Prayer for a New School Year

September 2013 Newsletter
Prayer for a New School Year
Pauline Vanier
Catholic School
56 Oaklea Blvd,
Brampton, Ontario,
L6Y 4W7
Phone: 905-455-1001
Fax: 905-455-3406
I. Maas
L. Papaloni
A. daSilva
Head Secretary:
T. Winckler
St. Jerome’s Parish
8530 Chinguacousy
Rd. Brampton
Fax: 905-450-6326
Website: http//
Pastor: Fr. Jan
School Council Chair
A. Virostek
God Our Father,
We celebrate a new beginning today
A beginning that reflects our history, actions
of our present, and gives hope for our future.
We have worked hard to use these gifts you
have given us,
To learn and discover, to understand and appreciate this world you have given us.
Now, as we continue our journey,
We ask that you help us to continue our journey.
We ask that you help us to continue to grow
and learn,
So that we will become the best that we can
Principal’s Message It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome both new and returning stu‐
dents, staff, and families to Pauline Vanier school. Staff members have been working hard in preparation for our school opening. Thank you to the staff who have been preparing their classrooms. Thank you to our head custodian, Mr. Vocci and Mr. D’Souza and Mr. Musoke the two other members of our custodial team, for making the building fresh, clean and ready for our students. On behalf of the staff, we would like to thank the students and their parents for their cooperation during the first week of school. We will continue to encourage a coopera‐
tive partnership between home, school and parish to promote positive learning experi‐
ences for our students. We have a very active Catholic School Council at Pauline Vanier and you are en‐
couraged to join the council, volunteer or attend the meetings throughout the school year. I wish everyone a very successful 2013—2014 school year. Our staff is com‐
mitted to working with our parents, parish and community partners as they support the children in their quest for knowledge and spiritual development. May God bless each of you. School Board Administration The Director of Education for the Dufferin‐
Peel Catholic District School Board is Mr. J. Kostoff and the Associated Directors are Mrs. S. McWatters and Mr. J. Hrajnik. The Superintendent of Schools for the Missis‐
sauga Brampton Central Family of Schools is Mrs. L Papaloni. All of these administra‐
tors can be reached at: The Catholic Education Centre 40 Matheson Blvd. West Mississauga, Ontario L5R 1C5 (905) 890‐1221 Area Trustee Our Area Trustee on the Dufferin‐Peel Catholic District School Board is Mrs. Anna da Silva. She can be reached at 890‐0708 or [email protected] School Enrolment As each school year begins, reorganization of classes due to enrolment may be a con‐
sideration. If we must reorganize classes, please be assured that we will do so with the interest of your child(ren) foremost in our minds. We will inform you in the event that any class reorganization is required. Your patience and co‐operation is appreci‐
ated. Learning and Growing Together with God
Combined Grades – Did You Know? A combined grade class is comprised of students from two consecutive grades. Combined classes are a reality in the Dufferin‐Peel Catholic District School Board, as with all schools in Ontario and have been an educational reality dating back to the “one room school house”. Teachers of all classes, single or combined grade, strive to meet the range of individual needs. This is achieved through the implementation of varied teaching and assessment strate‐
gies and working with students in a variety of groupings. Teaching strategies and groupings are chosen as appropri‐
ate to the learning styles of the students in the class. P.A. Day Friday, September 13, 2013 This is dedicated for meetings to organize, reorganize and plan. There will be no classes for students on this day. Catholic School Council Election Information Parents interested in seeking election should adhere to the following timelines:  Self Nomination forms can be picked up at the school office or call the school and one will be sent with your child from– Friday, Sept.6. ‐ Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013  Completed Self‐Nomination Forms must be received in the office by Thursday, September 19, 2013 at noon.  Catholic School Council Election (if necessary) is on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 in our school library.  First Council mtg. will be on Monday, September 30th 2013 at 6:30 p.m in the library. Please note that if you are interested in being a member of the Catholic School Council, legislation makes it manda‐
