The Mole Review WS Directions Period_____Date _______________

The Mole Review WS
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Period_____Date _______________
Directions: Complete the following problems. Make sure to show all work and use the correct number
of significant digits and put units on every number.
Draw a diagram showing the steps taken to complete stoichiometric problems.
1. Determine the formula mass of aluminum chloride: ____________________
2. Determine the molar mass of magnesium hydroxide: ________________________
3. What is the mass of 0.882 moles of O2?
4. How many formula units make up 4.5 g of calcium hydroxide?
5. Convert 2.67 x 1022 atoms of Na to moles of Na.
6. Find the number of grams of hydrogen gas in 7.17 x 1022 molecules of hydrogen gas.
7. What volume will 57 grams of CO2 gas occupy at STP?
3) 28.2 g 4) 3.7 x 1022 fu 5) 0.0444 mol 6) 0.238 g 7) 29 L
8. Determine the percentage composition of aluminum sulfate.
9. A sample of an unknown compound with a mass of 2.876 g has the following composition:
66.07% carbon, 6.71% hydrogen, 4.06% nitrogen, and 23.16% oxygen. What is the mass of each
element in this compound?
10. Find the empirical formula for a compound which contains 6.5 g potassium, 5.9 g chlorine, and
8.0 g oxygen.
11. The explosive, TNT, is composed of 37.0% carbon, 2.20% hydrogen, 18.5% nitrogen, and 42.3%
a) Determine the empirical formula for TNT.
b) If the molar mass of TNT is 454 g/mol. What is the molecular formula for TNT?
8) 16% Al, 28% S, 56.1% O 9) 1.900 g C, 0.193 g H, 0.117 g N, 0.6661 g O 10) KCLO3 11a) C7H5N3O6 11b) C14H10N6O12
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