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November 2010
K.J. Carey
C. Klein
T. Crayden
C. Blanchard
Catholic School
Fr. E. D’Souza
M. Pascucci
Mississauga Wards 1 & 3
(905) 302-3096
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Fax: (905) 890-0888
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Progress Report
EQAO Results
Custody Issues
at School
School Council
Crossing Guard
1760 Bough Beeches Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2B9
God our Creator,
Teach us to appreciate the virtue of patriotism;
a true and Christian love of our country.
Let us grow in a love for our country
that consists not of following the easy path,
but of working together to make Canada the land of
goodness that it should be.
Let our patriotism be such
that it will not exclude other nations
but include them in a powerful love.
God, we know that You want our world to be a happy home
for the entire human family.
Please help us to reach out in Christian kindness, charity
and unity to make this world a better place for all Your
God has given us the ability to know the
right and decent way to act and then to act
that way. We trust that the common Spirit
we share inspires us and guides us to make
good decisions if we allow our conscience
to become well-formed.
A person of conscience allows prayer and
scripture to influence him/her.
A person of conscience…
• Chooses to do the ‘right thing’ and
feels good about it
• Can see how his/her actions may
hurt others
• Admits his/her wrong-doing and
feels badly
• Says ‘sorry’ and tries to make up for
• Keeps promises
Gracious and merciful God of all creation,
During this season of remembrance, we
remember how You have gifted us with
free will.
You have given us the virtue of conscience
to ensure that we will know the good and
decent way to act and then choose to act
that way.
We come to You now asking for the grace
and strength to form and to follow our
conscience in order to bring to life Your
plan for a safe, caring, inclusive
community here at Sts. Martha and Mary
Catholic School.
May Your virtue of conscience free us to
make decisions that serve the good of all
Your people.
We ask this in the name
of Jesus, Your Son, who
lived to show us Your
Please join us at our annual Remembrance
Day Service on November 11, 2010 at
10:45 am. This service will provide a
unique opportunity for all to offer our
gratitude and respect to our veterans,
peace-keepers and our God for the gifts of
freedom and democracy.
In keeping with our Catholic tradition, during the month of
November, our school community will offer prayers for the
faithful departed. The names of those in our “Book of
Remembrance” will be prayed for as part of our daily prayers.
The book will be incorporated into a liturgical display in the
foyer. You are invited to record the names of loved ones on the
memorial sheet that was sent home this week and return it to your
child’s teacher.
Schedule for Confirmation classes at Sts. Martha and Mary Parish:
Nov. 7, 2010
Nov. 14, 2010
Nov. 21, 2010
Nov. 28, 2010 *Commitment
Dec. 5, 2010
Dec. 12, 2010 ceremony for
Jan. 9, 2011
Jan. 16, 2011 boys and girls
Jan. 23, 2011
Jan. 30, 2011
Feb. 6, 2011
Feb. 13, 2011
Feb. 20, 2011
Feb. 27, 2011
Feb. 21, 2011
Feb. 28, 2011
Mar. 6, 2011
Mar. 13, 2011
Mar. 20, 2011
Mar. 27, 2011
Apr. 3, 2011
Apr. 10, 2011
Apr. 17 Palm Sunday
Apr. 24 Easter No Classes
May 1, 2011 (Quiz)
May 8, 2011 (Quiz)
May 15, 2011
May 22, 2011
Reconciliation: Tuesday, April 5, 2011; 7:00 p.m.
First Communion: Sunday, May 1, 2011; 2:00 p.m.
Confirmation: Sunday, May 29, 2011; 2:00 p.m.
Born Alfred Bessette to a poor family in Mont-Saint Gregoire, Quebec,
and orphaned at the age of 12, Brother Andre entered the Congregation
of the Holy Cross and was called to spend his days receiving guests and
visiting the sick and afflicted. He was credited with many miraculous
healings and cures, but Brother Andre insisted that these graces were
received through the intercession of St. Joseph. This devotion led him
to found St. Joseph’s Oratory, the world’s largest shrine dedicated to the
Patron of the Universal Church. In 1982, Brother Andre was beatified
by Pope John Paul II and was declared Blessed in December, 2009. In
February 2010, Pope Benedict XVI announced that Brother Andre
would be canonized on October 17, 2010.
“God, you gave Brother Andre of Montreal, your humble servant,
a great devotion to St. Joseph and a special commitment to the
sick and needy. May the example of his life and ministry inspire
us to ever-greater works of charity, in generous service to our
brothers and sisters in need. Give us the strength to surrender
ourselves to your will, and to be instruments of your loving mercy.