tory that everyone submits to a Criminal Check. Criminal Check Application Forms can be picked up at the school, but must be dropped off at Peel Police station. If however, you have a Criminal Reference Check on file at the school then you do not need a new one but will need to sign a Criminal Offence Declaration Waiver. Thank you for considering this opportunity to get involved in the Pauline Vanier Catholic Elementary School Council. Catholic School Council: Election Committee We are currently seeking volunteers to be part of an ad hoc election committee. In order to be part of this committee you can not be running in the election. If you are interested please contact the school before Sept.13, 2013. Open House The Meet the Teacher Open House will be held on Tues‐
day, September 17, 2013. Staff from grades Kindergarten to Grade 8 will be in their classrooms from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and we are hoping that between that time you are able to drop in and meet the teacher (s) and tour the classroom(s) and the school. Some of our Catholic School Council members will also be avail‐
able to answer questions about the Pauline Vanier Catholic School Council. We hope you are able to join us at any time between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. Hope to see you then. Terry Fox Run September is a time when we remember a Canadian hero, Terry Fox. Starting on Monday, Sept 23 to Friday, Septem‐
ber 27, 2013 students and staff will also have an opportu‐
nity to remember and/or learn about Terry Fox and his courageous fight against cancer. On Friday, September 27th students will participate in a walk/run to raise money for cancer research. The length of the route is dependent on the age of the student. Parents with a current Criminal Refer‐
ence Check are welcome to assist with supervision at this event. School Hours JK‐SKam 8:40am—11:10am JK‐SKpm 12:40pm—3:10pm The school hours for students in grades 1‐8 are as follows: 8:40am Morning classes begin 10:43am Recess 11:40am—12:40pm Lunch 2:03p.m. Recess 3:10 pm Classes dismissed Lunch Hour During the lunch hour all students who stay for lunch are expected to remain at school, and all students who go home for lunch are expected to go home every day. If there is a change in the regular lunch hour procedure for your child, parents/guardians are asked to provide the teacher with a note explaining the change. A form was sent home earlier this week in regards to your child’s lunch time ar‐
rangements. Please complete, sign and return this form to the school as soon as possible. If you are dropping off a lunch for your child, we ask that you label and drop it off at the “Lunch drop off table” in the front foyer. Students will be allowed to come down to the foyer and pick up their lunch at 11:40 am. Reporting Student Absences As in the past, we ask that you call the school on the morn‐
ing or afternoon that your child is absent or late. This meas‐
ure is to ensure the safety of your child. Students who leave early must be signed in and out at the office by a parent or with written notification. Security A reminder that all visitors INCLUDING PARENTS must come into the office, sign in and pick up a visitor’s badge when on a prearranged visit. Anyone not wearing an iden‐
tification badge will be asked to return to the office imme‐
diately. This procedure will help students and staff recog‐
nize visitors to our school. For the safety and security of your children ONLY staff and assigned supervisors are allowed in the school yard during all recesses. Parents are kindly asked to NOT go into the students’ play yard at the back of school during recess and lunch recess. If you need to speak to your child during a recess, arrangements can be made in the front of‐
fice. We thank you for your co‐operation in supporting the safe environment of our school. Storage/Administration of Medication Parents are responsible for ensuring that all medication and forms are updated annually. If your child requires prescription or non prescription medication please have all pertinent forms completed and returned with the medica‐
tion to the office as soon as possible. A reminder that chil‐
dren are not allowed to keep any medication in their desk, backpack or classroom (with the exception of an epi‐pen if allergies are severe). All dispensing of medication requires medical permission and must be stored in the office or with a staff member if your child is on a school trip. Anaphylactic Shock We felt that all parents would like to be aware that there are several pupils in school with a severe life‐threatening food allergy (anaphylaxis) to peanuts and nuts and other food products. This is a medical condition that causes a severe reaction to certain allergens and can result in death within minutes. Although this may or may not affect your child’s class directly, please send lunches and snacks with your child to school that are free from peanuts or nut prod‐
ucts. The list of foods that cause a severe allergic reaction to are quite diverse and for this reason parents and guardi‐
ans are asked to not send food in for birthdays, special days or holidays. Any food or food product brought in with the intention to share will be returned with your child. Thank you for your understanding and co‐operation. Reporting Head Injuries Even when it appears to be insignificant, we aim to inform parents of all reported head injuries at school. We do this in recognition of the potential danger of any injury involv‐
