Employability Skills Paragraph Outline

Employability Skills Paragraph Outline
Follow the outline below when completing each of your employability skills
Heading must include:
 Type of skill
 Category of skill
 Specific skill selected
Paragraph must include:
 An introductory sentence to explain why the skill that you have selected is
important in general.
 Explanation of why the skill that you have selected is important to the
specific career that you are exploring.
 Many specific examples of how you are specifically demonstrating and
improving that skill at your placement.
 A closing sentence to summarize your paragraph.
Evidence section must include:
 At least one piece of evidence to support your skill (ex: photo, sample of
work, employer comments …etc)
 An explanation of how each piece of evidence supports your skill.
This is a major component of your Portfolio and your final mark.
A sample has been provided for you.