Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor
The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and
The Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10
Pre-Reading Activities
1. Locate Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Hindu Kush Mountains on a map.
2. Learn some background information of the Navy SEALs.
3. What does the acronym SEAL mean?
4. Learn background information about the Iraq War and view clips of the Iraq War
from a PBS documentary.
5. Read the Navy SEAL Ethos.
6. What is the Taliban?
7. What are jihad and mujahideen?
8. Make a list of your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses.
9. Refresh your memory of the following literary terms: allusion, foreshadowing,
irony, colloquialism, juxtaposition, and tone.
10. How can you use your strengths to your advantage, personally or professionally?
11. How can you overcome your weaknesses?
12. What does it mean to TRULY be an American Patriot?