Miss Kay’s Fifth Grade News Reading/Literacy Math

Miss Kay’s Fifth Grade News
September 25, 2015
This week each student chose a topic
for his or her feature article. Each
student then made a research plan,
complete with prior knowledge,
questions, format for sharing new
information, and resources for
information. We also began
researching those topics, and it was
fine when some students chose to
revise their topics slightly. A few
students asked to take their writing
notebooks home to do some research,
and this is fine. They do not need to
write any drafts at this point but any
extra research is welcome for the
Fractions are the focus of the week! I
am impressed with how well the kids
are doing!
After reading Out of my Mind by
Sharon Draper, the class became very
interested in differences and
disabilities. Each student is now
reading their own novel
independently about some sort of
disability or difference of a child.
These novels are about facial
disfigurement, autism, Asperger’s
syndrome, Down ’s syndrome,
missing limbs, dwarfism, and others.
Coming Up
Social Studies
This week in social studies the class
did some review work on Chapter 9.
Our upcoming test is on Wednesday,
after MAP testing is complete.
*Student Council applications are due
*MAP testing: Monday and Tuesday,
9/28 and 9/29
*Early release: 9/30
*Student Council speeches and
election: Wednesday, 9/30
*Social Studies test on Chapter 9:
Wednesday, 9/30
*Earth Science
*Feature articles