PHYS 1404-004 Homework 5 – 03/14/2016 Due March 24 , 2016

PHYS 1404-004 Homework 5 – 03/14/2016
Due March 24th, 2016
Homework should be written out neatly on a separate sheet of paper. Explain your
1. In the circuit below both meters are idealized, the battery has no appreciable internal
resistance, and the ammeter reads 1.39 A. (Let R1 = 52.0 Ω, R2 = 29.0 Ω, and R3 = R4 = 19
Ω.). What does the voltmeter read? What is the emf (i.e., the voltage) of the battery?
(Hint: Start with the parallel combination. There are six steps to solve the entire
2. In the circuit shown in the following figure, the voltage across the R1 = 7.00-Ω resistor is
21.0 V. What are the emf of the battery and the current through the 6.00-Ω resistor? (Let
R2 = 1.00 Ω.)
3. In the figure below, all R1’s are 50 Ω and all R2’s are 25 Ω. What is the equivalent
resistance of the combination?
4. The batteries shown in the figure have negligibly
small internal resistors. Assuming that πœ€πœ€ = 10.0 𝑉𝑉
and 𝑅𝑅 = 20.0 𝛺𝛺, find the current through
a. the 30.0 𝛺𝛺 resistor,
b. the 20.0 𝛺𝛺 resistor,
c. and the 10.0 𝑉𝑉 battery.
5. The resistance between terminals a and b in the figure is 75 𝛺𝛺. If the resistors labelled R
have the same value, determine R.
6. Find the current in the 12 𝛺𝛺 resistor in the figure below.
7. You are given four resistors, each with resistance R. Devise a way to connect these
resistors so that the total equivalent resistance is R. You must use all the resistors so that
there is current through each one if a battery is connected.