3 Grade Newsletter October 26th, 2015

3rd Grade Newsletter
October 26th, 2015
It’s Red Ribbon Week! We will be saying no to drugs by dressing up each day this week!
Monday – Wear Red
Tuesday – Your favorite sport!
Wednesday – Pajama day! Thursday – Super Hero day! They are welcome to wear their cape
and mask I made them that they keep in their lockers.
Friday – Boo Day! You may wear your Halloween costumes but no mask or accessories please!
Nothing scary to upset the little ones please.
Our class Halloween Party will be on this Friday, Oct. 30th at 1:30. If you would like to send
candy in advance we could already have their treat bags stuffed and ready to allow more time
for games. Students will be allowed to dress up but please no mask or face paint. We also ask
that you consider our smaller students and not dress up as anything scary. Jamie Reed is our
room mother and she will co-ordinate with parents to get cupcakes, drinks, plates etc.
[email protected]
No school on Monday, Nov. 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd.
November 5th on a Thursday will be our Family Literacy night. First Baptist Church of Fountain
Run will be providing a free meal to our families. Come on out and enjoy some reading
Our Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, November 7th from 12 -3 here at the school. Our
homeroom will be pairing up with Preschool so our Fall Festival basket is the snowman theme.
Please turn in items that we can use in the basket associated with a snowman. Examples would
be snowman gift wrap, ornaments, etc.
November 9th, this is a Monday, will be school pictures!
Mrs. Bowen
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