AP 5300 Student Equity
References: Education Code Sections 66030, 66250 et seq., and 72010 et seq.; Title 5 Section 54220
The District has a student equity plan. The Student Equity Plan is developed, maintained, and updated
by the District’s Student Equity Committee. The Student Equity Committee includes representation and
membership from currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and administration. The Student Equity
Plan is filed as required with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, following approval
by the District’s Governing Board.
The development of the Student Equity Plan includes:
Process for evaluating progress toward equity goals that aligns with institutional strategic goals.
The active involvement of the college’s governance process on campus.
Community involvement to articulate the perspectives and needs of historically
underrepresented groups.
Campus-based research as to the extent of student equity.
The Student Equity Plan addresses:
• Institutional barriers to equity.
• Goals for access, retention, degree and certificate completion, English as a Second Language
(ESL) and basic skills completion, and transfer for each historically underrepresented group.
Activities most likely to be effective to attain the goals, including coordination of existing
student equity related programs.
Sources of funds for the activities in the plan.
A schedule and process for evaluation of progress towards the goals.
An executive summary that describes the groups for whom goals have been set, the goals, the
initiatives that the District will undertake to achieve the goals, the resources budgeted for that
purpose, and the District officer or employee who can be contacted for further information.
The Student Equity Plan will be developed, maintained, and annually updated under the supervision of
the Superintendent/President or designee.
See Board Policy 5300
Approved by the Superintendent/President: