Lake Zurich Middle School North Band Handbook 2015-2016

Lake Zurich
Middle School North
Band Handbook
Band Department
Dear Band Parent:
This is a copy of the Lake Zurich Middle School North BAND HANDBOOK. It contains an explanation of the
policies of the program and answers questions you may have concerning activities. You will want to keep this
handbook where it can be found throughout the year if you have questions. I hope you find the Handbook
helpful and informative. Informed and supportive parents are vital to the success of each child.
Please confirm your receipt of this booklet by signing and returning the receipt of handbook
form found online or at the end of this document.
After you have read the handbook with your child, feel free to call me at school if you have any questions.
Thank you. I look forward to another successful year!!!
Steven Stenzel
Band Director - LZMS North
[email protected]
Band is a graded, curricular course in District 95 which offers an opportunity for personal growth and
enrichment, through the study of wind and percussion instruments. Band is an important part of the school
curriculum and requires ongoing work and commitment. Band grades contribute to students’ GPA. The program
is structured to offer opportunities for motivation, positive attitudes, and a commitment to excellence in an
atmosphere of discovery and learning through music. The curriculum emphasizes musical style and listening
skills, which are introduced in both full rehearsal and small group lessons. The band program seeks to foster
dedication, hard work, self-sacrifice, and team effort as results of concentrated study of musical concepts and
individual achievement. This individual and musical growth is the basis for a concerted group effort, and
expectations will be established to promote maximum potential in both full band rehearsals and in individual
lessons. Band Class consists of two primary elements: 1) Rehearsals and 2) Group lessons.
Rehearsals are the first component of the band program. Rehearsals put together unlike instruments and
introduce age appropriate musical literature. Rehearsals will occur during students’ homeroom time five days
per week. Students may take advantage of the “Rehearsal Passes” when needed, to see another teacher, make
up other work, etc. Because everything in band depends on complete teamwork students will be encouraged, in
most instances, to find a time other than rehearsal time to complete work. When they must be used, however,
rehearsal passes can be used only once per week, and are not transferable, nor can they be saved and used for a
later quarter. There is a maximum of 5 passes available per student per quarter. Passes will not be allowed
during the week prior to any performance. To use a pass, students must turn them in by the day before they are
to be used. No pass will be accepted for use on the day it is turned in. Rehearsals take place during the school
day to allow students to participate in as many activities as possible after school.
Symphonic Band (7th/8th grade) 10th period
Cadet Band (6th grade) 3rd period
Jazz Band Wed - after school (45 min.)
Rehearsal attendance is very important as each person missing means there is a gap in the music.
Occasionally as concerts approach, there will be the need for extra rehearsals after school. When this is the case
you will be informed in advance so that babysitting jobs for the students, doctor appointments, and dentist
appointments can be scheduled without conflicts. After school rehearsals are mandatory and the director must
be notified in writing of any conflicts. Students will be excused from after school rehearsals at the director’s
discretion. Students involved in after school sports or other activities will be excused on game days only. On
sports practice days, students will go to the practice after band rehearsal. Dress rehearsals for each concert are
scheduled in the days prior to the concert. These dates should be marked on your calendar along with concert
and other band dates. Except in the case of an excused absence as determined by the director, students not
attending a dress rehearsal will not be allowed to perform in the concert and their grade for the quarter will be
lowered one letter grade.
Group lessons are the second component of the band program. Students will receive a scheduled time when
their section or group will have a lesson – this schedule is available online as well. Students have only one
lesson per week on a rotating basis. These pullout lessons will occur on the same day each week, but at different
periods during that day. For example, if Joe Clarinet has a lesson during first period on a given day, he will not
miss that period again for six weeks [i.e. he will miss any given class a maximum total of 6 times in an entire
year (or 6 out of 180 class periods)]. Students are required to check in with their regular classroom teacher
before coming to their lesson, and are, of course, required to complete any work missed. Quizzes on the
assigned practice materials will be administered during these band lessons.
Grades for band will be determined by averaging the grades received in the following areas, as explained below:
1) Tests and Quizzes 30%
2) Assignments 20%
3) Lesson Attendance 20%
4) Practice Habits 20%
5) Attitude and Effort 10%
Extra credit can be obtained by attending out-of-school concerts, participating in an out-of-school music
organization, taking private lessons, or listening to recordings of one’s own instrument played by professionals.
The director may also approve other creative means for extra credit.
