Hello, It was so nice to talk to so many families...

It was so nice to talk to so many families last night. I'm looking forward to speaking to the rest
of you on Monday. Thank you for your interest and concern about your child's education.
Today your student is bringing home a project which will require your involvement. It is not due
until Dec. 9. However, it's the sort of project that can be fun to start during Thanksgiving, when
other members of your family are around. The project has to do with your heritage. As I
explained to the students today, all of our families immigrated to America at some point in
time. None of us are completely Native American Indians, though we may have a little of that in
our background. I can actually trace one of my ancestors to 1630, when he arrived in New
England - he came a year or two after the Pilgrims arrived. However, much of my family came
from Germany about 120 years ago. Others were from Ireland or other parts of England. Even
though my own immediate family is far removed from those long-ago roots, those ancestors are
still part of what makes me who I am. I explained to the class that no one may choose the United
States as their country of origin - because each person's family came from some other country
once upon a time.
After you read the letter that accompanies the project, feel free to email me if you have
additional questions.
Enjoy the snow this weekend!
Robin Kern