Gift Card Fundraiser St. Monica Catholic School

St. Monica Catholic School Council Newsletter
Issue 21
January 17, 2011
“Connecting Parents and Guardians with the School Community…”
Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed a relaxing
holiday season with your family and friends. It
has been a few months since our last newsletter
and we have some updates for you.
Gift Card Fundraiser
We are in the process of planning some activities
and fundraisers that will help raise money for our
school and programs. We will be organizing
another Dance-a-thon soon, so watch for
information and pledge forms in the coming
New Feature Articles!
We are pleased to announce that Jenya Lorenc
(Parent Representative) will be writing some new
feature articles for The Link. These fun sections
may include craft ideas, recipes, interesting
information and fun family activities.
In December we decided to try a new fundraiser –
gift cards from FundScrip. This Canadian
fundraising program offered gift cards for
everyday purchases (i.e., groceries, gas, gifts and
household items) with a percentage of the gift
card value being donated to our school. Although
there was an extremely tight deadline for orders to
arrive by the holidays, we received $10,580 in
orders! Many of our supporters chose to buy the
cards for Christmas gifts to avoid the holiday rush
or used the cards to purchase gifts.
With the percentage program, we were able to
earn almost $430 – a great achievement for a
quick fundraising effort. Special thanks to Anita
Skara (Community Representative) for organizing
and coordinating the initiative. We also
appreciated the help of Fatima Cabral (Secretary)
and Concetta Martin (Parent Representative) for
distributing the orders.
The order-form for our Gator-wear clothing was
sent home in November with the orders arriving
just in time for the holidays. Another order-form
for the clothing and Class of 2011 Grad-wear for
the grade 8 students will be distributed in the
We are hoping to offer the gift cards again in the
spring and will send home more information. In
the meantime, if you are interested in learning
more about the program and stores, feel free to
check their website at:
Labels for Education
Prayer for Ms. Williams
Unfortunately, we will not be collecting labels from
Campbell’s soup cans and other products this
year. A few years ago, the program was initiated
by Ms. Tremayne-Pengelly and we were
fortunate to redeem points for 4 sets of coloured
pinnies, numbered 1 to 12 for use in our gym
classes. We will also be selecting some new
items from the Campbell’s catalogue in the
coming weeks with our current points. However,
with the decline in labels brought to the school, we
have decided to discontinue the program. Thank
you to everyone who contributed labels over the
years and we appreciated the efforts of
Ms. Tremayne-Pengelly and Ms. Skara
(Community Representative) in organizing the
program for St. Monica School.
In the first week of January a letter was sent home
with our children informing parents and guardians
of Ms. Williams’ surgery and illness. The news
that she had cancer was shocking to all of us.
Many people feel devastated and cannot even
offer a prayer when told that someone they care
for has cancer. The good news, however, is that
Ms. Williams has hope. Her faith in God and our
community’s faith in God, stand as witnesses to
that hope.
Family Fun!
Written by: Jenya Lorenc (Parent Representative)
After all the holiday excitement I hear
the inevitable "I am bored!!!" once again! And
here I thought the gifts will keep my little (and not
so little) ones occupied for at least a month! So, if
you are just like me looking for something to do on
the weekends here is a suggestion:
The Big League
January 31st to February 24th
Lorraine Kisma Theatre For Young
People, Mainstage, 165 Front
Street East, Toronto.
Tommy loves playing hockey with his friends but
his Dad pressures him to up his game and moves
him to a “better” team. Does friendship get
benched when the competition heats up between
teammates? While his Dad is yelling, Tommy
gets conflicting advice from Don Berry and Ron
McKleen. LKTYP's Mainstage is transformed into
a hockey arena, complete with actors on
rollerblades, in a unique production that cleverly
stick-handles Canada's national pastime.
Tickets - $10-$20.
Our school community has come together and
believes that the doctors are doing what they can.
But ultimately, the Great Physician is up above
and can meet Ms. Williams here at her very point
of need. A wise person told us that one of the
names of our Mighty God is Jehovah-Rapha (“The
Lord That Healeth Thee”). We pray that his Word
can bring remission to Ms. Williams.
We ask that the Great Physician heal Ms. Williams
as she recovers from surgery and provide
strength to carry her through whatever therapy
she will face. We believe that God’s desire is
manifest in Ms. Williams’ life. We pray for
strength for Ms. William’s family. God never gives
up on anyone. Please join us in prayer:
Father, we pray that you touch your servant
Ms. Williams, grant her the grace and strength to
make it through with her spirit as our children
have always known it – strong and vibrant and
caring for others. We pray for all the doctors and
nurses taking care of her. We pray for her family
members that, God, you will comfort them and
grant them strength as well. We ask all this in
Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
Next Council – Join us!
Wed., Jan. 19, 2011 – 7:00 pm (School Library)
(905) 454-6346
[email protected]
Feature Writer:
L. Felato (Co-Chair)
Jenya Lorenc, Parent Representative
L. McNicol (Co-Chair), M. Smith (Principal)