District: Barren
School: Barren County Middle School
Policy Type (By-Laws or Function):
Policy Number: 27.01
BCMS Athletic Policy
Athletics/Extra-Curricular Organizations:
Academics: Academics should be the student athlete’s top priority. The athletic director will be
responsible for checking grades on a bi-monthly basis by providing a list of players/participants to the
registrar. Student athletes shall maintain a minimum grade point average of C, and any student that
receives an F in any class will be placed on probation for a period of one week. Any student receiving
an F in two or more academic classes will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities
until his or her grades have improved. A three-strike rule will be implemented for student athletes that
are placed on Academic Probation. Student athletes are expected to be positive role models for
our school and community.
Attendance: Students must be in attendance the day of the athletic event unless excused by the
principal or designee. Students are required to attend all school practice sessions unless excused by
the coach or administration. Student athlete participants should also attend school the day after a
game, if there is illness or other valid reason for absence, the parent or guardian should contact the
school to verify the absence.
Behavior/Conduct: As a representative of school and community-student athletes must show
exemplary behavior at all times. Immediate dismissal from the team will occur after the use or
possession of illegal drugs or alcohol; possession of weapons or firearms; theft or vandalism. Any
participant found smoking will incur the following in addition to the student discipline code
First offense-one game/event suspension.
Second offense-dismissal from team or organization.
Any student athlete that has accumulated two discipline referrals will be on probation. A three-strike
rule will be implemented for student athletes with a serious office referral with the third strike
resulting in dismissal. No jewelry (which includes visible body piercing objects) shall be worn in any
sport. Fighting at school or athletic event will not be tolerated-follow school discipline policy + 1
game suspension – second offense dismissal. Student athletes must follow all BCMS discipline
policies as outlined in the student handbook. In addition student athletes will follow Team Rules that
will be developed by the coaching staff and will be submitted and approved by the principal/athletic
director prior to the beginning of each sport. These rules shall be consistent with BCMS Site-Based
Decision-Making policy and school board policy.
Eligibility: Student athletes must comply with all academic, attendance, conduct, and team
rules. All rules regarding eligibility will be in compliance with KHSAA guidelines, and, in addition,
BCMS is a member of SKMSAC and must comply with all rules mandated by the conference
regarding eligibility. Student athletes that may move into the district during a season will be given an
opportunity to participate or tryout if they meet all other eligibility requirements. The principal of the
school shall be held ultimately responsible in all matters that concern eligibility and interschool
contests. The athletic director at BCMS will be required to monitor student eligibility and report any
student who is ineligible to participate to the principal.
Facilities: The athletic practice facilities at BCMS will be utilized by BCMS teams on a top
priority basis. The facilities will be shared equally between the girls and boys programs in
compliance with Title IX guidelines. The practice facilities will be available to BCMS teams with
precedence on the sport in season-practice and practice times must be logged in the reservation book in
the office.
Role of the Parent: 1) As a parent I recognize it is vital that I respect the efforts and decisions of the
coaching staff. 2) I also recognize the importance of being a positive role model, therefore, I agree to
conduct myself in a professional manner that promotes good sportsmanship. 3) I will support all rules,
policies, and procedures endorsed in the BCMS handbook and SBDM guidelines.
Procedures to Address Questions or Concerns by Parents, Students, or Coaches: In the event that
there is a question concerning your child’s role: 1) encourage the child to communicate honestly,
politely, and privately with the coaching staff. 2) Parents may voice concerns with the coach in a
respectful, timely, and private setting. 3) If concerns cannot be resolved between parents and coaches
in a professional manner, then the parents should contact the athletic director, assistant principal, or
principal to discuss the situation.
Role of the Coach: 1) Middle school coaches will work under the guidelines established for the
program by the BCMS principal, assistant principal, athletic director and in conjunction with BCHS
head coaches. 2) BCMS coaches will work with BCHS coaches in developing a coordinated program
that builds skills and attitudes needed for success at the high school level. 3) Coaches will develop
relationships with participants that is based upon mutual respect and trust. 4) Participation should be a
goal of our athletic program. 5) Coaches will conduct themselves in a mature, responsible, and
courteous manner. Coaches will develop and maintain good relations with players, parents, officials,
and other coaches. Conflicts and disagreements are to be dealt with in a polite and professional
manner. Coaches will not discuss other players or negotiate playing time. 6) Middle school coaches
will work to introduce and strengthen the skills needed for each participant to have the opportunity for
success in that athletic activity. Coaches will work to develop interest and enthusiasm for the sport or
sports activity. Middle school coaches will work to build and strengthen the confidence and selfesteem of each student athlete, and regardless of ability will treat all participants with respect and as
valued team members. Coaches will be positive role models for school and community. 7) Middle
school coaches will work to improve their knowledge of the sport they coach and the coaching
techniques they employ. Such improvement may be gained through participation in staff meetings,
attending clinics, and reading current related materials. 8) Middle school coaches will not evaluate
themselves or their program on winning or losing, but rather on how they helped students become
better players and better individuals.
Role of the Athletic Director: 1) The athletic director will provide leadership and support to the
coaching staff, student athletes and parents participating in the overall sports program. 2) The athletic
director will work in collaboration with the coaching staff to develop and encourage a high standard of
scholastic eligibility. 3) The athletic director will strive to build integrity within the athletic program
of BCMS. 4) The athletic director will perform the duties as described in the athletic director job
10. Role of the Principal: 1) The principal will provide leadership and support to the athletic director,
coaching staff, student athletes, and parents participating in the overall sports program. 2) The
principal will work in collaboration with the coaching staff to develop and encourage a high standard
of scholastic eligibility. 3) The principal will strive to build integrity within the athletic program of
11. Supervision: Student athletes must be supervised at all times by the coaching staff. Parents
should pick up student athletes from practices and after athletic contests in a timely manner.
12. Fundraisers: All fundraising activities must be submitted and approved by the board of
education at the beginning of the school year.
Please sign and return this page only to the coach.
I have read and understand and agree to abide by the terms of the Barren County Middle School
Athletic Policy.
Signature of Student Athlete
Signature of Parent/Guardian
DATE REVISED____________________
DATE ADOPTED___9/10/02__________
SIGNATURE____Mark R. Wallace____________
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