PHYSICS 1403-002 (TT) QUIZ 1

PHYSICS 1403-002 (TT) QUIZ 1
Chapters 1 and 2, January 27, 2005
Partial credit will be LIBERAL, provided that you show your work!
Use back if necessary!
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1. (5 points)
Multiply 8.145 s by 3.6  10-2 , taking into account significant figures.
2. (5 points) CONCEPTUAL QUESTION: The velocity of an object and the acceleration of
an object are both vectors. Is it necessary that they both be in the same direction? Give a brief
example to justify your answer.
3. (20 points)
At time t = 0 an object is shot vertically upward at an initial velocity of 25 m/s.
a. How long does it take to reach the highest point?
b. How high (measured from the initial point) will the object go? What is the velocity at
that point? What is the acceleration at that point?
c. How long after the object is thrown upward does it take to return to the starting point?
What is its velocity there?
d. Compute the object’s height at a time 1.25 s after it is thrown upward.