NOVEMBER 10, 2014
Present: Dean Connie Foster, Brian Coutts, Deana Groves, Jonathan Jeffrey,
Jennifer Wilson, Haiwang Yuan, Bryan Carson and Jan Renusch
Minutes: The November 3, 2014, minutes were approved as submitted on a motion
by Deana Groves and a second by Jonathan Jeffrey.
Dean’s Report/Announcements: Connie remarked on the publicity the libraries
received in the College Heights Herald last week. She thanked the Homecoming
Committee members for the reception on Saturday, and all those who
participated in the parade on Friday.
Instruction/Grants/Assessments: Bryan said that he has been in contact with
the Gheens Foundation regarding a grant for Book Fest. Bryan, Kristie, and
Kristen will have a preliminary phone conversation with the Foundation on
Tuesday to decide if it is worth going forward with the application. Bryan
also reported that he received notice by email of the Big Read grant
-Bryan discussed the Communication Dept. search for space in the library for
a speech communication lab and classroom space for presentations.
-Connie asked Bryan to report next week on Assessment: LibQual, MapWorks and
the Library Survey.
Marketing: Jennifer briefly discussed the Homecoming Weekend with the
council. Overall, the reception was well received and the activities led by
the Music Club and the Confucius Institute brought in family and friends.
There were a few who came from our invitations but Jennifer suggests next
year to do invitations digitally to save on costs.
-She mentioned events coming up include the 75th anniversary celebration for
the Kentucky Building, The Kentucky Live series is on Thursday with Deirdre
Scaggs at Barnes & Noble and Faraway Flix is Friday featuring Native America.
-Jennifer passed around the first student-focused ad to be circulated on the
slider, digital screens, in the Herald and possibly as a poster in the
libraries. She has a photo shoot planned in the pottery studio with Sarah
West for Tuesday. Next focus is the food classes. It was suggested she
contact Julie Lee who is the faculty and chef who handles all the cooking
Web & Emerging Technologies: Haiwang suggested that, as before, he will
upload photos of the “Far Away Places,” “Kentucky Live!” and “We’ve Been
Everywhere” events to Flickr for publication with Susan Broady assisting him
with streamlining the photos and proofreading the texts related to them. The
LLC reaffirmed this procedure.
Department Reports:
DLTS: Deana reported that Jack Montgomery returned from the Charleston
Conference and reports there were a record number of attendees: 1,600.
-Jack lectured in the RELS 102 class on the cultural survival
of African religious traditions in the new world.
-There have been 21 RSVPs for the library holiday luncheon so far. Deadline
to RSVP is December 1st. Contact Crystal Bowling for more information
-The library “book characters” had another successful year walking in the WKU
homecoming parade. Eleven people and one dog participated.
DLSC: Jonathan reported that one of their faithful and longtime volunteers,
William Sledge, was honored as Volunteer of the Year for University Libraries
at the Summit Awards on November 6th.
-Jonathan accepted a Kentucky History Project Award from the Kentucky
Historical Society in Frankfort on November 7th for the “JFK Memory Project at
-Jonathan presented a three-hour workshop about using folklore genre material
to enhance stories for the Kentucky Storytelling Conference on November 8th in
Bowling Green.
-Four DLSC faculty and two staff members participated in a two-hour seminar
with Dr. Kristina Arnold’s Art in which they talked about art-related
professions outside of the traditional applied arts: curators, art
librarians, archivists, art conservators, art educators, and exhibit
DLPS: Brian reported that the total patron count for the year is 304,377 up
4.86% from 2013 and up 5.79% since 2012. Absence of SGA and student affairs
traffic could be factors. Patron count for October was 48,421 down 15.53%
from 2013 but up 11.27% over 2012.
Traffic in Cravens was up 5.50%, traffic in the VPAL was up 5.57% but traffic
in Helm declined by 36.12%. Late night traffic in the Commons was down 14.14%
and in the STC in Helm was down 9.18%.
-Kentucky Live! - Deirdre Scaggs, Associate Dean of Special Collections and
Co-Director of the Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Research Center at the
University of Kentucky will discuss her new book The Historic Kentucky
Kitchen: Traditional recipes for Today’s Cook on Thursday, November 13th at 7
pm at Barnes & Noble. Along with Chef Andrew McGraw she’s assembled more than
100 recipes from nineteenth and twentieth century cooks drawn from
handwritten books, diaries, scrapbook clippings, and out-of-print cookbooks
in UK’s Special Collections. A review of the book by Julie Lee, WKU Nutrition
and Dietetics Instructor, appears in Sunday’s Daily News.
-David Zurick, Foundation Professor of Geography at Eastern Kentucky
University is this month’s featured speaker in our Far Away Places series on
Thursday, November 20th at 7 pm at Barnes & Noble. He traveled to Tibet in the
summer of 2013 in support of his new book and film. Along with
cinematographer Chris Radcliffe they completed the ritual pilgrimage around
Mt. Kailash, crossing an 18,600 foot pass and spending nights in monasteries
and pilgrim guesthouses.
-The November selection in the Far Away Flix film series is Smoke Signals,
based on the short story "This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona," a
humorous movie which gives a glimpse into the contemporary Native American
world. A free screening of this film, with an introduction and discussion led
by Dr. Judy Rohrer, WKU Assistant Professor/Director ICSR and Dr. Alexander
Olson, WKU Assistant Professor, Honors College will be held this Friday at
6:30 pm. Snacks will be provided.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.
For the Council,
Jan Renusch