Help us to follow Brother Andre’s example of prayer and love, so
that we too may come into your glory. Through the intercession
of Brother Andre, we ask this of Christ our Lord.”
(by: Mrs. S. Monid)
We had awesome weather for our Annual
Terry Fox walk on October 1st. Our school
spirit had a chance to shine as all grades
were invited to invent a cheer to be
presented to the rest of the school before
the walk. All of our students and staff
prepared for the walk with a warm-up led
by our Grade 8 students in the gymnasium.
By the time we were ready to walk, we
were pumped and ready to go. Through the
generous donations of the Sts. Martha &
Mary School community, we raised
$6, 485.85, bringing our grand total of
$96, 263.75 over the past 14 years. Thank
you for your continued support as we
celebrated the 30th anniversary of The
Terry Fox Walk.
We are pleased to share that one of our
Grade 3 students, Oskar, has recently been
recognized for his contribution by A
Child’s Voice Foundation for his
participation in the ‘Angel Hair for Kids
Program’. This wonderful program
provides wigs and hair loss solutions to
financially disadvantaged children who
have lost their hair due to a medical
condition or treatment. The hair that is
generously donated to the program by
people like Oskar is used to create wigs and
hair systems and given to deserving
children at no cost to their families.
For more information about the ‘Angel
Hair for Kids’ or A Child’s Voice
Foundation, contact 1-888-837-3354 or
donate online through canadahelps.org.
If your son/daughter is involved in
voluntary community support services
and/or social justice projects, we would be
happy to learn of his/her participation and
consider recognizing his/her efforts in
future editions of the school newsletter.
Thank you to all students and parents for
their generous non-perishable food
donations contributed at our Hallowe’en
Dance last week. Donations will be given
to the St. Vincent de Paul Society at Sts.
Martha & Mary Church.
The Student Leaders have decided to continue to support the charity
event, ‘Operation Christmas Child’. Last year we experienced
outstanding results. Classes, teachers, individual students and their
families made eighty shoeboxes. We would like to ask everyone to
support this very important initiative by sending in a small monetary
donation or by supplying a small token to include in our shoeboxes.
Our school community offers great support and thanks to our student
leaders and to Ms. De Simone, Ms. Hammond, Ms. Daly and Mrs.
Bellini-Kavals for their contribution in supporting this very important
Student leaders have already begun the hard work of getting classes
organized and shoeboxes ready for the due date of November 19th . We
hope that this year’s ‘Operation Christmas Child’ will be as big a
success (or even bigger) as it was last year.
Under the direction of Mrs. Bellini-Kavals, a group of student leaders are
making sleeping mats from outer milk bags to send to Haiti. The milk
bags are cut into long strips and then using a simple chain stitch, students
crochet sleeping mats. Each mat takes about 300 – 500 milk bags which
would otherwise go to landfill. Please send washed outer milk bags to
school. Help us to reduce plastic garbage and make something useful for
others as the student leaders become engaged in a modern day quilting
(crocheting ) bee!
This year, as in the past, the staff of Sts. Martha and Mary School have
organized a food drive and will place a Christmas mitten tree in the front
foyer. The food drive will be accepting canned goods starting November
29th until December 10th.
Beginning Monday, November 29, 2010, our mitten tree in the front
foyer will be ready to accept brand new mittens, scarves and hats. As
well, the tree will be decorated with tags that indicate the age and
gender of a child in need.
When you are visiting the school please consider making Christmas a
little brighter for the children in our community by taking a gift tag from
the tree. Gifts should be left unwrapped or placed in a gift bag with the
decorated tag attached, indicating the age and gender of the child.
Thank you in anticipation of your generosity.
A problem which seems to occur at least
once a year in most schools is pediculosis
or head lice.
Head lice are parasites which have been
common among human beings for
centuries. They are not connected in any
way with dirt, neglect, and so on. Anyone
can be infested with them. Unfortunately,
in recent years, they have become quite
common throughout North America. In
order to control these pests, we shall do the
following and request your full cooperation.
If even one case is found in the school, we
shall inform all parents of children in that
class. We will be checking friends and
classmates, and if necessary, we will call in
the Health Unit. However, we would ask
that you also check your own children and
if you find them to be infested, we ask you
to let us know so that we can help you get
the proper treatment and take the necessary
precautionary measures.
Even if cases are not reported from the
school, it is a wise precaution to check your
children periodically.
