St. Julia Catholic Elementary School Dates to Remember September 2014

St. Julia Catholic Elementary School
6770 Historic Trail, Mississauga, Ontario L5W 1J3
905-795-2706 or fax: 905-795-9096
Volume: 1
Those Who Pray for Me
Dates to Remember
Issue: September, 2014
P. Nichols
Vice Principal
D. Linardic
A. Charette
S. De Carli
Mississauga Brampton
L. Papaloni
P. Ferreira
[email protected]
St. Joseph Church
5440 Durie Road
Fr. Marc-Andre Campbell
School Hours
Start: 8:45 a.m.
Lunch: 11:45 to 12:45
Dismissal: 3:15 p.m.
Attendance Verification
905-795-2706 press 1
Mighty and Merciful God,
Who blesses us with the gift of prayer,
Who listens with love when we pray:
Today my prayer
Is a prayer of thanksgiving
For the people who pray for me, and
For the prayers they have offered.
Thank you for family and friends and
Who include me in their prayers each
Thank you for the people of my church
When they gather for worship
And remember to pray
For all the children of our community,
For the parents and educators and
Who nurture children’s growth and
Thank you for everyone, known and
Who lifts to you their prayers for me
When I have a special need
For guidance or healing or comfort or
Mighty and Merciful God,
May I be as faithful in my prayers for
As they have been in their prayers for
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[email protected]
This year our Open House will be held on
Thursday, September 18, 2014. This will give
you an opportunity to meet and greet your child's
teacher as well as look around our beautiful
school. Teachers will be involved in Curriculum
presentations from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
September 2014
1st Day of School—Welcome Back!
P.A. Day—no school
Open House & Curriculum Evening
Run For Ruth
Picture Day
Opening Mass of Thanksgiving @
St. Joseph’s Parish
On October 9, 2014 Lifetouch Photography will be
at the school taking individual student pictures.
Lifetouch Photography will be provided with class
lists containing students names, grades and homerooms. These lists will be returned when the
photography sessions are completed. If you do not
wish your child’s personal information to be shared
with Lifetouch Photography or you do not wish
your child to participate in the actual taking of the
photographs, please send a note specifying this to
Mrs. Nichols, prior to October 8.
Please consider serving on the School Council for
the 2014-2015 school year.
 Self-nomination forms will be available for
pick up at the school office from Monday,
September 8 to Monday, September 15, 2014
Deadline for submitting nomination forms is:
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
 Election (if required) will be: Thursday,
September 18, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 pm
p.m. in the Conference room.
 Publication of new council members names
will be on: Wednesday September 17 (if all
nominees acclaimed); or Friday, September 19
(if election required).
 First School Council meeting: Tuesday,
 September 23rd @ 7:00 p.m
Welcome Back!
I would like to welcome our students and families back for
the 2014-2015 school year. A warm welcome is extended to
those students and families who are new to our Catholic
community and our Junior Kindergarten students who have
started school for the first time! This is the first year of Full
Day Kindergarten at St. Julia school. I would like to take
this opportunity to welcome our new Vice-Principal, Mrs.
Linardic to St. Julia. I look forward to working in partnership
with her as we continue to make our school an inviting place
for all students. I am certain that this year will bring many
rewarding experiences for our students, whether they are
spiritual, academic or extra-curricular. Being part of the St.
Joseph’s Parish Community allows us to work in partnership
with Father Marc Andre and the parents to prepare our
students for the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First
Communion and Confirmation. Our first mass will be held
at St. Joseph’s Parish on Friday, October 10. Permission
forms will be sent home soon by the classroom teachers. All
parents are welcome to attend. As in the past, there will be
many exciting things occurring at St. Julia. I will keep
parents informed of these through the newsletter, which will
be prepared for the third Wednesday of each month. In an
effort to be environmentally conscientious all school newsletters will be posted on the St. Julia website. You can view
our website through the following process:
Click on: Elementary Schools >St. Julia
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new
staff members for 2014-2015:
 Ms. Freitas, Ms. Beaty & Ms. Centrone– DECE
 Ms. Piekarz , ERW
 Ms. Grabowski, Intermediate teacher
 Ms. Chai, Primary teacher
We wish the following staff members well:
 Mrs. Higgins has accepted a position as a Physical/
Medical Itinerant at the Board.
Mrs. Kowal has joined the teaching staff at St.
Edith Stein.
Our annual Run For Ruth will be held on Friday, October 3,
2014. Proceeds will go towards Share Life and any additions to
our Peace Garden. More information will follow closer to the
date. Special thank you to Mr. Grittani for designing and
completing our Peace Garden in memory of Ruth.
On behalf of the students and staff- THANK YOU
Mr. Grittani and parents for your donation of flowers
for our beautiful garden!
Dear Lord, send your spirit upon us and fill us with wisdom,
patience, perseverance and kindness.
Welcome back! As ever, summer is too short; especially with the
weather we have been experiencing. Welcome also to our new
students and their families. As we begin another school year we ask
God to bless all of our students, parents, teachers, administrators, senior staff, custodians, support staff, parish priests and all employees and
volunteers of Dufferin-Peel as well as our Board of Trustees. We pray
that this will be a successful year for all.
Welcome all new staff. We know that you will find our schools to be
dynamic and enriched places of learning. We wish our staff God’s
blessings as they move forward this year. We appreciate their time and
talent and especially their donation of treasured volunteer hours for
extracurricular activities.
We are so happy to see that this September brings Full Day Learning
to all of our elementary schools. Schools have been renovated and are
ready to welcome our new students. Studies have shown that Full Day
Learning has had a positive impact on the grade one student population which has been our goal. Along with the positive outcomes of our
EQAO results, we have much of which to be proud in Dufferin-Peel.
Parents please support and join your Catholic School Council. It is a
great opportunity for input and better understanding of what is
happening in education both locally and provincially.
We wish you all the best and may the good Lord always hold you in
the palm of His hand.
P.A. DAY—FRIDAY, September 12, 2014
No school for students.
Staffing and class placements are tentative and based on school enrolment. In the event that enrolment fluctuates from projections,
adjustments may need to be made to staffing and student placement.
If reorganization is necessary and your child is affected, you will be
notified by Friday, September 12, 2014.
St. Julia will continue with Pizza day on Tuesday and Sub day on
Friday for the 2014-2015 school year. Lunch moms will also run
their lunch program on Monday and Wednesday. Order forms for
the lunch programs will go home later on in September.
Parents and visitors are welcome and are required to report to the
front office and sign a Visitor Log. You will be asked to wear a
visitor's badge prior to accessing other areas of the school for
special events, masses or celebrations. If you are picking up your
child early, you must report to the office and sign him/her out.
Your child will then be called to the office to meet you. If you
wish to speak to a teacher please arrange for an appointment as not
to interrupt class time.
All students who are eligible for bussing, based on the boundaries
set forth by Student Transportation, should be assigned their buses
prior to the first day of school. Details can be checked on the
STOPR website ( ). If there is any problem with
eligible riders, please contact Mrs. Linardic at the school. If your
child is not eligible for transportation but wishes to have a spot on
a bus, you must petition the school in writing. Seats will be
assigned according to the Region’s “Courtesy Seat” policy. Please
write your request to Mrs. Linardic under the topic of “Courtesy
Seat Request.” Requests may be submitted beginning on the first
day of school. Unfortunately, Courtesy Seat requests are generally
not processed until the middle of October. Students who are
awaiting a courtesy seat will have to make their own arrangements
for transportation until then. Students who have been granted a
courtesy seat will be notified at that time, and will be given a bus
pass. We regret that all students who apply will not be granted
seats. This is a limitation based on the availability of bus seats.
We thank you in advance for your understanding.
If your child is eligible for seat but does not require that spot,
please let the office know, so that the seat may be given to a
courtesy rider.
As required by the Education Act and the Ministry of Education,
the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board annually
provides parents with information about cost-effective student
accident insurance coverage via student courier. Enrolment in this
program is voluntary, however the board encourages parents to
take advantage of the inexpensive insurance coverage, especially if
their child/children participate in sports, excursions/field trips, or,
if parents do not have dental insurance coverage. The Board does
require that parents confirm that they have invested in accident/life
insurance for the 2014-2015 school year for their child to
participate in out-of-school excursions and/or extra-curricular
sports activities.
As we begin a new school year we would like to inform you that
St. Julia is an Allergen Aware School. There are pupils in
attendance who suffer from severe and life threatening allergies
to certain foods, such as peanut and nut products. Exposure to
the smallest quantities can cause severe life threatening
reactions. Please avoid sending lunches or snacks that contain
nut products. For class celebrations such as birthdays,
Christmas & Valentines please consider non-edible treats.
Please be advised that there is a Board policy on the storage and
administration of medication. If your child requires daily
administration of medication, please contact the office as soon
as possible so that the appropriate forms can be sent home.