1) Tests and Quizzes - Tests will be given periodically as a means of assessing broad concepts. These tests can
be either written and/or played. They will cover basic vocabulary, rhythmic exercises, and symbols in music.
There may be 3 to 4 tests per year. Quizzes will be administered at the weekly lessons and will be entirely
played (no written materials) on an individual’s instrument. These quizzes will be based on the assigned
practice material, and are evidence of consistent hard work and practice at home.
2) Assignments - Occasional written assignments will be given to foster a broader conceptual understanding
of band, an individual’s instrument or an aspect of music. These assignments are to be completed at home.
Assignments of this sort do not replace practice time for the week.
3) Lesson Attendance – Sectional Class Lessons are needed to develop specific skills on instruments.
Unexcused missed lessons result in a grade of ‘F’ for that lesson. To be excused from a lesson, students must
obtain permission from the director, before or immediately after the lesson. Parents will be contacted after two
unexcused missed lessons. After three or more unexcused missed lessons, continued participation in the
program is in jeopardy.
4) Practice Habits - Practice habits are at the heart of a successful program. Each individual is responsible to
carry his or her own weight. Practicing is something that must be learned. It is one of the most important
aspects of the program and should be seen as such. Each student is required to practice 5 days/week minimum
20 minutes each time. Two hours on one day is not acceptable. To monitor this I will check practice records
weekly and I will assign a grade of “A” for 5 days, “B” for 4 days, “C” for 3 days, “D” for 2 days and an “F”
for 1 or fewer days of practicing. Please help your child practice regularly and sign their practice records with
the honest minutes written in. Please do not sign an untrue practice record - unsigned practice records are given
one day of leeway and are then marked as no credit. Good practice habits result in proper posture when playing
in rehearsals or lessons, evidence of work being done at home (being prepared for the weekly lesson), continual
progress on an individual’s instrument, and improvement of hand position and technique in percussion and
improvement of embouchure in the winds.
5) Attitude and Effort - Attitude and effort are an individual’s way to make band an enjoyable experience for
everyone. Because the band is an interactive group, and appropriate behavior is vital to its success, expectations
in this area will be high. Good attitude is shown through encouraging comments to other band members, not
complaining, and willingness to help. Good effort is shown through consistent practicing, and focused
concentration in rehearsals. Friendliness and support of other Band members is always important.
* * * * * * * NOTE on GRADING * * * * * * *
Although no single grade is given for concerts, attendance is mandatory for all students. Much like a final
project in any other class, concerts are a culminating facet of the program and thus any missed concert will
lower a student’s grade one full letter for that quarter. Concert dates are given at the end of this handbook and
should be written on your calendar immediately so that none are overlooked.
Concerts are a formal affair. By dressing professionally, we show our pride in our band. Please prepare ahead of
time - don’t try to purchase an entire outfit the night of a concert. Students not adhering to the dress code will be
sent home to change. Cadet Band (6th grade) - Blue jeans and polo shirt (must be purchased from the band),
sneakers/sandals Symphonic Band (7th & 8th grade) - Khaki pants/skirt and polo shirt (must be purchased
from the band), black dress shoes. The embroidered Polo shirts cost $25 and can be worn for all three years of
participation in band at MSN. Shirts are adult sizes S, M, L, or XL. Checks should be made out to “CUSD 95”.
This order should be included with the receipt at the end of this handbook.
Most instrument supplies are available from the band director. Check the supply list in the band room or ask the
director for prices. All students are required to have the appropriate supplies to maintain their instrument
including a name tag for the outside of the case and the lesson books (cost $10.00) as assigned by Mr. Stenzel.
Additional required supplies are as follows:
Supply List
1) All band members must purchase a lesson book and a theory book. ($10.00 each).
2) All band members must have an ID tag on their instrument case.
3) Students need other items as outlined below
Cash or check made out to “CUSD 95”.
Cleaning rod/pad saver
Cloth/pad saver
Small eyeglass screwdriver
Pad saver
3 working reeds
Cork grease
Neck strap
Cleaning swab
Reed guard
3 working reeds
Cork grease
Pad saver/swab
small eyeglass screwdriver
Cleaning swab
Reed guard
3 working reeds
Cork grease
small eyeglass screwdriver
Lanolin (or other slide grease)
Valve oil Rotary oil
Cleaning Snake
Vicfirth 2B snare sticks (or other approved sticks)
Stick Bag
Reed guard
2 working reeds
Pad saver/swab
Cork grease
French horn
Lanolin (or other slide
Valve oil Rotary oil
Cleaning Snake
Spray bottle
Lanolin (or other slide
valve oil
Lanolin (or other slide
Timpani Mallets (Medium)
Yarn Mallets (Medium)
When ordering supplies through Mr. Stenzel, please pay with cash or make a check out to “CUSD 95” unless otherwise instructed.
