December 07, 2015
Readers Workshop/Fundamentals Reading
• What’s That Mark? - Making the most of text by attending to
punctuation as we read.
• Collaborative Conversation - Good partner listening skills.
Learning routines and procedures that support the
conversational component of reading workshop.
• Rereading Like a Storyteller - Readers reread for fluency by
using rhythm, expression and gestures.
• Buzzing About Books - Readers share their thoughts and
identify key parts of a book to their partners.
Writing/Writing Fundamentals
• Prediction - Writers will write an ending to the story, The
Great Turkey Race.
• Write What You Know - Students will think and talk about
what they know to generate writing and drawing ideas.
• Writers Remember - Students will think about special
moments as a source or inspiration.
• Elf on The Shelf - Morning/Afternoon Report.
• Writers Workshop Free Writing.
Poetry Journals/Shared Reading
Poetry: Turkey’s In A Row and December Is Here!
• Skip Counting
• Sight Words
• Fluency, rhythm and gesture
• Punctuation
• Holiday
Jolly Phonics
Story line, action, flash cards, letter formation and blending for
letters: sh, qu, ou, oi, and ue.
• Quantities that are greater
• Quantities that are less
• Comparing 1 to 10 represented as numerals
• Skip counting
New Sight Words
here, are, we
Social Studies
• How Do I Get Along With Others?
• Appropriate Behaviors
• Winter Holidays
Just In General...
• Parent/teacher conferences were a success!
Thank you for participating and taking an interest
in your child’s learning.
• Booking With The Bear’s assembly to get our
children reading more and more. I hope you are
reading together and writing down those
• I am sure you have heard about our Classroom
Centers. They are an exciting part of my
students day. Our centers consist of computer
reading (A to Z), many different forms of word
work, writing and reading with the teacher.
Books That We Read
Pete the Cat The First Thanksgiving
Turkey Trouble
The Ugly Pumpkin
Bear Says Thanks
The First Thanksgiving Day
A Counting Book
One Is A Feast For Mouse
The Littlest Pilgrim
The Great Turkey Race
How Groundhog’s Garden Grew
Elf on the Shelf
Little Whistles Christmas
I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Dreidel
Dates To Remember
December 15 & 16 - Holiday Shop
December 21 - Winter Break Starts
January 4, 2016 - Classes Resume
January 15 - Institute Day
January 18 - Martin Luther King Day