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Learning Style
It is important to understand your learning style in order to maximize your
potential in high school. Understanding your learning style can help you learn and
study more efficiently.
Step 1: complete a learning style survey to discover your preferred learning style.
Here are some sites that you can visit to discover your learning style and
strategies to help you succeed in school:
Step 2: Review strategies for learning and studying that are particular to your
learning style. Apply one or two of the strategies in class during teacher
instruction. Apply one or two of the study strategies when preparing for your next
test. See how your marks will improve!
Please see the handout at the end of this tip sheet to discover more information
and strategies for Learning Styles. Feel free to print this out for future reference.
Remember, understanding your learning
style will enable you to maximize your
potential in school!
See below for further information
about learning styles
What’s My Learning Style?
Visual Learners
You learn best when information is presented visually. In a classroom setting, you benefit
from instructors who use visual aids like DVDs, maps, charts, and PowerPoint/overheads.
You benefit from pictures and diagrams in textbooks. You tend to like to work in a quiet
room. When trying to remember something, you can often visualize it in your mind.
Try these
when studying for a test:
Underline or highlight important ideas in your notes
Replace words with symbols that stand for the words
Make a mind map outline of your notes
Turn words into charts and diagrams, and then back to words again
Auditory Learners
You learn best when
information is presented auditory in an oral language format.
In a classroom setting, you benefit from listening to lecture and participating in group
discussions. You also benefit from obtaining information from audio sources like CDs. When
trying to remember something, you can often “hear” the way someone told you the
information. You learn best when interacting with others in a listening/speaking exchange.
Try these when studying for a test:
- Put your notes on tape and listen to them
Read your notes aloud
Explain the topic to someone
Get a study buddy to explain one more time
Kinesthetic Learners
You learn best when
physically engaged in a “hands on” activity. In the
classroom, you benefit from a lab setting where you can manipulate materials to learn new
information. You learn best when you can be physically active in the learning environment.
You benefit from instructors who encourage in-class demonstration, “hands on” student
learning experiences, and field work outside the classroom.
Try these when studying for a test:
- Remember any field trips, experiments, or role plays that you did during the unit
- Put lots of real examples into your notes
Write out your study notes or an abbreviated version of them
Walk as you review information
My Learning Style is _________________________
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Parents/ Guardians: Other Important Items for November 
November is a good time to review school progress with your son/daughter.
Follow-up on strategies and suggestions for improvement that were made by the
teachers at parent-teacher conferences in October. This will help to ensure that
your son/daughter is accessing support they need to maximize his/her potential.
Check midterm report cards and review goal-setting in terms of maintaining grades
or making improvements. Have your son/daughter record short-term goals for
improvement. Help them to come up with specific goal statements that are
measurable and that you can revisit throughout the semester.
Parent council meetings take place every month and all parents are encouraged to
attend. A lot of information is shared at these meetings that will help you to
support your son/daughter while they are in high school. See the school calendar