ing the head area. Our intent is not to alarm you, but to keep you informed. Please remind your child to let a staff member know if they bump their head or if they get hurt at school. Student Accident Insurance As required by the Education Act and the Ministry of Edu‐
cation, the Dufferin‐Peel Catholic District School Board annually provides parents with information about cost‐
effective student accident insurance. Although enrolment is voluntary, the board encourages parents to take advantage of the inexpensive insurance coverage, especially if their child/children participate in sports, excursions/field trips, or, if parents do not have dental insurance coverage. There are two options for enrolment: 1) Complete the traditional form and mail it in. 2)Apply online at Parents alone have the right to insure their children. Student Accident Insurance forms were sent home with each student. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, please return the application form to the company. If you did not receive an application form please contact the school as soon as possible. Fire Drills/Lock Down Procedures In accordance with Ministry regulations, three fire drills will be conducted in the fall and three in the spring per school year. While we hope that a real fire situation never arises, this practice helps prepare students in the event of a real fire. In addition, our School Board has established lockdown procedures should a high risk incident involving weapons occur in the school, or on school property, that could endanger the lives and safety of students and staff. We will practice the Emergency Lockdown Procedure with students two times during the school year and review it periodically. Emergency Contact/Student Verification Sheet Please ensure the school has updated information with regards to emergency contacts and phone numbers. A pur‐
ple coloured Student Verification Sheet for each child was sent home. All sheets should be returned to your child’s teacher as soon as possible with updated information writ‐
ten on the verification sheet and outdated information crossed out. Pick‐up and Drop‐off Policy To ensure school security for students and teachers, the Board policy requires that all visitors (including parents) must report to the office. Parents or designated individuals are required to sign children in at the office when bringing them to school late and must also sign them out at the of‐
fice when withdrawing them from school before regular dismissal time. Early Pick‐up of Children From time to time it is necessary for you to pick up your child/children early. We ask that you send a note to the teacher when possible so that they can prepare any work that they might miss. This will also allow for minimal dis‐
ruption in the class upon leaving. When it is time for your child to be picked up please come into the office and advise us, we will then call the child/children from their classes. Please do not under any circumstances go directly to their classroom. This is for the safety of all the students in the school. Your co‐operation in this matter is greatly appreci‐
ated. Transportation We would like to thank everyone for your co‐operation regarding transportation for our school. Our school cur‐
rently has 5 school buses in the am and pm. We are cur‐
rently selecting 2 student bus patrollers for every bus and the successful candidates will be attending a half day train‐
ing at the Peel Safety Village on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. We ask that you please review the following bus safety rules with your child(ren):  Follow all directions from the driver, especially when getting on and off the bus  Go directly to a seat and stay seated until let off the bus  Keep all belongings inside the bus  Sit quietly at all times. Speak only in conversational tones.  No eating on the bus  Do not speak with the bus driver while the bus is in operation, unless necessary.  Students must use the bus to which they are assigned. They are not to switch buses unless it is an emergency and this has been arranged through the office. When improper conduct is reported by the bus driver:  the bus driver will issue a pink slip  on the first occasion, an administrator will speak to the student  On the second occasion, a letter and/or phone call will be made to the parent  On the third occasion, the school administration will restrict bus privileges  Forms kept in a log book are used to record all inci‐
dents of misconduct on the buses  Bus drivers are also to report any serious incidents where a student could be suspended to the administra‐
tion using a Safe School Incident Reporting Form Crossing Guards Students are reminded to take advantage of the crossing guards in the neighborhood and obey all road safety rules. Kiss & Ride We would like to thank those who have been using the Pauline Vanier“Kiss and Ride Program”. However, in or‐