If your children are infested, we will be
asking you to keep them out of school until
after they have been treated with the correct
shampoo and their heads are entirely clear
of both lice and nits (eggs). If we all
cooperate with these procedures, we may
not entirely escape outbreaks, but we will
be able to bring them under control
On rare occasions, we are faced with
difficult situations in which non-custodial
parents arrive at our school asking to visit
with their child or take their child home
after school. We are best able to serve and
protect the child when we are made aware
of legal custody arrangements, visitation
rights and special instructions. If legal
custody matters affect your family, please
ensure that our office and classroom
teachers are aware of custodial agreements
between parents. We require that a copy of
all legal documentation be kept in your
child’s school records.
It has been brought to school administration attention by one of
our dedicated Crossing Guards posted at the intersection of
Rathburn Road and Fieldgate Drive that a number
of our students have been cutting through a
nearby townhouse complex avoiding the
intersection and cross Rathburn Road east of the
supervised intersection.
Crossing Guards have made numerous attempts to
redirect the students to cross at the intersection traffic
lights under supervision; however, some students disregard the warnings
and redirection and continue to cross this very busy street. It would be
greatly appreciated if parents could review the importance of crossing
the roads at the lights and with the assistance of the Crossing Guards.
It is the goal of all staff that students enjoy both indoor and outdoor
activities at school and remain safe and healthy at all times. It is an
unfortunate fact that accidents do happen and that injuries must be dealt
with in the quickest and most prudent of manners. At Sts. Martha and
Mary School numerous school members have chosen to become
certified in First Aid and annual recertification is a school priority. As
such there is always someone, certified in First Aid, available to address
any issues of a minor or serious nature. Our school policy is to err on the
side of caution when dealing with a potentially serious injury. Agendas
are used to inform parents of minor injuries and phone calls are made to
alert parents to any injuries that may require monitoring.
Our students continue to eat their school snacks inside, either 5 minutes
before recess or after recess breaks. This helps to avoid the problems
presented by bees and wasps as well as those problems that arise from litter
in the yard.
As you are aware many of our students suffer from allergies. The
parents and students at Sts. Martha and Mary have been extremely
careful and supportive in promoting a nut free environment. With a safe
environment in mind, we ask that you please consider not sending in
food items to mark special occasions such as birthdays. Children with
food allergies are excluded when birthday items enter the classroom.
They have been trained not to take a chance on any item
that hasn’t been prepared by their parent. Special
events can be marked with a new book for the
classroom library, or a new pencil for each child.
Rest assured, teachers do acknowledge and celebrate
birthdays even if a treat doesn’t mark the special
nature of the day.
In the unforeseen event that we should have an emergency in our
school, we will evacuate to Sts. Martha and Mary Church. Safety
regulations require us to have a contingency plan in place should an
emergency occur. In such an event, your child will remain at Sts.
Martha and Mary Church until we contact a parent or guardian.
With the release of Growing Success,
Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in
Ontario Schools (2010), a number of
changes have occurred in reporting
particularly affecting students in grades one
through eight. There will no longer be
three report cards per year.
students in grades one through eight will be
receiving a progress report to be sent home
on November 2, 2010, and 2 provincial
report cards to be sent home on February 1,
2011and June 28, 2011
Progress Reports will be going home on
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 for students in
grades one through eight. Junior
Kindergarten students do not receive
formal reports cards during the year. Senior
Kindergarten students will receive their
report cards in June. Parents of Junior and
Senior Kindergarten students will be
provided with opportunities to meet with
their child’s teacher to discuss progress
during each reporting period and have been
informed of specific changes to reporting in
a letter sent home previously with the
The parent, teacher, student conferences for
grades K – 8, as requested by the classroom
teacher, are scheduled for the evening of
Thursday, November 4, 2010 You are,
however, encouraged to contact your
child(ren)’s teacher at any time you require
clarification, or if you have questions or
concerns about your child’s progress.
You will receive a form prior to these dates
that allows you to indicate your preference
for interview time and day. We will make
every effort to co-ordinate times for
families with more than one child in the
school. A confirmation note will then be
sent home with the report card. Teachers
will endeavour to meet with all parents
during term one reporting and then on an as
needs or by request basis for the second
Last spring, an assessment of reading, writing and mathematics was
conducted in all grade 3 and 6 classes in Ontario by the Education Quality
and Accountability Office (EQAO). This assessment is considered a
“snapshot” of the children’s performance based on their respective grade
level expectations. Individual student results have been sent home with
our grade 4 and 7 students. Sts. Martha and Mary School continues to be
proud of the achievements of our students and teachers.
A detailed outline of our current results can be accessed at
www.eqao.com . Sts. Martha and Mary’s school goals and action plan
have been posted on our school website, www.dpcdsb.org/MMARY
# Students at or
above Level 3, 4
Grade 3, 2010
Grade 6, 2010
Senior Kindergarten parents/guardians, who wish to enroll their child in
a Grade 1 French Immersion class for September, 2011 are invited to
attend an information meeting at:
St. Gertrude Catholic School
815 Ceremonial Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
On Thursday January 13, 2011
At 7 p.m.
