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Silkroad Recruiting: Attachments Upload
Training for Search Committee Chairs/Members
Overview of the Navigation Bar:
Uploading a Resume:
The navigation bar on the left should be used to access
menu items and navigate within Silkroad Recruiting.
You will have access to the Recruit, Candidates Search,
Jobs Search, and Analyze tabs in the menu.
To upload a resume you will need to select: Candidatesīƒ 
Upload Candidates.
Log into Silkroad Recruiting, from Navigation bar under
Candidates, click Upload Candidates
Once the window pops up, click Choose File and select
resume from your local/network drive, click Upload.
This will load the resume in the Offline Browser window
Below is an example of the upload pop-up window:
The information in the candidate’s application should
parse out and populate most of the required fields. If all
required fields are not populated, manually complete
unpopulated fields from the information provided on
the resume
Important Tip:
1. Country must be entered before State (these
fields are mandatory)
2. An email address must be entered
Overview of Upload Candidate:
Uploading candidates is a tool that can be used to import
candidates from a local or network drive. In order to use the
upload tool, the candidate’s resume must be in a folder on a
drive accessible from the user’s local computer. Resumes
cannot be captured directly from email.
Uploading an Attachment:
Supported file formats for capture include
Word (.doc, .docx, Rich Text (.rtf), Plain Text
(.txt), HTML (.htm, .html) and .pdf converted
to text, not obtained directly from a scanner as
these are images rather than text-based files.
Page 1
Click the save button to complete upload
Click close
Type in candidate’s name in candidate search box on
the left. Name will appear on the “Applicant’s Results
Page”. Click candidate’s name and profile will open up
If you have additional attachments other than the
resume, attach those files
Save attachments in your directory
From the Candidate’s profile, select the Attachments tab
Select Attach A File
Choose file from your directory
Click add in the “Add Attachment” box
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