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St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School
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We believe that each one, created in the image and likeness of God, is called by name into
the Dufferin-Peel community to realize the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations to the fullest
extent possible as we all journey from the early years to vocation.
Course Code:
Grade 11 University Biology
Course Description:
This course provides students with the opportunity for in-depth study of the concepts and processes that occur in biological
systems. Students will study theory and conduct investigations in the areas of biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular
genetics, homeostasis, and population dynamics. Emphasis will be placed on the achievement of detailed knowledge and the
refinement of skills needed for further study in various branches of the life sciences and related fields
Strand & Unit Title:
Corresponding Catholic Graduate Expectation(s):
Throughout Course:
Science Investigation Skills and
Career Exploration
CGE1d -Develops attitudes and values founded on Catholic social teaching and acts
to promote social responsibility, human solidarity and the common good
CGE1i -Integrates faith with life
CGE2b -Reads, understands and uses written materials effectively
CGE2c -Presents information and ideas clearly and honestly and with sensitivity to
CGE2d -Writes and speaks fluently one or both of Canada’s official languages
CGE3b -Creates, adapts, evaluates new ideas in light of the common good
CGE3c -Thinks reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems
CGE3d -Makes decisions in light of gospel values with an informed moral
CGE3e -Adopts a holistic approach to life by integrating learning from various
subject areas and experience
CGE4a -Demonstrates a confident and positive sense of self and respect for the
dignity and welfare of others
CGE4f -Applies effective communication, decision-making, problem-solving, time
and resource management skills
CGE5a -Works effectively as an interdependent team member
CGE7d -Promotes the sacredness of life
CGE7i -Respects the environment and uses resources wisely
Unit 1: Diversity of Living Things
Unit 2: Genetic Processes
Unit 3: Evolution
Unit 4: Animals: Structure &
Unit 5: Plants: Anatomy, Growth, &
Assessment and Evaluation:
Category Weightings
25 %
35 %
25 %
15 %
Final Summative
Term Work
Overall Weighting
70 %
25 %
Learning Skills and Work Habits will also be assessed and reported on. For more information please refer to Growing Success pg. 11.
Arrive on time for class, in proper uniform, fully prepared. (Bring your binder, paper, pens,
pencils, eraser, scientific calculator and textbook.)
Show respect for yourself, your teacher and your peers.
Participate in class, answer and ask questions, get involved!
Good attendance is essential. You are responsible for all missed work including labs reports.
Read and follow the Late Assignment and Missed Test Policy given by your teacher.
Review your notes daily.
Obey all safety rules in the lab and work cooperatively in groups.
All lab reports and assignments must be properly referenced using APA Formatting
Asking for extra help is your responsibility. Book an appointment.
Text: McGraw-Hill Biology 11
Replacement Value: $95