The deadline for submission of applications for the French
Immersion program for the 2011/12 school year will be at 2:00 p.m.
on Wednesday February 9th, 2011.
The members of the Boys Junior Volleyball Team are:
Dylan F., Joseph D., Brenden B., Anthony S., Gabriel D.,
Caiden, Matthew C., Robbie, Ryan B., Jake D., Daniel A.
The coaches of both the Intermediate Girls
and Boys Volleyball teams would like to
thank each team member for a wonderful
season. All the players have shown great
sportsmanship, skill and determination.
and Frank M.
The members of the Girls Junior Volleyball team are:
Sofia G., Danielle D., Jackie E., Amanda A., Jessica M.
Sara V., Larissa W., Jessica C., Adriana M., Madelyn J.
Although the Intermediate Boys Volleyball
team did not qualify for the Family of
Schools tournament, they ended their
season with fantastic volleyball skills.
Special thanks to all the parent drivers and
the girls’ volleyballs coaches, Mrs. Boots
and Mrs. Maxymiw, for their time at
Boys Intermediate Volleyball Team:
Michael B., Jason D., Marcello C.,
Tyler, Cole, Austin, Nicholas S., Jacob
B., Daniel F., Domenic, David A. and
The Girls
Volleyball Team
qualified to compete in the Mississauga
East Family of School tournament on
Wednesday October 27th. The coaches are
extremely proud of each player.
Congratulations to Callan, Claudia, Abby,
Paula, Pamela, Julia, Julianna, Alexa,
Rebecca, Marina, Samatha and Tate.
Also, thank you to the parents, relatives and
staff who supported the team, as well as the
coaches, Ms. Addario, Ms. Prajza and Mrs.
Thank you to all of the boys and girls
who came to try out for the Junior
Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball teams.
Ms. Addario and Ms. Daly are the
Junior Girls Volleyball team coaches
and Ms. Prajza is the Junior Boys’
Volleyball coach. Ms.Di Cesare, Ms.
Addario and Ms. Daly will assist with
some of the coaching of the boys’ team.
Kayla C. and Madison D.
Good luck to both our Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Volleyball teams this
Congratulations to the 20 runners who competed in the Board Cross
Country Meet on Thursday October 28th. All runners completed the
challenging course and every athlete competed in a way that displayed
good sportsmanship, determination and true MAVERICK STYLE!!!
Congratulations to our GRADE 6 GIRLS TEAM: Kristine, Erin, Sara,
Amanda and Jessica for receiving 1st PLACE MEDALS in the team
A special mention goes out to the following runners who placed within
the top sixteen runners at the Board competition.
Jessica 5th
Andrey 8th
Julia 9th
Jordan 16th
Special thanks to our parent drivers, fans and school supporters.
Coach Schweiger….a bouquet of thanks is presented to you for
coaching us with skill, enthusiasm and amazing energy.
Thank you also to our Parent Assistant Mrs. Wanuch and our
dedicated cross-country team coaches, Mrs. Ford and Mrs.
Sadly, our season comes to an end, and to all graduating grade 8
runners, thank you for representing Saints Martha & Mary School in
such an amazing way for all these years.
During the winter months, inclement
weather and/or poor road conditions may
cause the disruption of bus transportation
and regular school operations. In these
cases, parents/guardians should develop
alternate care/transportation arrangements.
A decision to cancel bus transportation
and/or to close schools is made by 6:00
a.m. Decisions are based on several factors
including precipitation, air temperature and
road conditions. A decision to cancel bus
transportation may be system wide (where
all buses in Dufferin County and the
Region of Peel are cancelled) or
municipality specific (where buses in one
or more municipalities are cancelled).
If buses are cancelled in the morning, they
will not operate in the afternoon. Therefore
students transported to school by parents
require the same transportation home.
Information regarding bus cancellation and
other emergency information
announcements can be obtained by visiting
A bus cancellation and/or school closure
message will also be available online at
www.dpcdsb.org or by calling
Sts. Martha and Mary has a school website! Please visit www.dpcdsb.org and link
to the elementary site @ Sts. Martha and
Mary to gain information about the school,
parish and council.
We require written permission from parents
for students to leave school property during
lunch hours. For safety reasons, students
are expected to return to supervised school
grounds upon their return. Students who
leave the school during the lunch hour,
responsibility of the parent. If children
normally remain at school during lunchtime
and parents decide to take them off school grounds, please remember to
sign your child out and then back in again at the office.
Visitors to the school are required to stop in at the office to sign in and
receive a visitor’s sticker.
All visitors, who are meeting with teachers, are asked to remain in the
main office until the staff member has been contacted and available to
meet and escort you to a suitable location for the respective meeting.
Visitors are reminded that at no time should they escort children to
the classroom. Your assistance in this matter will better ensure a
safe school environment for one and all.
Please reserve the disabled parking spot in the front
of the school for visitors and/or members of our
school community who have been granted a disabled
parking permit and require close proximity to our
school. As per the ministry guidelines, the individual
to whom the permit is issued must be in the vehicle and the permit
must be visibly displayed on the dashboard or sun visor when it is
parked in the designated accessible parking space.
November 2: Grs. 1-8 Progress Report sent home
November 4: Gr. JK -8 Progress Report Conferences
November 15,16: Hearing & Vision Testing
November 18: Mississauga East Youth Ambassador’s Commissioning
November 18: Holy Name of Mary Grade 8 Information & Grade 9
Registration Night 7 p.m.
November 23: 7 p.m. School Council Meeting in school library
November 26: P.A. Day, No Classes and Office Closed
November 28: Advent begins
November 27/28: Grade 8 Confirmation Enrollment, any mass
November 29 – Dec. 10th: Christmas Food Drive
December 2 – 10: Book Fair / Evening purchases on Wed. Dec. 8
December 7: 7:00 p.m. Junior Advent Concert
December 14: 7:00 p.m.. Sts. Martha and Mary Family Advent Mass
December 17: Last day of classes, Christmas Break
January 13: 7:00 p.m. Extended French Information Meeting
An Historical Understanding of Key Issues Related to
Catholic Education:
Has the Ontario government always supported separate schools?
Yes, as did its predecessor, the United Legislation of Canada East (now
Quebec) and Canada West (now Ontario) during its total life from 1841
to 1867. One of the first pieces of legislation it passed in 1841 was the
Common School Act, with a separate school clause.
Prepared by School Council
This year’s Halloween Dance-a-Thon
was another great fundraiser success for
our school, raising over $7,000.00!
Thank you again to all of the
community members who donated such
wonderful prizes and to parent
volunteers who helped make this event
such fun for our student body.
School Council is thrilled to announce
that the Pro-Grant Application for
2010/2011 has been approved by the
Ministry of Education. This means
that parents will be afforded the
opportunity to attend free educational
events at the school next year. Council
is currently reviewing a variety of
options for educational sessions. Stay
tuned to future “Council Corner”
notices for upcoming events!
On Saturday November 6, 2010,
members of the executive council will
attend a Training Session for Catholic
School Councils which helps members
clarify roles and responsibilities of the
School Council.
Catholic School Councils are an
integral part of the school community,
working in partnership with home,
school and parish. Examples of some
of the initiatives supported by school
council at Sts. Martha and Mary School
include our open house BBQ, Dance-athon and guest speaker events, to name
a few. The three goals and objectives
of School Council are to:
1) Support school administration and
staff to augment and supplement school
curriculum needs such as literacy and numeracy initiatives;
2) Support the efforts of extra-curricular activities; and
3) Facilitate open communication and sharing of information
within School Council and to general school community.
SCHOOL COUNCIL MINUTES: Anybody who would like to
review archives of past school council meeting minutes are invited
to visit www.dpcdsb.org/MMARY and click on the “School
Council” tab in the menu bar. Current council minutes are also
posted on the bulletin board in the main foyer corridor.
Sts. Martha and Mary School is extremely fortunate to have been
chosen to participate in the pilot project of the Ministry of
Education’s new school food and beverage initiative. Proper
nutrition is one of the most important and fundamental assurances
of health! What better place to reinforce nutrition than in our
school environment where students spend much of their time! We
can no longer dispute the abundance of scientific proof that
confirms that the development of serious chronic diseases like
Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of
cancer is directly related to nutrition. This initiative will aid in
helping students develop a healthier pattern of eating and will
hopefully promote healthier eating at home as well!
Some parents may have noticed a change on Pizza Thursdays in
that our pizza is now made of a whole grain crust. This is a truly
positive move towards enhancing the health and wellbeing of our
children, and we are hopeful that parents will aid in supporting
their children through the changes that will be occurring in
schools across Ontario in the coming year! Changes in food
preparation practices and food offerings must be made in Ontario
schools by September 1, 2011.
For information on this initiative, see the Ministry’s website
dedicated to the new policy at
All parents are welcome to join us at our next School Council
meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 7pm in
the school library
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