Miss. Karp’s Classroom News December 4 2015

December 4th 2015
Miss. Karp’s
Classroom News
December Growth
Mindset Words:
Gratitude – being
Optimism – hopefulness
and confidence about the
future or the successful
outcome of something
Mindset – established set
of attitudes held by
Contact information
Phone: 847-719-3380
Math: We will continue practicing
multiplication, so far we have covered
2s, 4s, 5s, and 10s facts. In addition,
we are learning to read and represent
four digit numbers!
Reading: We are continuing to read
nonfiction texts and are currently
focusing on the different text
structures which include: chronological
order, problem solution, cause and
effect, compare and contrast, and
main idea and details
Social Studies: We have learned so
much about maps and how to read
them, we are now learning about
December 5th –Winnie the Pooh play @ SL 6:00 pm
December 6th– Barnes and Noble book fair – Miss.
Karp serving at the Starbucks from 12:30 to 1:00
December 10th – PTO meeting @ 9:30 pm in the
December 21st – January 1st –Winter Break, No School