JULY 2005
MCC at K-16 Rally in Lansing
A team of administrators, faculty and staff
represented MCC in
Lansing on June 21 at a
massive rally in protest
of continuous state budget cuts in K-16 public
education. A diverse
crowd of 11,000 people administrators, teachers,
students and parents
from across the state converged on the Capitol
grounds in a show of
unity to let legislators
know that inadequate
state funding and persistFrom Front Left: Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez, Lisa Poma, Lt. Governor John Cherry,
ent cuts are hurting pubMCC President Richard Shaink, Desiree Londrigan, Cherie Brown.
lic education. MCC is
Back Row Left: James Leonard, Michael Kelly, Marcia Teer, Carol Andrus
tens of millions of dollars out of formula and
sizes, and the elimination of school programs.
our state funding in recent years has fallen by
You can let your legislators know that you supmillions. Organizers of the rally, the K-16
port passage of SB 246 and HB 4582, the educaCoalition For Michigan's Future, are demanding
tion funding bills supported by the K-16
a change in the way schools are funded, noting
Coalition. For more information, visit
that Michigan can't continue to afford teacher
layoffs, school building closings, increased class
“The world is but a canvas to the
--Henry David Thoreau
Sen. Debbie Stabenow Visits MCC
U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow chose
MCC's Regional Technology Center as the
site for a June 6 press conference announcing an effort to enforce international trade
laws. Stabenow detailed plans to create a
position for a special trade prosecutor who
would protect American businesses and
jobs. After being welcomed by MCC
President M. Richard Shaink, Stabenow had
plenty of good things to say about MCC.
"I am a huge fan of Mott Community
College and all that's being done here,"
Stabenow said. "MCC is on the cutting edge
of training and doing what we need to do to
be competitive."
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow speaks with Dr. Shaink
at MCC’s Regional Technology Center.
Around Campus
Kudos go to Workforce Development Director Robert Matthews,
founder of The Esquires Mentoring and Leadership Program of Flint
operating under the auspices of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Flint
Chapter. Grant Development Executive Director Judith Cawhorn tells
us that the Esquires group has received the 2005 Governor's Service
Award in the Innovative Mentoring Program Award category.
Executive Dean of Regional Technology Initiatives Tom
Crampton has a lot of great news to share from his area. As part of
their ongoing work in simulation technology, Tom and Regional
Technology Initiatives Project Coordinator Victor Rhoder have been
invited to serve on the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) work
teams in Digital Manufacturing and Collaborative Engineering respectively. This partnership between MCC and AIAG is expected to lead to
additional grant submissions and the development of "live" classroom
professional development courses (derived from MCC's e-learning products developed under the Workforce Development Institute for
Simulation Technology -- WDIST) that will be delivered to AIAG members. Tom Crampton also has been selected to present at the U.S.
Department of Labor's Workforce Innovations 2005 conference in
Philadelphia this month. We are one of three organizations invited to
make presentations in the "Creative Learning: Innovative Training
Approaches for the 21st Century" workshop. Congratulations to Martin
Wagner, Project Manager for MCC's Department of Labor Digital
Manufacturing project. He graduated Saturday, June 18 with a Master of
Science in Manufacturing Operations from Kettering University.