der for it to continue to run smoothly and safely both be‐
fore and after school for all our students, everyone needs to follow the same procedure: 1. Students are expected to exit the vehicle when the vehi‐
cle reaches the front of the Kiss & Ride line where a staff member is on duty. 2. In order to ensure the safety of your children, please only let your children get out on the right hand side of the vehicle. Please never allow them to exit on the left side of the vehicle, as it is the designated drive thru lane. 3. Never drive or park in the bus lane at the front of the school. This is reserved for busses. 4. During Dismissal Kiss & Ride students will be waiting near the Kindergarten fence and will be escorted by staff to the car at the front of the line. 5. If you need to walk your child to school or you need to stop at the office, please park in the parking lot or on the street if it is allowed. DO NOT PARK in the “Kiss And Ride” lane or the PLASP Daycare parking lot We appreci‐
ate your co‐operation in following these procedures. Your child(ren)’s safety is our main concern. Valuables Please help us to protect your child’s valuables by keeping them at home. Staff cannot be responsible for any valuables that your child brings to school. In order to avoid valuables being lost or misplaced please keep them at home. Lunchtime Supervisor Textbooks School textbooks are school property and are loaned to the We are accepting applications for supply lunchtime super‐
students annually. The expectation is that textbooks will visors. This is a paid position. The successful candidates be returned at the end of the school year. Students are re‐ come in for approximately 1 hour over the lunch hour. The sponsible for these textbooks and will be asked to pay if position involves supervising the students in various class‐
these books go missing or have been vandalized. rooms for twenty minutes and then supervising the school‐
yard for 40 minutes. You will be required to complete a School Agendas Criminal Reference Check. If you are interested, please pick up an application form at the office. School agendas have been ordered for students from Grade 1 to 8. These agendas will assist with organization, time management and home‐school‐parish communication. There is a plastic sleeve at the front of the agenda for carry‐
ing important notes, forms, Catholic School Council infor‐
mation and school newsletters. Please take the time to review your child’s agenda each Picture Day evening and especially at the beginning of the year, please review the safety reminders and faith formation informa‐ tion you will find in the agenda. Picture Day will be on Thursday, September 26th 2013. Agenda will be sold for $5.00 for students in Grade 1‐8 and (Please note the date change. On some class corresspon‐
$1.00 for Kindergarten Booklets. dance an earlier date was printed. Upcoming Dates Communication Friday, Sept. 13 ‐PA Day ( no classes) Tuesday, Sept. 17 ‐Open House 6:30‐7:30pm Open communication between home and school is very Wednesday, Sept. 18 ‐Bus Patroller Training Day at important. Although we will be reporting to you formally Peel Safety Village during the school year, please do not hesitate to contact us Thursday, Sept. 19 ‐Fall Clinic for Hepatitis B at any time if you have questions or concerns. A phone call (Gr. 7) on the onset of a concern usually resolves itself before it HPV( Gr. 8 Females) becomes a problem. On our part, if we have any concerns ‐CSC Nominations due in the about your child, we will also contact you at the earliest office by noon ‐Terry Fox Kick Off Monday, Sept. 23 opportunity. ‐Girls Soccer Tournament at Dixie Rd. and Highway 407 September’s Virtue of the Month is Faith Tuesday, Sept. 24 ‐Rain date Girls Soccer Tour. ‐Catholic School Council A virtue is a habit or established capacity to perform good Election (if needed) actions according to a moral standard. A Catholic School is Wednesday, Sept. 25 ‐Boys Soccer Tournament at an ideal place to practice and prepare to live a virtuous life. Dixie Rd. and Highway 407 When we demonstrate these virtues, we are making the Thursday, Sept. 26 ‐School Photo Day presence of God visible in the world around us. We are ‐Rain date Boys Soccer Tour. ‐Terry Fox Run contributing to nurturing a loving, peaceful environment, Friday, Sept. 27 Monday, Sept. 30 ‐Catholic School Council free of discrimination and bullying. This month, we will Meeting 6:30 pm in the focus on the virtue of FAITH. school library FAITH is an attitude, which encourages us to involve God Friday, Oct. 11 ‐PA Day (no classes) in our lives and helps us develop and maintain our rela‐
Monday, Oct. 14 ‐Thanksgiving Monday tionships with God and with others, when things are going Friday, Oct. 25 ‐Progress Reports send home well and when they are not. Inserts Introduction to Combined Grades 
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