Hartnell Community College District

Hartnell Community College District
Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee For Measure H – Regular Meeting
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 3pm
Hartnell Alisal Campus 1752 Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93907
Michael Payne x
Dennis Donohue
George “Ted” Richardson, Jr. x
Elaine Duran
John Buttgereit x
Vearl Gish x
Deneen Newman
Dr. Willard C. Lewallen x
Alfred Munoz VP Admin Svcs x
Joseph Reyes x
Damon Felice x
Carolyn Lecce x
Candi DePauw Board of Trustee Pres. x
1. Call to Order: Welcome / Introductions
2. Adoption of Agenda
J. Buttgereit 1st M. Payne 2nd
Adopted and approved
3. Approval of Minutes of January 15, 2014 & February 18, 2014 Meetings
M. Payne 1st J. Buttgereit 2nd
Approved as is
4. Public Comment
5. Update from Superintendent / President Dr. Willard C. Lewallen
a. Facilities Master Plan:
Lionakis, the same architect firm for the Hartnell Science Building, is assisting
with the Master Plan Process. There have been multiple meetings with various
programs and services to gather information to identify reoccurring themes.
Joseph Reyes read a list of 12 target items gleaned from these meetings. They
are as follows (in no particular order):
1. Centralized Student Success Center: a collaborative and coordinated student success center /
tutoring center to serve students at all levels and at all campuses.
Utilize existing space more efficiently and effectively
Classrooms need to be more flexible and have updated technology
Increase average student headcount per class from 31 up to 35
Need to upgrade aging building systems and infrastructure on the Main Campus
6. The “front door” of the Main Campus has moved from south to north and should be
addressed in the open spaces and parking
7. Provide more small and large group study spaces throughout the campuses, both indoor and
8. Lack of space for certain programs on Main Campus is hindering growth and
enrollment; i.e. Nursing does not fit in the B building
9. Expressed need for student health services at all campuses
10. Support for projected student population growth by area of the district
a. Consider economic development regionally
b. Local pockets of student participation
c. Access for all potential students in District
d. Soledad would like a full time permanent Hartnell College presence in their town
11. Provide complete Student Services at Centers; Admissions & Records, Financial Aid,
Counseling, tutoring, Special Programs, Library services and food services
12. King City Education Center needs a full science wet-lab to support wider variety of classes in
all areas and needs room to grow
Time line was moved up to the summer to have analyzed themes and come up
with solutions leading to a plan based on the information gathered. If you go to
the Hartnell website at: www.hartnell.edu/ipe/strategic_planning/outcomes.html
you can view the Strategic Planning documents.
b. Accreditation: Reminder - we are fully accredited – only on probationary status.
First of two reports was filed in March resulting in a team coming to the campus
for a visit to validate findings. That team will then submit a report of findings.
We have no idea what that report will say.
c. Enrollment: Enrollment is showing an upward trend – not dramatic – but based
on funding, enrollment is growing along with resources
6. Bond Oversight Committee Member Comments Pertaining to Measure H
a. V. Gish – Questioned the duration of the Bond Oversight Committee’s duties.
The response was that until each penny of the Measure H Bond has been spent, it
will be the responsibility of the committee to oversee its proper disbursement.
7. Information Items
- Measure H and Construction / Financial Update / Discussion
Damon Felice
a. Science Building:
1. Dirt has been removed from the building site.
2. The crane / pile-rig showed up today. This is a very large piece of equipment
so mobilizing during Spring Break was a safety measure.
3. 110’ Indicator Piles / Pile Driving (casted by KIE CON Inc. one of very few
companies who do this type of work) will be delivered next. It will take
several days for them to be driven, re-striked and data compiled. DSA
(Division of the State Architect) will then need to approve the design. Once
DSA approves the pile design, the remaining piles will be cast, require 14
days to cure, receive a special coating, and be delivered to the job site for
installation. (This is a “hurry up and wait” process.) Once approved, if they
drive 12 piles per day, the process will take about 3 weeks. Although this
will be a noisy process, these are NOT the people to ask to stop work because
the resulting delays will be extremely expensive.
4. Rebar and slab will come next
5. Exterior finishes to protect the building
6. Interior finishes will follow
b. Science staff are SO happy to see the progress of their future building.
c. Science Building is listed as 33% complete - Calculation is based on total project
NOT simply construction progress.
d. Measure H language noted Science Building “renovation” - due to the extensive
process involved in upgrading Merrill Hall to ADA and seismic standards, it was
determined to be LESS expensive to build the new building based on efficiency
8. New Science Building Groundbreaking Event – April 24, 2014 11:30am Main
Rescheduled from Wednesday, April 23 to Thursday, April 24, 2014
9. Future Agenda Items
None discussed
10. Next Meeting Date: July 16, 2014 @ 3pm Main Campus Bldg. A, Rm. 105
Adjourned 4:16pm