Miss Julie’s Class Look what we did today! Bear See Colors

Miss Julie’s Class
Look what we did today!
Date: Tuesday, 11/17
Story: Bear See Colors
After circle time today we
experimented to see if all
balls roll. Each child chose a
different ball to try and roll
down the ramp in our hallway.
We made a chart of our
results. At the art table the
children made gumball
machines and counted the
number of pom-pom balls on
their machine.
Letter of the week-I
Color of the week-Pink
All of the items in the
mystery box today were
Important Dates
-Thursday, 11/19
Progress Reports sent home
-Saturday, 11/21
May Whitney Book Fair
At Barnes & Noble, Deer Park
-Monday, 11/23
NO School for Little Leaders
(Early Release)
-Wednesday 11/25-Friday 11/27