Solo and Ensemble Contest occurs on Saturday, February 20, 2016, and is a required event for all 7th and 8th
grade band members. The cost is $5 per event. Sixth grade students may attend with the director’s consent.
Each student may participate in as many as three events, with the director’s permission. Contest consists of
individual accompanied solos and/or small group ensembles as chosen by the director. Accompanists (piano
players) will be furnished for solos if needed (they generally charge $25). Students taking private lessons are
encouraged to have their teacher select a solo for them. This should be shown to the director, by December 1.
At contest, students are rated on their performance and on various other categories such as intonation, rhythm,
dynamics, musicality, style, etc. First and second place ratings are given medals. This is an important part of the
students’ development as musicians and year after year proves to be one of the most memorable events for
them. It is hard work that is well worth the effort the students put into it. Please encourage your child to practice
diligently for this contest.
Selected 7th or 8th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in the IMEA District 7 Festival on
November 14. These students received their audition music in the spring and will audition on September 26.
There is an $8 audition fee. Students who have the most successful auditions will participate in a Festival with
Band students from many other schools. MSN Band program will pay the cost of any student who makes it into
the festival band. If selected by the audition process, students will attend a rehearsal on November 14, from 9
am until 2 pm (with breaks and lunch time off). The concert will follow the rehearsal at 3:00. Parents,
grandparents, friends and neighbors are all invited to the final performance ($5.00 entrance fee). Arrive early, as
the concert is always very well attended. It is truly an honor to play in this Band as it consists of only the best
students in our area of Illinois. There are generally about 425 students who audition for this 120-member band.
Every Band student has an account in which band money from fundraisers is kept. This account is credited by
Band fundraisers the student participates in and is ongoing throughout the student’s participation in Band
(Middle school through H.S.) These accounts are not students’ personal money, but represent school band funds
a student can use for band activities such as the biannual trips the bands make, for Solo & Ensemble contest and
for various other costs incurred. Money earned for the band by a student, remains with the band if a student
does not continue in the program at the end of the year. Students enrolled in the H.S. band will have their
account transferred to the H.S. band. There will be several fundraisers this year and the money will go primarily
toward individual accounts, as well as toward purchase of new instruments for the band program. These are the
best way for students to finance their own trips. 6th graders should begin to build up their accounts for future
years. Though participation by everyone is encouraged, these are not mandatory fundraisers. As the times for
the fundraisers approach, details will be passed out.
At the end of each year there is a banquet for the students. It is held at the Concord Banquet Hall in Lake
Zurich. The date for this year’s banquet is May 25 from 5:30-9PM. This is a culminating event for the students
and is the time when awards are presented to them. The cost is $25.00 per person and can be paid for either with
monies from fundraisers earlier in the year, or by cash or check made out to “CUSD 95”. A formal dinner is
followed by a DJ dance. After this, parents may join us for the awards presentation. Director selected awards
include; Best Attitude, Most Involved, Best Listener, etc. The Highest Award given is the Most Valuable Player
award, which goes to the Band member exhibiting the highest caliber of playing in conjunction with the best
example to the rest of the band in the areas of motivation, attitude, effort, practice habits and leadership. This
person is often involved in outside groups and is interested in taking part in summer camps as well. This award
is truly a privilege to receive and the recipient’s name is inscribed on a plaque for permanent display in the band
1) Consistent effort and a great attitude are what really count – in band and in all of life.
2) No gum is allowed in the band room at any time.
3) Place books and folders on the tables provided inside the rehearsal room before getting out
4) After your instrument is put together, take your seat and warm up slowly and quietly until the
director steps onto the podium.
5) Talking is not allowed when anyone is on the podium or if anyone else is talking.
6) Instruments and music are always be kept in the band room (with the exception of weekends and
holidays) - never in your locker.
7) Instruments and music must go home after school every Friday (or the last day before a break)
for individual practice.
8) Instruments are expensive and are not to be touched unless they belong to you.
9) Smiles and good attitude work wonders in the band room.
10) Enjoy the music and each other - it will be a fun year!