Students are not allowed to carry medication. It is stored in the
Kiss and Ride has become a wonderful community building
opportunity. We are pleased to greet many of the staff, students and
parents each morning. However, we always try to keep in mind that
the primary goal is to achieve greater safety for all students arriving at
the school. To that end, we invite parent volunteers to help with our
Kiss and Ride program. Many hands make light work! The safety of
this program depends on parents, staff and students adhering to the
lane markings. The lane closest to the building is the bus lane, and at
no time, are cars to pass into this lane or block the entrance of the busloading zone. For those parents who use the Kiss and Ride program,
we would like to review how it works. The traffic flow through our
side parking lot is one-way only. The entrance is clearly marked
through the side parking lot. The right curb indented lane, marked
“Kiss and Ride” is reserved for the drop off of students. Be careful of
handicapped vans which will be dropping off special needs students in
this area. Children must exit from the right side of the vehicle, and
proceed to the school playground. Following afternoon dismissal, we
have 7 buses which need to be organized to transport children safely
home. Bus students will exit out the front doors, however, walkers
and students being met by parents will be dismissed from the back
area. Please remain on the parking lot side of the fence bordering our
school yard and do not enter the school yard. Please allow buses to
have access to the driveway in order to pick up students. Students
should not be dropped off at the school before supervision is provided
in the yard at 8:30.
Concussions are brain injuries caused by excessive, rapid movement
of the brain inside the skull. This movement causes damage that
changes how brain cells function, leading to symptoms that can be
physical (headaches, dizziness), cognitive (problems remembering or
concentrating), or emotional (feeling depressed). A concussion can
result from a blow to the head or body in any number of activities
including receiving a check in hockey, falling from a jungle gym, or
slipping on an icy sidewalk. All head injuries can be difficult to
diagnose, however, a concussion is the most difficult head injury to
diagnose. Brain scans cannot determine if a concussion exists. The
school calls parents whenever a child has hit their head. It is important
that parents also keep the school informed if their child has had a head
injury during an extracurricular activity. The school will work with the
family to set up a plan (in line with the Board’s protocol) to assist the
student in returning to normal physical activity.
In accordance with Ministry and Board regulations, 3 fire drills, 1
Shelter in Place and 2 lockdown procedures are conducted at the
school. During a lockdown procedure the bells will constantly ring
inside and outside the school. Please note at this time only Emergency
Personnel are permitted to enter the school. Practicing these drills is
important for student safety in case a real emergency occurs. We will
continue to prepare students in a judicious and conscientious manner.
For safety reasons, we ask that students wear proper footwear at all
In accordance with the Safe School Act, 2000, the DufferinPeel Catholic District School Board has the responsibility to
provide for a safe learning environment for its students and
employees. The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School
Board will require a Criminal Record Check (CRC),
including a Vulnerable Sector Search for all volunteer s in
the school, including excursion supervisors. If you intend to
volunteer, please pick up a CRC form from the front office.
It needs to be completed and brought to Peel Regional Police.
As you volunteer your time to our community, there is NO
cost to you. Once you receive your CRC from Peel Police,
please drop it off at the school and we will house it in a
secure location, with the utmost respect to the confidential
nature of the material.
Our volunteers are an integral part of the many activities that
our students are so fortunate to participate in. Volunteers do
make a difference. Thank you for giving of your time and
talents to the St. Julia School community.
Our school has a front door speaker/buzzer/video monitoring
system. Visitors may gain entrance by pressing a buzzer
mounted on the wall outside the building, beside the front
door. The buzzer activates a two-way speaker and camera system. The Office will then be able to determine who is at the
door, by observing on a video monitor. This will enable better
regulation of visitor access to the school.
The following are also part of our new protocol:
All outside doors are locked and entry can be gained only
through the front door. All visitors, including parents/
guardians must sign into the office and wear a Visitor’s badge.
Access during busy office times such as the lunch hour may
be delayed depending on the availability of staff who are
required to monitor the new system. The co-operation and
understanding of parents/guardians will be an important factor
in the success of our new protocol. In this regard,
parents/guardians are encouraged to:
Arrive at school on time to allow children to enter with
their classmates to avoid front entry lates. Students ar e
encouraged to join their class line for entry in the morning.
Send lunch with your child in the morning to limit traffic
in through the front door at lunch time. If you are
dropping off a lunch please do so prior to 11:45 am. Sometimes the grade 6-8 students eat lunch at 11:45 due to
scheduling or inclement weather.
During morning prayers we are in quiet reflection and the
door monitor will be answered once prayers are concluded. Morning announcements being at 8:50 am in the Fall
and at 8:55 am during the Winter months.
We respectfully request that you limit your visits to the school
during the daytime as much as possible in order to protect the
instructional time and reduce interruptions.
PED BOARD POLICY (Personal Electronic Devices)
To promote respect for the dignity of all members of our school community and to enhance student achievement and safety, the use of a
PED is strictly prohibited in the school (including portables) or during
school related activities (such as retreats, field trips, sports events, etc.)
Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation of the
PED and/or disciplinary action as outlined in the Catholic Code of
Conduct 2001. The school and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District
School Board assume no responsibility for the loss, recovery, repair or
replacement for any PED brought onto school property.
