Cisco Hosted Identity Services At-a-Glance Simplify Mobility and Network Access Control

Cisco Hosted Identity
Simplify Mobility and Network Access Control
You get through security, find your gate, and sit down to check
your email on your phone. You are greeted with a new message: a
prospective customer asking for a proposal. The clock is ticking to
get it done. You log into your internal network, and Gate D5 has now
transformed into your office. With access to the right resources, you
complete the proposal and securely send it off to the customer. The
customer is impressed by your speed and you land the deal - all before
you board your flight.
• Enable business growth: We
accelerate deployment and
automate access controls, so
you can scale confidently and securely.
• Gain greater visibility and
control: We provide nextgeneration security services
for your network resources
and infrastructure, contextaware identity enforcement,
and built-in 24x7 support.
• Reduce expenses and adapt
with ease: Our services grow
as you do. Save your capital
for other projects with our
pay-as-you-grow structure.
You can reduce support costs
without giving up control.
Today, your office is everywhere. You need quick, flexible, secure
access regardless of location or device. In the past, maintaining
visibility and control while supporting mobility traditionally required large
investments of time and resources.
You need to meet rising demands for agility without sacrificing visibility
or exposing your business to undue risk. You need a security solution to:
• Easily manage secure access and policy enforcement
• Continuously provide visibility and insight into network activity
• Reliably deliver a better user experience
Cisco® Hosted Identity Services is a security policy management
platform that unifies and automates secure access control. Our solution
enforces role-based access to networks and network resources, and
delivers superior user and device visibility that helps enable streamlined
enterprise mobility experiences.
Improve the User Remote Access Experience to Deliver
Business Agility and Security
Cisco Hosted Identity Services helps you address device proliferation
and BYOD challenges so you can protect core network resources
and infrastructure. It gives you better visibility and controls to prevent
unauthorized access and security breaches through context-aware identity
enforcement. You gain strategic, effective security that allows you to:
• Authenticate and enforce policies on network devices and resources
• Broker network authentication requests to provide network
authentication and authorization
The solution is completely hosted by Cisco, with immediate deployment
and 24/7 support. As a service, it lets you substantially reduce your
capital expenditures (CapEx) replacing them with a predictable monthly
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“In 2014, global mobile
devices and connections grew
to 7.4 billion, up over 1 billion
from the previous year.”
Cisco, Global Mobile Data Traffic
Next Steps
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Cisco Hosted Identity Service can be customized to meet your most
pressing needs:
• Guest Services: We help provide guest authentication services
for web authenticated guest users. Plus, we include guest
sponsor services and a customized web portal for an improved
guest experience.
• Network Segmentation: Based on user identity, we provide network
segmentation for enhanced control.
Cisco Hosted Identity Services help you achieve the security and
flexibility you need to manage security and IT demands in an
increasingly connected environment.
Why Cisco Security Solutions?
Cisco offers a full spectrum of security services and solutions that
cover the entire security event lifecycle. With our breadth of security
technologies, team of world-class experts, and resources across
areas such as cloud, mobility, collaboration, and data center, Cisco
can provide the knowledge and visibility required for an effective and
scalable hosted network access control. Our service provides contextaware identity enforcement, a critical component that greatly enhances
your security posture.
Cisco security solutions enable you to conduct business securely
anytime, anywhere, while mitigating risks, by providing operational
focus, getting the most from technology and financial investments, and
establishing stronger integration and financial accountability.
We have worked with numerous organizations to help them solve
security challenges, and our solutions are uniquely positioned to provide
visibility from the endpoint to the cloud.
Cisco Security Services offerings include:
• Advisory services that provide the experience and expertise to
assess customer requirements and design a strategic plan to secure
and manage an overall security approach, promoting desired business
outcomes while reducing complexity
• Integration services to address solution-level architectural challenges
and help customers transform business requirements into technology
solutions by accelerating the adoption of security technologies quickly
with little disruption
• Managed services that include monitoring and management and
comprehensive threat solutions that help lower operating costs while
applying the latest security technologies, proven processes, and
expert analysis
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