MSN Band - Master Calendar 2015-2016
August 31 – All students bring instruments
August 31 – Lessons Begin
December 16 – All School BOC assembly (All MSN
September 9 – 6:00PM – 7th/8th Grade Band Parent
January 25 – Symphonic and Cadet Bands Seating
Auditions in Lessons this week (Symphonic on Mon
1/25, Thurs 1/28, Fri 1/29; Cadet on Tues 1/26, Wed
September 12 – 4 PM – Registration deadline for IMEA
auditions (select Students only)
February 17 – 6:00-8:00 - Bistro Night (Volunteer
Groups performing at Solo & Ensemble Contest)
September 14-18 – Band Cabinet Elections during
February 20 – Solo & Ensemble Contest (All Symphonic
Band Members & Select Cadet Band Members) @ Lake
Forest Country Day School
September 3 – 6:00PM – 6th Grade Band Parent Night
September 16 – Jazz Band Auditions after school
September 22 – 7:45-9:00 Symphonic Band rehearses
with MSS and HS for Football Game – at HS
September 25 – 6:45-8:30 - Symphonic Band plays at HS
Football game (MSN, MSS, & HS Bands)
September 26 – IMEA audition (time TBA) at Grayslake
September 28 – Symphonic Band Seating Auditions in
Lessons this week (Mon 9/28, Thurs 10/1, Fri 10/2)
October 20 – 7:00 - BAND CONCERT (All MSN Bands)
November 5 – Parent Teacher Conferences
November 12 – Parent Teacher Conferences
March 3 – 7:00 - BAND CONCERT (All MSN Bands)
March 11 – IGSMA Organization Contest (Symphonic
Band only) Time TBA – Beach Park MS in
March 18 – MSN & MSS Band Festival - Tentative (Cadet
Band only)
April 12 – District 95 Band Festival at LZHS - 4:30
rehearsal, 7:00 concert
April 14-16 – MSN Musical (Select Students only)
April 18 – Symphonic and Cadet Bands Seating
Auditions in Lessons this week (Symphonic on Mon
4/18, Thurs 4/21, Fri 4/22; Cadet on Tues 4/19, Wed
May 17 – 7:00 - BAND CONCERT (All MSN Bands)
November 14 – 9:00-4:00 - IMEA Festival Performances
(Select students only) at Wauconda HS
May 21 – MSN BOC to Great America
November 16 – Symphonic Band Seating Auditions in
Lessons this week (Mon 11/16, Thurs 11/19, Fri 11/20)
May 25 – 5:00-9:00 - BOC Awards Night (All MSN Bands
- no
December 1 - Registration deadline for Solo & Ensemble
December 8 – 7:00 - BAND CONCERT (All MSN Bands)
Band Handbook
The band handbook can be found online at the band website and as the syllabus in Canvas.
Your signature below indicates you have read the Handbook, with the intent to abide by the policies contained
therein, including your child’s attendance at all required performances. Please return this page ASAP.
I have read and understand the online information and have marked the concert dates, activity dates and the
contest dates on my calendar. I understand that performances are mandatory. I will inform the director in
writing of any conflicts, well in advance of the date. I understand and will abide by the policies for grading,
concert dress, and participation. I understand the necessity of a commitment to the band for the entire school
year and am making that commitment.
I am including the following:
(Cash or check made out to “CUSD 95”)
___$25 for the Band Polo shirt – please circle size wanted (Adult sizes)
(only if new shirt needed)
___$10 for the Band Book (Tradition of Excellence Book 2 for 6th grade, Book 3 for 7th & 8th grade)
(if needed)
___$5 for the gray Band T-Shirt (optional)
Child’s Name (please print neatly)
Parent Signature
Parental help and support is vital! Please volunteer.
Throughout the year there are many different jobs that need to be done. Please place an “X” by those with
which you would like to help. You will receive a call when it is time for that function to begin.
_____ I could coordinate the refreshments at concerts – make phone calls, organize others to make contacts, etc.
_____ Fundraiser help - coordinate events/tally totals/help promote/plan
_____ I’ll help supervise at concerts (sit with students, walk with them in the hallways, etc.)
_____ Poinsettia help - Need about 20 people for this one!
_____ I may be able to chaperone on the: (check one below)
_____ Cadet Band trip (6th only)
_____ Organization Contest (7th/8th only)
_____ I’ll do whatever I can to help - just call me!
Print Parent Name ______________________________
Phone number ________________________
Email address _________________________________________