More good news from Mailroom assistant El Nita Blount, assistant
advisor to MCC's Ballroomers and Steppers Club: The Mott Steppers
have done it again! On Saturday June 18, the Steppers traveled to Tinley
Park, Ill. to compete in the third annual Steppers Compete event held at
the Holiday Inn Convention Center. After a flawless first place performance at the Milwaukee Largest Stepper Contest in May, club members and MCC students Feodor Duncan and Candace Hinton brought
home four first place trophies this time (a pair for each category: "out of
towners" and "beginners") with a $2,500 total cash prize! "We'd like to
give special thanks to the Mott Community College family for their
support and also the three people who taught the Mott Steppers this
great dance: Dana and Rachel Brock of Flushing and Percy Dunn of
Flint," said El Nita. Congratulations to all the Mott Ballroomers and
Art Prof. Cathy Smith is proud of the students in her Sculpture in
the Community class. Recently seen scouring area neighborhoods for
discarded tennis shoes, car parts, children's toys and other urban detritus
to make found object sculptures, Cathy's students chose particular areas
of the city to research and make site specific installations. Three students -Amanda Edwards, Amanda Simons and Gretchen Miller-wanted to make an impact with their work which addresses the problem
of drinking and driving. The three collected over 200 liquor bottles
from area bars, imprinted them with text and images and wired them
around the clock tower in front of the UM-Flint Pavilion on Saginaw
Street. This group of artists hopes to leave the work up through the July
4th holiday. Three other "collaboratives" created installations in other
sites: an abandoned and gutted building on Fenton Road, the Ante room
at Good Beans Café in Carriage Town, and a vacant lot on Olive Street
on the east side of Flint. "The students report that they feel more connected to the community now and feel more positive about Flint," Cathy
said. "They are also happy about reaching new audiences for their
work." An exhibition of work from the class will be on view at the
Visual Arts & Design Center in Room 125 through July 11. An opening
reception is scheduled from 6-9 pm July 8. Call the VADC Art office
for details at 762-0443.
Here's news from Sharon Eisen, Social Work prof. and
Coordinator of the Social Work Technician Program. She received a cer-
tificate of appreciation from the State of Michigan Department of
Human Services at a volunteer dinner hosted in May. Brady's on
Broadstreet in Linden was the site for a luncheon which raised several
hundred dollars for the Ginger Edwards fund housed at the Foundation
for Mott Community College. The Ginger Edwards fund creates scholarships for MCC Social Work Technician students.
Health Sciences Division Dean Patricia Markowicz tells us that
Nursing Prof. Louise Kashubosky's quick thinking saved the life of a
woman visiting a patient at Genesys Regional Medical Center recently.
While walking past a patient's room on the unit, she saw a woman guiding a choking woman from the patient's room. The afflicted woman had
her hands around her throat, unable to cough, speak or breathe, indicating an airway obstruction and life threatening situation. Ms.
Kashubosky quickly stepped behind the woman, put her arms around
her upper abdomen and gave quick upward thrusts, implementing the
Heimlich maneuver. The woman starting coughing and was able to
breathe. Ms. Kashubosky helped the woman to a chair and allowed her
time to rest. A couple of the nursing students and unit staff were able to
observe her quick thinking and application of this life-saving skill. The
visiting woman and her family members expressed their gratitude to
Ms. Kashubosky. Apparently, the visitor had been eating a hamburger
and talking at the same time while visiting with the patient. This event
had lead to the visitor's choking on the bite of hamburger and bun.
Facilities and Maintenance Manager Ken Gatenby wants us to
know about MCC's participation in "Campus Aid '05" held on May 17 an emergency management simulation exercise facilitated by the
Genesee County Emergency Operations Center. Ken was joined by
Public Safety Director Clydell Duncan, Public Safety Supervisors
Colin Perry, James Malcolm and Nancy Metcalfe. The drill was part
of MCC's ongoing emergency response/Homeland Security training and
Music professor Chuck Iwanusa attended the 2005 American
Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers Jazz Wall of Fame
Induction Ceremonies in New York City on June 22. Chuck tells us that
this year's Living Legends inductees were composer/arranger Neal
Hefti, singer/songwriter Shirley Horn and guitarist/composer John
"Bucky" Pizzarelli. The event was taped for broadcast by Black
Entertainment Television's BET on Jazz.
Recruiter/Retention Specialist Beth Cianek sends a heartfelt "thank
you" to everyone who volunteered their time to present Trustee
Scholarship Awards to area high school students this year. Special
thanks to Financial Aid Coordinator Suzanne Lossing for her efforts in
coordinating the scholarship process with area high schools. The scholarship is issued on behalf of the President's Office and the Board of
Trustees and is awarded to one recipient per high school. The selection
process is based upon academic ability and leadership in school and
community activities. Call Beth Cianek at 762-0438 if interested in presenting next year (May and June 2006).
