Mrs. Dyer Barren County

Mrs. Dyer
Barren County
Middle School
Phone: 270-651-4909
All of this information, internet links, and handouts can be
found on my teacher website. You can get to my teacher
website by going to the Barren County Middle School website
and clicking on teacher websites on the left hand side of the
page. Then click on my name, then Seventh Grade Science.
[email protected]
Seventh Grade Science Newsletter
Weekly Schedule:
Monday: MAP Testing
Tuesday: Complete Food Chain Gizmo
We will have our Science
MAP Test tomorrow,
Monday, April
Students should try to get
a good night’s sleep, eat a
good breakfast, and be in
attendance in order to do
their best on the MAP
Test. Thanks!
Wednesday: Watch video (Of Fire and Ice: A
Portrait of the MonoBasin); answer and discuss
video questions; define food chain vocabulary
Thursday: Complete Ecosystem Gizmo
(Investigate limiting factors)
Friday: Discuss food chain vocabulary; use
organism cards to create a food web and arrows to
indicate feeding relationships; draw food web and
label each organism as a producer (P), consumer
(C), or decomposer (D).
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