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Seth Paine Elementary
Classroom Highlights
Lodewyck Room 102
September 10, 2015
50 Miller Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
K a r e n . L o d e w yc k @ l z 9 5 . o r g
“Promise me you will always remember, you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you
seem, and smarter than you think.” ~ Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh
Message to PARENTS:
I really enjoyed meeting with you during
curriculum night last week. If you didn’t
sign up for a Parent/Teacher conference,
please select an available time as soon as
possible. An email was sent to you with the
times I have remaining.
Curriculum in Review
To review reading strategies and begin discussing new
strategies, we have been watching Story Lords. The following
strategies have been discussed so far:
1. Activating Prior Knowledge
2. Making Connections
3. How to gather additional information about a
4. What to do when you don’t understand what you are
We have also discussed the importance of reading and using our
practice time effectively in order to grow as a reader. Every
day, we’ll have time to “read to self”. During this time, the
children will be able to practice using strategies independently
that were taught during whole class or small group instruction.
Curriculum Continued
Last week, we began working with XtraMath. Although
the children will have an opportunity in class to practice
math facts, they should also be practicing at home as
frequently as possible. Consistent practice will be
beneficial. When they have completed the addition
section, the program will switch them to subtraction.
We also worked with the number chart. As the children
conquer tasks with the hundreds chart, they’ll work on
locating numbers up to 1,000.
Social Studies
We identified and compared absolute location to relative
location. We practiced writing our home addresses. On
Friday, I will send the practice paper home with a blank
practice sheet. Your child can use it at home to practice.
Every Friday, I will quiz the students (beginning next
week). The students will continue taking the Friday quiz
until they get their address correct three times.
We’ll continue working on map skills by discussing
continents, oceans, and the compass rose.
We’ve discussed and practiced writing complete sentences. At
the beginning of each week, the children will write a paragraph
about their weekend. As your child brings his/her papers home,
please encourage him/her to include details. Asking who, what,
where, when, and why questions will help as we begin a formal
study of narrative writing.
Throughout the year, we’ll study different forms of writing.
One way to inspire a writer is to look at pictures. I would like to
have a collection of pictures available to the students so they can
use them to gather ideas for writing. If you have any old
magazines, greeting cards, or postcards containing pictures that
might “tell a story”, please send them in. Thanks so much!
Words Their Way (spelling)
The children received their first word sort this week. He/she
should bring his/her spiral notebook home and back to school
every day. Although your child should practice as much as
possible, three activities are due on Thursdays (ABC order,
Spelling Shapes, and Sort/Glue). The Sort/Glue activity will be
sent home on Tuesdays.
Important Dates
14 – MAP Test (Reading)
16 – MAP Test (Math)
24 – Seth Paine Bingo Night
25 – Institute Day
30 – Early Release