From Political Science Prof. Paul Rozycki: On June 17, Dr. Avon
Burns' Criminal Justice students gave a presentation to the Flint
Genesee County Neighborhood Roundtable at the GCARD building in
downtown Flint. The students gave reports on a number of ways to
reduce crime. The students did an excellent job covering such topics as:
spotting a con artist, avoiding consumer fraud, preventing identity theft,
dealing with crime against senior citizens and resolving community disputes through mediation. The students' presentations were part of the
COPC Crime Prevention subcommittee, chaired by Dr. Burns and Pete
Hutchinson of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
New employees: Kate Accivatti joined the HR Department as a
Human Resource Services Supervisor on June 27 and Deborah Taylor
began her new job as Office Assistant II in Dental Office of the Health
Sciences Division on June 6. Kate and Deborah, welcome to the MCC
COPC Opens in North Flint
Respiratory Therapy Professor David Panzlau organized a
team from MCC to participate in the May 21 Asthma Walk sponsored by the American Lung Association. This is the fourth year
that MCC has sponsored a team. The event "was a huge success,"
he said. Funds raised go to support ALA research, education and
advocacy issues, offer hope to those currently battling the chronic
disease and celebrates those who are successfully managing it.
MCC's team - the "Easy Breathers," of faculty, staff, students and
friends, represented the college well.
Ferris Bus Tour
MCC has launched yet another collaborative program to benefit
the community: a Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC). A
community event introducing the Center and its services to residents in
the area was held Friday, June 24 at MCC's North Pointe Center on
North Saginaw Street where the COPC office is located. MCC recently
received $400,000 in funding from the Office of University
Partnerships at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) to establish the Community Outreach Partnership
Center. The COPC grant is a coveted award among colleges and universities engaged in service learning and community outreach initiatives. Until recently, only universities were awarded COPC funds.
MCC is one of only two community colleges in the nation boasting a
federally-funded COPC.
Community Outreach Partnership Centers are partnerships
focused on revitalizing communities through service learning and outreach initiatives. The institutions partner with community-based organizations and agencies to improve the economic, social and physical
conditions of communities, while providing opportunities for students
and faculty to apply academic knowledge to real-world conditions.
MCC's Community Outreach Partnership Center targets the area
including Flint's North Central neighborhoods, located between
Pierson Road, Dupont St., McClellan Blvd. and Interstate 475. MCC
Psychology Professor Lillie McCain and Political Science Professor
Paul Rozycki are the COPC co-directors.
MCC Vice President for Academic Affairs Bill Angus dines with
Ferris administrators at Applewood Café.
MCC served as host to Ferris State University President David
Eisler and his administrative team on June 7 as part of Ferris' second
annual Presidential Bus Tour. The unique bus tour allows Ferris officials to connect with its community college partners and to interact
face to face with alumni and residents. In addition to discussing academic matters, Ferris staff members in alumni relations, community
relations, media relations and other areas were able to meet with their
MCC counterparts and bolster relationships.
Ferris is a partner with MCC in the University Center, allowing
area college students the opportunity to complete bachelors and masters degrees without leaving the MCC Flint campus. Ferris currently
offers a certificate in Human Resource Management at MCC; bachelor's degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Elementary
and Secondary Education and Nursing; and master's degrees in Career
and Technical Education and Curriculum and Instruction. A master's
degree in Nursing will be offered Winter 2006.
MCC Business Instructor Tony Caldwell assembled a team of
MCC faculty, staff and students who helped out with the Special
Olympics event held at Northwestern Edison on May 27. Pictured left
to right, Brenda Caldwell, (Central District Coordinator for Area XIII
Special Olympics and Tony Caldwell's wife), Alex Kadie, Angela
VanHook, Jade Bell, Shea Cobb, Tammy Morgan, Tony and Angela
Schlager. Not pictured are Ruby Owens, Rachel Reeves, Shanita
Bryand, Anthony Ewing, Crystal Marshall and El Nita Blount. "With
the help of MCC students and staff, this event was a big success and
the Special Olympians were made to feel very special," Tony said.
JULY 2005
Independence Day
Campus Closed
Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
Memorial Building
Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
Memorial Building
Companion Dog Training
7-9 p.m.
Genesee Room
Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
Memorial Building
Wednesday Thursday
Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
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Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
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Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
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Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
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Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
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Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
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Fine Arts Camp
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mott
Memorial Building
Mott Middle College
Information Night
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Flint, MI
Permit NO 51
1401 East Court Street
Flint, Michigan 48503-2089
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