym is a powerful tool for parents and teachers to
help their child(ren) through movements of frustration and
discouragement, not just in relation to school work, but life
in general. We hope to see you there.
Catholic School Council Meeting
The next Catholic School Council Meeting will be held on
Monday, February 2, 2015 at 6:45p.m. in the library. As
always, ALL parents are welcome to attend the meeting.
-Pizza Lunch
-Extended French Meeting 7pm at
St. Monica’s 7pm
Thursday, Jan. 15
-Lunch Moms
Monday, Jan. 19
-Evaluating and Reporting Day for
teachers (no school for students)
Tuesday, Jan. 20
-Pizza Lunch
-Mrs. Venalainen and Ms. Sousa class
at Brampton Library at South Fletchers
-Term Two begins
Thursday, Jan. 22
-Hot Lunch
-Interview requests go home today
Monday, Jan. 26
-Spirit Week: Jersey Day
-Kindergarten Registration 7-9 pm
-See Hear Visits
Tuesday, Jan. 27
-Spirit Week: Crazy Hair Day
-Brain Gym Presentation for students
and staff
-Brain Gym presentation for families at
6:45 pm in the school gym
-Pizza Lunch
-Snow Day for Kindergarten
Registration 7-9 pm (if needed)
Wednesday, Jan. 28
-Spirit Week: Super Hero Day
-Kindergarten Registration 9-11 am
and 1-3 pm
-Pizza Orders due
Thursday, Jan. 29
-Spirit Week: Hat Day
-Kindergarten Registration 9-11 am
and 1-3 pm
Friday, Jan. 30
-Spirit Week: Fun–in the–Sun Day
-Kindergarten Registration 9-11 am
and 1-3 pm
Monday, Feb. 2
Catholic School Council meeting at
6:45 pm in the library
Tuesday, Feb. 3
-Report Cards go home today for
Grades 1-8
-Pizza Lunch
Wednesday, Feb. 4
-Rosary Apostolate
-Book Fair Browsing
Thursday, Feb. 5
-Hot Lunch
-Mrs. Margi Class to Silvercreek
-National Sweater Day
-Interview Evening
-Book Fair Buying pm and evening
Friday, Feb. 6
-Interview Day (no school for
-Book Fair buying am only
Monday, Feb. 9
-Fit Kids Presentation from Brampton
Parks and Recreation Grades 1-4
Thursday, Feb. 12
-Lockdown Practice
Friday, Feb. 13
-Fundraising Dance-A-Thon
Monday, Feb. 16
-Family Day (no school)
Peel Regional Police Cyber Academy Flyer
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