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Academic Senate
April 14, 2015 3:00-5:00 PM, A-116
Carol Kimbrough, President
Chris Moss, 1st Vice-President
Ann Wright, 2nd Vice-President
Nancy Schur-Beymer, Secretary/Treasurer
Liz Estrella, Senator At-Large
Tony Anderson, Past-President
Fernando Cabrera
Melissa Hornstein
Slava Bekker
Jason Hough
Salina Lopez
Peggy Mayfield
Sam Pacheco
Lisa Storm
Steve Triano
Steering Committee
Steering Committee
Steering Committee
Steering Committee
Steering Committee
Steering Committee
Adjunct Faculty
Language/Fine Arts
Adjunct Faculty
Social and Behavioral Science
Social and Behavioral Science
Advanced Technology & Applied Sci.
Language /Fine Arts
Kinesiology/Athletics, Health Ed.
Nursing & Allied Health
Counseling & Categorical Programs
GUESTS: Moiss Almendariz, Sharon Alheit, Shannon Bliss, Augustine Nevarez, Eric Becerra
1. Call to Order and Welcome – 1st Vice President Chris Moss welcomed members and guests at 3:06 PM
2. Adopt Agenda: Moved/Second Tony/ Ann Approved; vote: unanimous
3. Approval of Minutes, 3/24/2015: Moved Anderson/Schur-Beymer Approved Two abstentions:.
Estrella, Mayfield
4. Public Comments: ten minutes (3-minute maximum per person) are set aside to receive comments on
agenda items or items not on the agenda but within the authority (10 + 1) of the Senate: NONE
5. Reports (5-10 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q/A)
A. Augustine Nevarez: Commencement Planning - Ceremony will be at Rabo Bank Stadium. Students and
faculty are being asked to arrive at five to plan the procession line. There is now a plan to have students
grouped by discipline areas as they walk in with a banner representing an area of study. There will be 5000
seats for guests. There currently are 940 candidates for graduation. This is close to the number for last
year. There are restrictions associated with the field: no confetti, and no high-heeled shoes. To cut time
only the opening address is planned to be in Spanish. There are looking to see if they can podcast
10+1: Curriculum ▪ Degrees & Certificates ▪ Grading Policies ▪ Educational Programs Development ▪ Standards & Policies: Student Preparation & Success ▪
Faculty Roles in Governance Structures ▪ Faculty Roles in Accreditation Processes ▪ Policies for Faculty Professional Development ▪ Program Review
Processes ▪ Processes for Institutional Planning and Budget Development ▪ Other Academic & Professional Matters
simultaneously or use some other translating devise. The senators mentioned that if there are two
valedictorian speeches, perhaps one person can speak in Spanish and the other in English. Also if the whole
welcome speech can be said in English followed by the entire welcome speech in Spanish. The delay of going
back and forth causes the content and essence to be lost both in English and in Spanish. There is hope we
can obtain some translation devises. There will be other changes: no reception following the ceremony and
no rehearsal prior to the ceremony. There will be an orientation for students two weeks before the event to
explain to them how the procession will be handled. Instead of just the rolled paper, the colleges is looking
to hand out diploma covers. Extra security will be ordered. The CERT team will be available to have an
emergency practice. There is limited parking. Faculty are being asked to car pool to the event.
B. Mark Sanchez, Panther Prep Days: May 1st and 2nd Faculty participation is desired.
C. Moises Almendariz, Title V Individual Grant: Update on new Title V grant competition that just opened.
We have 60 days to submit application for funding. Some members of the Title V planning team have met
already for brain storming session. There is desire to recruit more faculty for the committee. First meeting
was last Thursday including students for a brain storming session. Many of the concepts are already
proposed in the student equity plan and the document is current having been completed Jan 21st 2015. The
Student Equity plan has many of the same activities and themes – especially that of a student support
center, built for instructional and academic support. Another theme that emerges is professional
development for faculty. Faculty need to be prepared for the students the college is receiving. Two
priorities are in the Title V competition this year: students support systems, and online/hybrid delivery. The
student support model is already well planned in Student Equity plan. We can continue to use this plan and
ask for grant funding to create the funding for some of our identified needs. The Title V application has a
desire to align with our student equity and basic skills/student success plans. We, as a college, have already
identified strategic priorities. The work that has already been done is valuable. Additional faculty is needed
because the plan is heavy on the academic side. Goal is to get the application funded based on many of the
ideas, and use the college planning process to put the activities into place.
6. Action Items: None
7. Discussion items:
A. Requirements for Faculty Hiring Committees: A document given to Academic Senate from Human
Resources regarding the faculty hiring process. There was robust discussion based on the document.
Recollections about how previous hiring committees did not adhere to the plan and ways in which things
worked well were discussed. There was discussion that this is not the document that Senate worked on
previously under previous administration. Some areas were of grave concern: (the appointing additional
members, the selection of a committee chair and the role of the chair, and also the forwarding of 3 names
as an absolute.) Poor candidates should not be put forward if 3 strong candidates are not available, or the
possibility of adding more especially for committees looking for full time and temporary positions. Also the
chair of the committee is referenced, but there is no information about how this person is selected – since
this person may sit in with the presidential interview (or select the person that does), more clarity in this
area is desired. The Senators are urged to explore other campus processes and make a recommendation for
an AP and B/P on this specific issue. We would also like to invite Terri Pyer from HR to discuss issues with
the Senate.
8. Announcements (Senators) - updates on standing committee/shared governance activities:
Mr. Anderson reported out on a conference: “it was exciting to hear Community colleges are in the
business of saving lives.” The presenters sited that greater than 50% of Firefighters, police officers, nurses,
and EMT’s in California are from community colleges!
9. Adjournment 4:40 PM
Hartnell College Vision Statement: Hartnell College will be nationally recognized for the success of our students by developing leaders who will contribute
to the social, cultural, and economic vitality of our region and the global community.
Hartnell College Mission Statement: Focusing on the needs of the Salinas Valley, Hartnell College provides educational opportunities for students to reach
academic goals in an environment committed to student learning, achievement and success
2|Academic Senate Minutes, 4/14 /2015