It is the policy of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board that
PEDs are to be kept out of sight, turned off and not used within school
premises or during school sanctioned events. To prevent the loss or
damage of PEDs, the school encourages students to leave their PEDs at
home or in their lockers.
Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) are Wireless and/or Portable Electronic Handheld Equipment that include, but ar e not limited to,
existing and emerging Mobile Communication Systems and Smart
Technologies (cell phones, smar t phones, walkie-talkies, pagers,
etc.). Portable Internet Devices (mobile managers, mobile messengers,
BlackBerry handsets, etc.). PDAs (Palm organizers, pocket PCs, etc.).
Handheld Entertainment Systems (video games, CD player s, compact DVD players, MP3 players, iPods etc.), digital or film Cameras,
digital or analogue Audio Recorders or Video Recorders (tape recorders, camcorders, etc.). Spy Gadgets (spy cameras, covert listening devices, etc.), and any other Convergent Communication Technologies
that do any number of the previously mentioned functions.
The Milk Program is run by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Now, your
child can have fresh, cold milk at lunchtime. This program provides the
kind of healthy goodness that helps children concentrate and have more
energy. Does your child eat lunch at school? Do you want to ensure they
enjoy fresh, cold milk? Our school is once again participating in the
Elementary School Milk program. We will offer both white and
chocolate milk. A letter outlining the particulars and an order form will
be sent home shortly.
Experts agree that the early years sets the foundation for lifelong
learning, behavior, health and well-being and that early brain development is stimulated through experiences and interactions with responsive adults. Students in the Full Day Kindergarten program will interact with both a teacher and a Designated Early Childhood Educator
who will work together throughout the day to help your children learn.
During the school day children are involved in many different kinds of
activities designed to help young learners explore, discover and grow.
They will have opportunities to initiate learning and play, as well as
participate in more structured play-based learning under the guidance
of an educator. Research demonstrates that play-based learning leads
to greater social, emotional, and academic success. Experts recognize
that play and academic work are not distinct categories for young children: creating, doing, and learning are inextricably linked. When
children are engaged in purposeful play, they are discovering, creating, improvising, and expanding their learning.
Welcome back everyone! We look forward to a year full of reading for purpose and pleasure!
Mark your calendars for The Scholastic Book Fair that will open on Thursday, October 2nd. Book fair hours and
class visit schedules will be announced soon.
Any students with outstanding books are required to either return their books or remit the fee to cover the cost of replacing the
book. Notes will be sent home to these students in order to settle their accounts. No books will be allowed to be checked out to
students who have overdue accounts.
The office often gets requests from students to make
phone calls home to ask parents to bring forgotten items
such as running shoes, agendas or textbooks/homework.
We are reinforcing with students that it is their responsibility to bring all necessary items to school and to arrange
in advance their out of school activities. Students will not
be given permission to use the phone to make such calls.
Also, please make after school arrangements with your
children prior to school. We make every attempt to minimize interruptions to classes.
Are you interested in working at our school ?
Student Masses —All Welcome:
1. Opening Mass, Friday, October 10 @ 10:00 am at
St. Joseph’s Parish .
2. Advent Mass, Friday, December 12 @ 10:00 am.
3. Lenten Mass, Wednesday, March 11 @ 10:00 am.
4. End of the Year Mass, Friday, June 12 at 10:00 am
at St. Joseph’s Parish.
5. Graduation Mass, Thursday, June 25 @ 10:00 am at
St. Joseph’s parish.
Grade 4 Reconciliation: Wednesday, November 19
@ 10:00 am - 11:30 am. (at the school.)
Grade 6 Reconciliation: Tuesday, February 10 @
10:00am-11:30 am. (at the school.)
Grade 8 Retreat: Fr iday, October 24 @ 9:00 am1:30 pm
Student Monitor Position: Par t Time, 1.2 hour s per day
The rate of pay is $13.45 per hour plus 4% vacation pay
Available September 3, 2013
Position Summary
Under the supervision of the Principal or designate, the Student
Monitor will:
Carry out supervision duties assigned by the Principal
Ensure that all reasonable safety procedures are carried out in
activities for which the student monitor is responsible
Co-operate with the Principal and teachers to maintain consistent
disciplinary practices in the school.
- Be aware of the school rules;
- Be prompt in reporting for supervision assignments;
- Become informed of specific medical/behavioral situations
pertaining to students supervised as per board training
- Be aware of the school emergency plans;
- Notify the teacher on duty when a problem arises.
To be considered for these positions please contact the school.
All new employees will be required to submit a current original criminal reference check (CRC) including a “vulnerable
Sector Screening” (VSS) issued within 6 months prior to commencing employment with the board.
You will see staff “dressing down” on Fridays in support
of the United Way and Share Life. Each staff member has
made donations to these charities.
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