St. Nicholas Catholic School
Advisory Council Meeting
Meeting Date:
Meeting Start:
September 29, 2009
7:05 pm
Meeting Adjourned 9:15 pm
Minutes: J. Nielsen
T. Macri, M. DeAmicis, T. Sunseri, J. Armstrong, K. Lisozzi, G. Pilolli, M. Sarri, M.
Tyrell, T. Maniolo, E. Fischer, A. Mazzotta, B. Gawlick, C. Santarossa, E. Bojc, L.
Morre, R. Keats, J. Gatti, C. Tolfo
Welcome / Opening
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
(Juine 11, 2009
Treasurer Report
June 11 minutes motion to accept: B. Gawlick
2nd – M. Sarri
Sept 15 minutes motion to accept:: B. Gawlick
2nd M. DeAmicis
Review Treasurer’s Report – attached
Review of receipts, expenditures and Unrestricted
funds – clarified what expenditures where for.
Balance for 2009 / 2010 to be carried forward:
Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as written: C.
2nd T. Macri
Opening 2009 – 2010
School Year
Opening remarks by Principal Fischer
Reviewed the purpose of the Parent Council –
- fundamentally here to help children learn
- As a group take recommendation of parents in the
- Review of expectations re: bringing matters forward
– ie., representing all parents – not individual
Once approved –
treasurer report to be
published and
distributed to parent
Cover annual report
summary to
treasurer’s report
Introduction of New Attendees
16 people have put forward names to participate on
parent council
3 not in attendance – 1 letter of regret – 2 no shows
(called one no answer, other wants name to be put
Review of By-laws – maximum 12 parent council
17 – maximum that includes other roles ie., parish rep,
community rep., etc.
Review of expectations / roles of Council members:
- Review of by laws – page 9 section 8 meetings
- Specific emphasis on attendance to ensure council
can be effective and have attendance to vote
Names of declared interest (nominations) to determine
attendance read out
Total 16 (one is past president – therefore
automatically on Council)
Review of non parent reps (parish rep, community rep,
OAPCE rep)
Parish Rep – J. Gatti expressed intent
Community Rep- L. Lisozzi expressed intent
OAPCE rep – vacant
One attendee – stepped out of election
New Council:
See Attached
Voting in of Executive Committee
Review of roles
Chair / Vice-Chair / Treasurer / Secretary
Nomination for Chair – Mary De Amicis
One nomination – accepted – carried.
Nomination of Vice-Chair - Brenda Gawlick
One nomination – accepted – carried
Nomination of Secretary: Cheryl Santarossa
Joyce Nielsen – pass
amendment to bylaws
to include clause that
must be present at
first meeting when
putting name forward
to be on Council –
unless formal regret
Accepted – carried
Nomination of Treasurer: Joyce Nielsen
One nomination - Accepted – carried
Executive Council elected
Invite of Community Rep: Kerry Ann Lisozzi
Motion: M. DeAmicis
2nd - C. Santarossa
10 – carried
Invite Parish Rep: John Gatti
Motion: M. DeAmicis
2nd – C. Santrarossa
10 – carried
Fundraising – Chair
Nomination: T. Sunseri - accept
T. Macri – accept
Discussion re: co-chairs for fundraising committee
Amendment – to by law re selecting co-chairs for
subcommittee – to be considered
Summary of nominated chairs vision for fundraising
provided – Election held
T. Macri elected fundraising chair
Principal’s Update
Re-organization of school – this was not necessary this
year – highest enrolment across the board (94 new
Grew by 1.5 teachers
Gain between 90 to 100 children – then loose about 50
per year
Grew by approx. 35 students
Staff exceeds 60 (incl. teachers, office staff, custodial
staff etc.)
Chalk talk day –Terry fox run
Principal / Vice-principal had a chance to meet with all
Later in week – junior baseball teams to be involved in
Thanksgiving mass will be next week
New Business
Notice sent home re: OPP warning re: September 24
incident – new report going home that original
complaint has now been determined unfounded
Response in school – re-enforce street proofing with
children in school
Proposed Meeting dates:
October 14, 2009 (Wednesday)
November 19, 2009 (Thursday)
January 21, 2010 (Thursday)
February 18, 2010 (Thursday)
March ?
April 15, 2010 (Thursday)
May 13, 2010 (Thursday)
June ?
Meeting start time 7:00 pm
Recommended schedule for suggested fundraising
activities distributed (attached)
Halloween Dance-a-thon : endorsed
Reviewed option to have company come in to run
dance (includes audio, advertising, etc.)
20% to a maximum of $2000 of what we bring in
- Have some donations of prizes to give out
during Halloween dance
- Will still need to pay for prizes for 4 levels
Motion to accept 3rd party coordination of
Halloween party get envelopes out by
Thanksgiving: B. Gawlick
2nd – C. Santarossa
9 in favour – carried
3 opposed
Caution – to ensure appropriateness of videos
Pictures with Santa – endorsed
Motion: B. Gawlick
2nd – C. Santarossa
All in favour – carried
Pointsetta’s / p– at Christmas endorsed
Motion – LK. Lisozza
2nd - Mrs. Armstrong
Avon recommendations – individual – not member
of school community – 25% goes to school
Discussion – deferred for further consideration.
Zehrs tapes: continue to collect Zehrs tapes - $1
donated to school for every $450.00
Motion: C. Santarossa
2nd T. Macri
Carried – all in favour
Lunch Committee Discussion:
Recommendation to set up a Lunch Committee to
maximize participation of parent council
Policy – re: healthy food choices from board ie., food
programs provided by school
Motion – to have a lunch committee: M. DeAmicis
2nd: J. Nielsen
2 Co-chair – C. Santarossa / T. Sunseri motion: M.
2nd: J. Nielsen
Next meeting:
Date: October 19
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm