Chemical Reactions & Equations Review Name _____________________________

Chemical Reactions & Equations Review
Name _____________________________
Date ___________________ Period ____
Directions: Complete each blank with the appropriate word, phrase or symbol using your knowledge
of chemical reactions.
A chemical reaction can be concisely represented in symbols by a chemical _________________.
The substances that undergo a chemical change are the __________________ and are found on the
__________________ side of the  sign. The new substance(s) formed in a chemical reaction are the
____________________. In accordance to the law of conservation of ______________, a chemical
equation must be ________________. In balancing an equation, ____________________ are placed in
front of the reactants and products so that the same number of atoms of each _________________ are on
each side of the equation. An equation must NEVER be balanced by changing the __________________
in the chemical formulas of the substances.
Special symbols are used to show the physical states of a substance in a reaction. The symbol for
a liquid is _______; for a solid _______; and for a gas ________. A substance dissolved in water is
designated by _______ (which stands for _______________.) If ____________ is used to increase the
speed of a chemical reaction, a  is written above the . The  separates the __________________
from the ________________. It is read as ______________ and is equivalent to an _______ sign in a
mathematical equation. A ______ sign is the symbol used to separate different products or reactants from
each other. It is possible to _______________ the products of some chemical reactions. In order to do
this, you must be able to recognize at least five general types of reactions. For example, in a
_______________ reaction, the reactants are two or more __________________ and or compounds and
there is always a ____________ product. In a ____________________ reaction, a single compound is
broken down into two or more simpler substances.
In a _____________ __________________ reaction, the reactants and products are an element
and a compound. . An insoluble solid substance produced in this type of reaction is called a
____________________. A ______________ ____________________ reaction involves the exchange
of the positive parts between two compounds. The reaction generally takes place between two ionic
compounds in _______________ solution. One of the reactants in a combustion reaction is the element,
________________, which must be written as O2 as it is a _________________ element. The products
of the complete combustion reaction of a hydrocarbon are _____________________ and ____________.
Identify the type, predict the products if it occurs, and balance the following reactions:
1. _____
2. _____
3. _____
4. _____
5. _____
6. _____
Pb(NO3)2 →
7. _____
8. _____
9. _____
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