Vocabulary 7-12 Velocity- the speed at which the stream flows

Vocabulary 7-12
Aerial view- a view from above; a bird’s eye view
Velocity- the speed at which the stream flows
Stream system- includes all the parts of a stream (mouth, head,
channel, etc.)
Delta- The triangular shaped sediment deposited at the mouth of
the river.
Flood Plain- A flat area next to the stream that is made up of
loose sediment (which gets deposited when the stream overflows)
Canyon- A deep, steep, walled gorge carved in a rock by a stream
or glacier.
Valley- A long, low area carved by a stream or glacier with higher
areas on both sides.
Mouth- The point at which water from a river or stream empties
into another body of water, such a lake or an ocean.
Stream channel- the course along which water moves.
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